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Found 3 results

  1. Commonly when i revert to the VAB, usually with a large or medium size rocket, my vehicle will appear mostly under the floor and with each part separated. loading the vehicle again or merging it to the current build dose not fix the issue. it just spawns inside the currently stuck vehicle. I have not run into this issue with planes yet SPECS: CPU: intel i7 11th gen GPU: Nvidia GTX 1660 RAM: 32 GB Screenshot (wont let up insert it)
  2. Extraplanetary Launchpads is great mod, but too complicated to my liking. On the other hand Simple Construction is pretty good. It turned my Mun and Minmus research and refuel bases to fully functional rocket building facilities, but due to design it's missing EPL recycler and survey stake (must have for surface building). So I decided to create a middle ground between the two. Meet the Not So Simple Construction. Adds Mallet, Survey Stake, Recycler to the game and turns Cupola module to EPL Survey Station. Requirements: Simple Construction Module Manager KIS Not included into download, you'll need to install 'em separately. Legal Stuff: License GPL v3 This mod contains models from Extraplanetary Launchpads. Source: GitHub repo Download: Spacedock How to: Grab survey stake and mallet. Hammer survey stake into the ground. Right click cupola module and click "Show UI". Build your rocket. Have fun!!! Changelog: Warning!!! If you encounter problems with K&K Planetary Cupola not showing "Finalize Build" button, then just quick save and quick load.
  3. ASCII is proud to announce it's most reliable Mun/Minmus lander yet! The Kal-El II is designed to take 3 Kerbals to the Mun in a safe, reliable, and cheap way. The Kal-El II has attached to it a Munar rover which can be operated by a single Kerbal to do some exploring when on the moons. Powered by the Ozymandias X Medium lift rocket, the rocket is designed to have enough fuel for operator error or for those extra risky missions Kerbals like to take from time to time. Each stage is also equipped with four separatron engines to bring your discarded stages to a fiery end. Important Information!: One Kerbal has to EVA into the rover pod mid route so that it may be operable. Required Mods: Zoolotac Escape Pod, Tosh's Carts Download Link: Kal-El II
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