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Found 2 results

  1. So every once in a while I do a great purge of my KSP folder.... ALl the mods and versions and saves... all must go. I did it at .21, 1.0, 1.1, and now at 1.2. I will play in the prerelease with no mods, no old files to look back on, no old plane builds to cheat back to. All clean and fresh. How many do their own purge and why? I purge to start my thinking over again and to try to change my build designs without cheating back to old jerry rigging I did before.
  2. I'm running in career mode, normal difficulty. I've got a contract to take a crew report at 19.6 km over a point, so I built a spaceplane to do it (since my ability to hit a point not on the equator at a particular altitude is shaky, with a rocket). I've unlocked the Wheesley jet, and decided to strap a couple of those on and take them for a spin. Mk-1 cockpit, 2x FL-T800 tanks, "Swivel" rocket engine constitutes the fuselage. I put small retractable landing gear on the cockpit, put two "B" wing connectors on the sides with two Elevon 1 on each. Stuck engine nacelles on the ends of the wings, with a Wheesley on the back of each one and a small retractable landing gear on the bottom of each nacelle. Set up actions so that I can switch off the jets and on the rocket and vice-versa while in flight. The flight plan goes, start out on jets and cruise to the destination zone, at about 6km altitude. Switch over to rocket and go up to 19.6 km and take the reading. Switch back to jets and come back down. However, on the descent, the jets never ignite! I've done this before with the Juno and had no problem. Is there something special about the Wheesley that means it can't recover from flameout?
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