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Found 8 results

  1. https://youtu.be/bt5p_knRMps This video goes over how to create a walking rover that can both turn in place and steer while walking. A basic Kerbin Version is covered in detail, then a more advanced Duna version is briefly covered. This design uses four legs each pointing at diagonal angles. This allows each leg's walking animation to be the same (aside from flipping the directions of some things), meaning you only have to animate one step. Each leg gets its own controller, and then multiple master controllers synchronize those stepping animations to create walking and turning m
  2. To Use. Press Space to stage the Dual Fuel Cell Array While standing straight press Radial out Press 1 to walk Press 2 to plank (stand or lay straight arms down) Press 3 to perform stand animation Press 4 to reverse stand animation Details Type: SPH Class: rover Part Count: 359 Pure Stock Side note: If you curious about the process or if you messed something up and need to get i
  3. I'm creating a V-22 Osprey replica with the new robotic parts (incredibly original idea, I know). I am using the largest helicopter blades and the R7000 turboshaft engine. The vehicle lifts off fine, albeit with some help from vernor engines, but the second I enter it into "plane" mode the engines are massively too weak to propel it, capping at about 35m/s. The vehicle weighs 66,5 tonnes. Is there any way of improving the thrust/weight ratio without adding more rotor/jet engines? Why is it that they have enough power to lift the whole thing off the ground, but not to propel it? Since I'm
  4. So I need help with breaking ground robotics. The issue is that I am trying to make a 2 legged walker. When I tried to edit the rotation in the controller the legs it did both legs instead of just one. Also the servos move in opposite direction of each other. Please help!
  5. this take off looks amazing. i'm planning to add more features to the craft.
  6. Hello! I have a challenge: Build a Mecha (a large machine controlled by a human/kerbal). As it's really hard to move things in only stock KSP, I'm allowing the use of mods for movement of arms, legs, and other things. It can be as small as you want or as big as you want, no size rules apply (But no excessive use of TweakScale). Submit your designs below, but more importantly, have fun!
  7. Right Now am trying to make a robotic arm from infernal robotics and i have made the robotic arm But I Haven`t got something to allow it to attach to other things Can You Please Help
  8. Imagine it is the year 2021. Mars 2020 has launched last year, and is now operational on Mars. Europa Clipper is set to launch in 4 years, and is being constructed- meanwhile, the Uranus Orbiter (and atmospheric probe) is undergoing planning and design for launch in 2030. ( Let's just say, just to get that out of the way) You are responsible for selecting 3 flagship missions NASA should pursue for the next 10 years. (Not exactly realistic, but lets's just say) What missions would you propose and choose? The list should be in order of importance. My list: 1. Mars Sa
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