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Found 2 results

  1. Plz entertain me, recently the forums have lost some activity and i seem to be only person writing. dominating the forums is too easy and im getting bored quickly. Plz help! If you are also bored, guess what your screwed! nah, just kidding, you can also say your bored and try to entertain others here. Remember Backlash is totally allowed for the sake of entertainment and curse words are a big YES! (unless the moderators tell me otherwise)
  2. HELLO!!!! Im Back!! So, An explanation is needed now... Well, to keep it short, computer broke earlier this month, and now i have anew one. But my files are gone... So i have a lot of R&D to redo. Ive started making a version two of Ender FullThrust, so far its been going quite badly but it should be up and running well soon. To be fun here, lets switch to Kerbal Rocketry News ,brought to you by Ender Space Co. We now present the newest rockets in the Ender lineup! First, we have the replacement for Ender FullThrust, Ender Fullthrust version 2!! EnderFT2 will be able to carry heavier payloads, thanks to huge increases in fuel capacity, and with the engine configuration using 7 vector engine for main propulsion, and 4 thud engines for control. Currently, the rocket is being tested with a 3.75m first stage and a 2.5m second, however there are plans to make the second stage 3.75m, as with a 2.5 the rocket has been quite unstable. Thats it for our EnderFT2 annoucement, but Ender Space Co. has been working on something else. The all new Ender 1 Rocket! Ender1 is a powerful, expedable rocket for large payloads. It also is trying to make large launches cheaper. It is an all 2.5 meter rocket, with 2 stages. The first stage is powered by 4 Reliant engines, 1 Swivel engine, and two Kickback SRBs. The second stage uses a single Poodle engine. The price per launch is an estimated 22,000 Funds.1 That is all for Ender Space co. news, we will keep updating everyone on our rockets! Sorry for all the grammar and spelling mistakes, this new keyboard (My new PC is actually a laptop should have stated that.) works around half the time...
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