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Found 1 result

  1. I have abandoned this mod for the foreseeable future. If I do continue it, it will likely be largely started from scratch. It does not work in 1.3 right now. If you are a modder and want to make an unofficial RevSSS Continued, then please do it only through ModuleManager configuration (i.e., please don't redistribute this mod). Revamped Stock Solar System is a mod that takes the stock Kerbol system and makes it look quite a bit cooler. It also changes some of the physical properties of the planets. The end result is a system that looks cooler and acts more like a realistic star system. It is more similar to the Real Life Solar System in some respects, and more "Alien" or "Kerbal" in other respects. v0.6 [Album Link, because Album Embedding is Broken] Other Albums: LIST OF CHANGES All Planets with atmospheres have been given more realistic atmospheres. Sun made brighter and has been made a 1/10 scale replica of the real world Sun. It is no longer ludicrously gigantic for a star of its mass. It is now a proper G-type yellow star. Eve's violent violet color has been reduced to a dull lavender and brown, with purple-blue atmosphere rims. Gilly has been totally remade. Gone is the simple lump-ball derived from a height noise. Gilly is now given an appearance more reminiscent of Phobos and Deimos, the moons of Mars. Kerbin has slightly brighter atmosphere rims. Mun has been moved out to an orbit which more closely resembles the orbit of Earth's moon. It has been given more procedural craters of varying sizes, and a single tycho-like crater with bright white ejecta. It is darker and browner as a whole. Minmus has moved into an even further out orbit to facilitate the moving of the Mun. It is darker, dirtier, and greener now, with some varied procedural craters. Duna has been totally overhauled. It now uses a heightmap and terrain derived from its pre-0.21 appearance, before it was given a botched half-done revamp. Ike's color map has been repurposed as its heightmap, with a few major modifications. This results in a recognizable, but less lumpy body. There's a new moon around Duna, the tiny asteroid Rimos, orbiting outside of Ike's orbit. Dres has not been physically changed at all. It's fine as it is, actually. Jool's cloud map has been redone from scratch with a more green/yellow/white color scheme. A new moon, Kev, has been added as the innermost moonlet. It's an uneven grey lump, and according to mythology, it's Ameli's best friend. A new moon, Ameli, has been added into the position of Regular Moonlet. It's an uneven red lump much like Amalthea. Bop has been moved into a high inclination, low semi-major-axis irregular moon orbit. It has also been made darker and given craters. Laythe is now like a planet-wide Yellowstone National Park. It's full of interesting geology and hot springs, as well as active volcanoes. It's also been shrunk slightly. Vall has been completely overhauled. It's been given cracked craters and a more varied surface. It's also been shrunk slightly. Tylo has been given a new color scheme that resembles Iapetus. It's also got plenty of craters. It's now larger than Kerbin but a bit less massive, due to a majority icy composition. Pol has been moved further away from Jool to become an Irregular Moonlet. It's in a retrograde orbit, and is more irregularly shaped. A new moon, Gobe, has been added as a new Irregular Moonlet in an inclined prograde orbit. It's a small rubble pile of irregular shape, heavily cratered. Similar to the Saturnian moon Hyperion. Eeloo is now brown and off-white. Imagine if Pluto and Europa had a baby. Eeloo now has a little white blob of a moon, Mix. Jool, Vall, Ike, Duna, and Laythe all have new biome maps. Optional patches to revert size and orbit changes to the Jool system, as well as a whole host of optional orbit patches for Minmus. All of these are toggleable in a settings.cfg file. Basic OPM compatibility (resolves the Outer Planets Mod conflict). Principia Compatibility Patches. Frequently Asked Questions Q: Is this compatible with Environmental Visual Enhancements/Scatterer? A: Yes, thanks to Cetera's wonderful mod Revamped Kerbol Atmospheres. It is important to note that this is not a part of Revamped Stock Solar System, but an add-on mod that goes with it. Bug reports on Scatterer and E.V.E. compatibility should go to his thread. Q: Does this actually change planet terrains or is it just a texturepack? Can I actually go and land in those new dry riverbeds on Duna? A: This mod actually does change the surfaces of planets. This is really more of a planet pack which happens to be modifying the stock planets. So yes, you can rover all around the new surface of these worlds. I especially like flying a plane around the Hot Springs of Laythe. Q: Is this any harder than the stock system? A: No. In fact, for the Joolean moons, it may even be easy. RevSS is meant to set the stage for future rescale mods, including 10x scale. Q: Shouldn't Tylo have an atmosphere? A: Yes, it should. But it won't, for several reasons. Q: How to install? A: See the "Install Instructions" just below the download link. Q: Is there a Delta V map? A: No, but if you create one I will gladly link it here in the thread. Q: Hey, do I recognize Ameli from somewhere? A: Nope, not at all. Definitely not. It does not exist anywhere else, certainly not in Kuzzter's Kerbfleet comics and in Alternis Kerbol Rekerjiggered. Definitely not. Q: Will you release standalone versions of these planets? A: No, but you can remove the individual configs that change the individual planets. You can find the old Jool revamp here, though. Q: Where can I find older versions (0.3 and previous)? A: You can find it on the old GitHub Repository. Q: Why did you change the name of the mod/Why did you make a new GitHub repository? A: Relevant xkcd. Q: How much memory does this use up? A: Not sure. I do not use DDS textures or Kopernicus' Load On Demand right now, but that is a planned feature. Q: Will this screw with my save file? A: Probably. You shouldn't use this on an already existing game, or change back to stock after making a save. (Unless you enable all of the stock orbit/size features, then it should be fine.) DOWNLOAD version 0.6 for KSP 1.2.X at GitHub Install Instructions: MAKE SURE to delete old versions of RevSS from GameData before installing a new version. Download and Install the Kopernicus plugin version 1.2.0-1 or higher. Install ModuleManager, if you don't already have it. It's pretty common though, so you probably do have it. Install Revamped Stock Solar System. Put the folder RevampedStockSystem into GameData. Congratulations! You should have installed Revamped Stock Solar System. Have fun! CREDITS @GregroxMun for creating the mod. @KillAshley for the terrain materials tiling config from KASE, as well as feedback, support, and help. @Sigma88 for feedback, support, help, and exporting some of the textures to DDS. @Thomas for maintaining the Kopernicus plugin. Also for feedback, support, and help. @NovaSilisko for feedback, and making the original Stock System which is (obviously) the basis for this mod, as well as the original idea (design document, if you will) for this mod. The mod has since diverged significantly from this original concept of course. @eggrobin for helping me better understand what makes an orbit stable, and for the Principia plugin which helped me actually test RevSS's stability. @OhioBob for making the RealisticAtmospheres mod, and the custom atmosphere curves for Laythe, Moho, and Jool.
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