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Found 8 results

  1. Yes, it has (pretty) accurate staging. Mods: Waterfall EVE ReStock Reentry Particle Effects Renewed Tundra's Space Center Hope you like it!
  2. Kerbkosmos presents: The Mighty Ant! Mighty Ant is a Mid-size launch vehicle, consisting of a 1.875-meter diameter core, and 1.25-meter diameter boosters. It's capable of up to 3.6 Tons to a 100 KM x 100 KM orbit, though the 2nd stage will have over 1000 m/s of delta V left. * Oh, and also, it's partially reusable. Launch profile: This vehicle requires the Making History DLC, Restock, and in order to be reusable requires FMRS or other recovery mods. Download Link: Steam Workshop::Mighty Ant (steamcommunity.com) *The reason it can't get more payload into orbit is that the core 1st stage has a low TWR, though a more powerful engine would fix this problem.
  3. Today, when I opened ksp, I noticed that the Swivel and Reliant engine models have been changed, but their restocked effects have also disappeared. Later I found them in other categories (like stock parts). I also noticed that the bobcat engine had restocked effects. Last time there was nothing like this and I did not delete, update or add any mods. Here is image with engines and my GameData folder. Can I fix this somehow?
  4. So I wanted to make a space shuttle in KSP, I decided to inspire the design a bit from the Pathfinder in the series "For All Mankind" (great series 10/10 would recommend) So yeah, the booster layout is similar to Energia, and the 4 KS-25s are offset on the main core stage to the shuttle. The shuttle itself has 2 Nuclear Engines and one lower 2.5m docking port for.....expansion . Monopropellant on the "docking module" can be toggled for use because the flow is off by default ;-; Mods required are Restock+ and Restock probably I haven't really kept track which is restock plus and which isnt ;_; Any Recommendations to improve it helps ;_;)/ https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/182679-1111-restock-revamping-ksps-art-ksp-111-jan-31/ So there are three variants, the LEO for Low Kerbin Orbit payloads, Deep-Space for Mun and probably beyond if you can, and Tanker for refuelling operations in Low Kerbin Orbit Preview Images: Heres the craft Tanker: https://mega.nz/file/QMdm0TYC#A_ETQ3KJsRYQn6b4EO6hxuUt5N9NjYdoQtS-miSCMWk Deep-Space:https://mega.nz/file/MZdG3TDA#jX-v5S0HY64fc8ZvsspddbItKJozJy6PF4SN7jRx4mM Leo:https://mega.nz/file/VUUmTLYb#Vys8CM1XghFfgZq3ds0Fvi54Tqw93Qmc1ZIFtREyCpA
  5. Hello dear community! During my career games I have designed many crafts but few survived the game they were initially made. Today I present my LITHOPPER (the one which jumps on a big rock) in this video. It can be built with lvl6 technologies. You can find the craft in this shared drive. It will be posted later on in Kerbalx.
  6. The title says it all, I would really like reflections in one of my favorite mods so I don't have to choose between reflective but ugly our nice but not reflective.
  7. As the title suggests I tried installing Modular Kolonization Systems and Life Support by Umbra Space Industries yesterday, but for some reason some parts didn't show up in the VAB but they were there when I looked in the folder. So I tried uninstalling mods and reinstalling them to see which one was the culprit and apparently it was ReStock and Restock+. I don't know what causes this problem maybe a patch from Module Manager I don't know. If anyone has any input or any ideas so I can have all of these mods work together please let me know.
  8. After quite some time away from KSP, I'm wanting to get back to it with 1.3. I did dabble some with 1.x.x but never got around to updating the ReStock CFGs for later than .90. Here's a link to the last version http://partsbyemc.com/pub/ReStock90.zip What needs to be added to the CFG files to make them 1.3 ready? The biggest pain was SQUAD changing file paths every release, along with fiddling with node locations on a few parts, which required twiddling the numbers in ReStock CFGs that used those parts. What'd really be nice is for someone with a lot more knowledge of the inner workings of KSP to take over maintenance of ReStock. No coding or compiler etc required, just information and a text editor. What is ReStock? It's a pack of CFG files that references stock KSP parts and creates new parts by making changes to their size, often not scaling all dimensions the same. It also has parts combined from several stock parts, like the surface mounted 5-way RSC thruster and two sizes of liquid fuel drop tanks. ReStock 90 added even larger parts to fit with the Kerbodyne parts. The ThunderMaximus parts are HUGE, including a modifed version of the single to quad adapter which can mount up to nine engines in two sizes. That one is more than a simple resize. Extra nodes had to be added and their positions adjusted to make the engines fit properly. Unlike other parts packs or mods like TweakScale, ReStock only uses a bit over 100 kilobytes. Many parts were added since I adopted ReStock from its originator, PolecatEZ. You can see some of them in use in my old mission to Eve, done back before nosecones actually reduced drag.
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