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Found 114 results

  1. I have created a launchpad in the VAB, launched it, and moved it to a different location in the space center. Now I want to launch rockets from it. The only problem is that when I launch, the rocket launches from the regular launch pad so I have to move the rocket to the other pad somehow. I have tried making many different rovers armed with claws, but none of them are very reliable and can't easily it straight up the ramp onto the secondary launch pad. Has anyone done this before? Would rovers work or would I need something else? Here is a screenshot of after the most reliable rovers moved a rocket to the launchpad: One of the two rovers is in the bottom right, Bill is standing on the ramp (to repair popped tires; I had 4), and the pad is the big thing in the middle.
  2. Hi and welcome to this thread! I am a big fan of the current progress LinkSpace is doing. Their NewLine-1 rocket is paving the way for reusable launch vehicles on Chinese ground. That's why I am inspired to make this mod. This is currently the dev thread of mod. Please report any bugs and features you would like to see.
  3. Your objective: Build the smallest rocket possible that can get into orbit. There are 2 categories, each with 2 sub-categories. I will judge each rocket in 2 separate ways, cost and mass. Each one will have its own leader board. The rules are simple. No cheating with Hyperedit, debug menu, ect. The rocket must be completely stock. No mods that alter physics and no clipping parts to exploit physics. The rocket can be manned or unmanned, each will have their own leader board. Make sure to post pictures showing your rocket in flight and showing it's mass and cost. ALSO: The rocket must be a rocket, not a cross between a rocket and a plane. It must take off from the launch pad ,and have other rocket qualities. This is my entry LOWEST MASS ROCKETS Unmanned: 1. Pds314- 0.855 tonnes 2. Pds314- 1.091 tonnes 3. mystified- 1.491 tonnes 4. Johnster_Space_Program- 3.420 tonnes 5. DRAG0Nmon- 4.460 tonnes Manned: 1. Aetharan- 1.990 tonnes 2. Aetharan- 2.053 tonnes 3. Aetharan- 2.085 tonnes 4. Aetharan-2.159 tonnes 5. Ironbars- 2.175 tonnes LOWEST COST ROCKETS Unmanned: 1. Pds314- 640 kerbucks 2. Pds314- 2110 kerbucks 3. mystified- 4580 kerbucks 4. Johnster_Space_Program- 5250 kerbucks 5. DRAG0Nmon- 7,154 kerbucks Manned: 1. TheFlyingKerman- 2603 kerbucks 2. Aetharan- 3907 kerbucks 3. farmerben- 3982 kerbucks 4. Aetharan- 4276 kerbucks 5. Ironbars- 4423 kerbucks Notes- zolotiyeruki, if you can find some screenshots of that old craft, I will gladly accept it! Pds314 maintains the top 2 spots for lightest and cheapest unmanned crafts. TheFlyingKerman holds the cheapest manned rocket. Artharan has almost stolen every spot for the lightest manned rocket, taking 1, 2, 3, and 4! Will he be able to take 5? Keep up the amazing work everyone!
  4. Here at Victory Aerospace, the guy in charge of the money thought it would be a smart idea to waste it at the slot machine. Because of him we hardly have any money to build a space craft. We can't come up with a design for a cheap enough rocket so we asked other space programs to help us out. CHALLENGE: Launch a rocket that cost less than 7000 funds to a specific location RULES: All engines are allowed No cheats (infinite fuel or low/no gravity) Must use stock parts Making history and breaking grounds parts are allowed. RANKS: Basic contract: Fly a satellite into a low Kerbin orbit Appreciated contract: Fly a Kerbal in to a low Kerbin orbit and return him alive Basic Lunar contract: Fly a Kerbal into space, get an encounter with the Mun, and return him/her safely Advanced Luner contract: Land a Kerbal on Minmus and return him safely Victory appreciation contract: Impress me Good luck and have fun with the challenge!
  5. How do I align my side booster to the west for exampel? So when I start the rocket and make a gravity turn the are exactly horizontal.
  6. I’m trying to find where my saved rockets are located (not in game files) as I’m trying to launch multiple of the same thing and can’t be bothered making a new rpcket that is a carbon copy
  7. So today I made my first SRB Only to Orbit Rocket! It can get into orbit with some fuel remaining to attempt a Trans-Munar Injection, but I wasn't able too. Here is a video on the craft and if you want to download it there will be a link below: Here are images of some prototypes of the final design: And here is the final design: Have you made an only SRB Rocket that can get into orbit yet? If so, tell me below and post some images of it!
  8. Here's a new ship I made! It's got a decent amount of Delta-V, I'd say, although I dunno if it can actually make it to Duna. The interplanetary stage doesn't have landing legs, so it's useless for actual landings on other planets anyway. I can't find the BBcode thing to embed albums into forum posts, so just take this link instead. For takeoff, burn at 90 percent thrust for intial Mammoth and SRB stages. When SRB flames out, eject. Use remaining Mammoth fuel to get into partial orbit, then eject on flameout. Disable Liquid Fuel and Oxidizer on atomic engine fuel tanks with the context menu. Use Mainsail to reach complete orbit, then disable it manually by using the context menu. Don't use the general purpose AG for any engine toggle tasks unless it's an emergency! Finally, enable Liquid Fuel on side engines connected to atomic engines, and use them for interstellar maneuvers. Action Group 1: Communications Action Group 2: Solar Panels Action Group 3: Toggle Engines (for emergencies, doesn't affect launch stages) -Extra Notes- Caution. This vessel does not have strong turning power in the initial takeoff stage. WARNING! This vessel does not have landing legs and cannot land on high gravity (Dres or above) celestial bodies and WILL likely have it's engines destroyed if attempted! Low gravity body landings should only be conducted by skilled pilots at their own risk. Notice. Don't forget to move any crew in the laboratory back to the Mk1-3 Command Pod before ejecting it away. (We know what you did, Bill!)
  9. Hello, I have decided to make a story. It will be a multiple part story, and its name is Jebediah. The story follows Jebediah Kerman as he embarks on the biggest quest he will ever take part in. Also featured are Valentina, Bill and Bob. Hope you lot are hyped, it's gonna be a pretty good story! PROLOGUE When Wernher Von Kerman published his groundbreaking works on rocket design and orbital mechanics, did he know that he was going to become one of the worlds biggest celebrities? No. He didn't. Did he know that his findings would create the worlds first space agency, KSA? No. He didn't. He had ideas for rockets to be used to give people a new glance at the universe. To, how would one put it? Branch out. In terms of turning Kerbalkind into a space faring civilization. As technology advanced, so did space achievements. the Kerbin Space Race brought many accomplishments; first satellite into orbit, first man in orbit, first space station, even the first landings on the Mun and later, Minmus, Duna and Eve. After that, the public relations boom ended. No one really cared about the space programs around the world. International budgets were lowered and space travel became mostly limited to LKO/KEO travel. The Year is Year 62, and heres where we start. Chapter One: The Last Crew It was another boring launch. Of course, there was a turnout to watch the launch, but it wasn't big. Big turnouts had died off years back. Kerbmerikan Space Station crewed launch 32 was on the launchpad, preparing for takeoff. It could be the very last mission to KSS, as it was far from modern and the alotted budget for the KSA was shrinking every year. MC FLIGHT: "Launch in T minus 5 minutes. You lot good for launch?" KSS 32: "Valentina here, roger." KSS 32: "Bob here, roger." KSS 32: "Bill here, good to go!" MC FLIGHT: "Good to hear you lot are good for launch." MC FLIGHT: "Launching in T minus 4 minutes." MC FLIGHT: "ETHOS, CRONUS, ODIN, ADCO, CATO." MC ETHOS: "Go." MC CRONUS: "Go." MC ODIN: "Go." MC ADCO: "Go." MC CATO: "Go." MC FLIGHT: "Excellent." MC FLIGHT: "T minus 3 minutes." KSS Bill: "Why was Jeb scratched from the mission again?" KSS Val: "He had an important board meeting, since hes on the board. I think its about the heavy budget cuts last week. Half my friends have been fired." KSS Bob: "Sounds about right. Anyway, the KSS awaits!" KSS Val: "Might be the last mission there, this one. I heard rumours that they're re-entering KSS soon." MC FLIGHT: "T minus 2 minutes." MC FLIGHT: "T minus 1 minute." MC: "10, 9, 8, 7, ignition sequence start! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, ENGINE IGNITION!" MC: "LIFTOFF! WE HAVE A LIFTOFF!" KSS 32: "We are alright here, G Force is doing us good!" * * * Jebediah: "You can't do this to us! Where do we go if we are fired?" Wernher Von Kerman: "We have no choice, Jeb. They aren't giving us enough money. I BEGGED. " Linus: "I agree with Jeb. Do we just give up on the dream? We need to do something." Wernher: "I'm sorry. My decision is final." The room burst into outrage, people lunging at Wernher. He managed to get out, where he made a swift exit to his office in Administration. Jebediah left the room, feeling worthless. Then, he had an idea... Chapter Two: Jebediah's Plan "Alrighty boys, docking sequence initiate!" Valentina, being a young but talented pilot, was mission commander for KSS Expedition 32. She hit a switch above her, illuminating a docking port about 75 metres away. Her displays lit up with {[Automated Docking: Engaged]}. "Things are looking good!" Said Bill, the mission's engineer. As their LKOCS (Low Kerbin Orbit Crewed Spacecraft) drew closer to the space station, mission control were watching carefully from the KSS' hull cameras to ensure the docking was successful. "Dock in 50 metres. 40. 30. 20. 15. 10. 5,4,3,2,1. Dock complete!" exclaimed a very happy Gene Kerman, having the first good news in days. He had attended the board meeting discussing the recent budget cuts, which would make any Kerbonaut (or retired one) pretty sad. * * * Jebediah Kerman was not an ordinary Kerbal. He had traits that not many kerbals have in high amounts. He was a very smart, imaginative person. The previous day, he'd found out the budget cuts had the chance of dismissing multiple Kerbals, demolishing areas of the Kerbal Space Center and well, pretty much withdrawing Kerbmerika's presence in space. This had given him a very, very crazy idea. So crazy that if he was ever found out he would most certainly be arrested for high treason. His plan was, well, to start a war! "What could go wrong?" He mumbled. His plan would be subtle at first. He would have a trained spy infiltrate the Kussian Federations rocket manufacture plant. He'd have the spy drill a very small hole in one of their craft set to launch within the month. If all went well, it wouldn't be detected until it was too late; when the hole had sucked the majority of the atmosphere out of their space station Величественный орел. The federation would immediately launch an investigation, being lured by a metaphorical breadcrumb trail which would lead straight to the Kerbmerikan armed forces... Chapter Three: Infiltration "Jebediah, Jebediah, old friend! How are you?" Jebediah had set up a meeting with his old friend, Phildorf Kerman. They'd been friends since they were kids, growing up in the same town, near Baikerbanur Space Center. They'd watch the early unmanned rockets of Kerbalkind, engines crackling as they ascended into space with awe. Of course, only one would end up in the astronaut corps; Jebediah. Phildorf was a secret agent. He'd do any job flawlessly, so long as one had the money. "So, what want from me, eh? You didn't call me for reunion! Tell me!" Phildorf questioned. * * * "Infiltrate Krussian Space Agency... Very difficult. But I can do." Phildorf gave a warm hug and a handshake to Jebediah, and he was off. How would he do this? Ah. Fake ID. He'd imitate being a native Krussian, which wouldn't be too hard, considering his thick Krussian accent. He caught a flight to Krussia. The next day, he successfully entered the Krussian Space Agency, as a rocket technician. He casually went into the capsule of the Krussian P-1 Crew Transport, got out his drill, and drilled a miniscule hole, which he then glued shut. A seemingly good seal, but once it entered space, it would become brittle and shatter. If all went to plan, it would cause cracking of the hull, causing an explosive decompression. If they were lucky, they might survive. say they were close to the station when it occured, they could either use their EVA jetpacks to get to safety, or the seal might break at the final moment of docking, causing a huge chain reaction, which could blow the station up as well... Phildorf made a swift exit after covering up his trail and laying a false one. Mission complete. Chapter Four: Devastation It was a sweltering day. Of course summer days are, when you're in a desert. The Krussian Space Agency was launching its P-1 rocket from their space center, Desert Spaceport. Jebediah Kerman was watching the launch, of course from a live broadcast at the Kerbmerikan Space Agency. As the numbers counted down, the low grumble rose to a deafening crackle and roar, as the giant rocket rose. Emblazoned with Космическое агентство (Krussian Space Agency), the P-1 rocket was their pride and joy. It had not experienced a major problem since Year 54. The rocket was now about 1250 m high, when something terrible happened. Something that would shape the history of Kerbals as a species. The rocket suddenly became a fireball, or was it? It seemingly hovered there, a flaming, red ball. It looked like a star, only tiny! Mission control was going crazy. Both. Thats how peculiar this was. Kerbmerikan and Krussian watched closely. Suddenly, a monitor in the Krussian Mission Control Room flashed with some text. {[WARNING: NUCLEAR RADIATION LEVELS: EXTREMELY HIGH]} {[PLASMA LEVELS: CATASTROPHIC]} It exploded. All measurements were acting erratic. There seemed to be a tear. What could cause this phenomenon? Jebediah was utterly shocked. Did Phildorf do this? Was it supposed to do this? What science could this... thing hold? The tear seemed to fall down to the ground. Little did the kerbals know that someone, an intelligent species 7 billion light years away, had commenced a nuclear experiment, which so happened to coincidentally occur when the explosion happened. It caused a rift in spacetime, a wormhole...
  10. I want to build a real small vodka rocket using like a 1 liter of vodka, first how to build the rocket Where to get cheap vodka how to launch it
  11. No Space Junk/Debris Challenge Prepare for grand update! leaked duna one! guess which update it will, and what it will inlude! This challenge is multi-challenge, every level is harder. "every step is clean, it's nice to you and me" . Me. Hello fella space flighters! I see you are not thowing the Kerbodyne S3-7200 to the trashcan. Well. i guess you are just an newbie (don't get ofended k?). you are building an SSTO ? well thats impressive but seriously. Are you weak? na na na na. GET CREATIVE YOU FLIGHTERS! so here have it. le challenge. But before. RULES! No cheats or anything like this. (debug menu, hyperedit, etc.) Only KER And any camera mod + visual mod is ok. NO DIRTY SSTO! cmon i hate em'. No kraken drives. Lader drives. SA kirrim drives. intake drives and Something other drives. Docking is acceptable but only apollo styled (thats will be hard cuz of the challenge not to leave debris) and rover docking. Sub and leave a like on my page ))))))00)0) Respect Moho and eeloo plz. drone cores parts, or any other command modules that is on deatachale stage (5 or 4th stage for example) will count as debris. On apollo styled missions, decoplers that left alone in space doesn't count as a debris (if the decople is by himself) bring jebediah or bill or valentina (no body needs bob lol) if the debris deatached and it is turn to steak in atmosphere, it isn't count as a debrie (if no pieces left of it). every challenge is a challenge, you can't complete sub orbital and orbital challenges at the same mission no Making History expansion usage! no tracking station debrie cleaning Screenshot of every thing that happen required challenge number one. Sub Orbital sanitor! The goal. : Don't leave any debris While doing the mission in Sub orbital tragectory and back. Rules For sanitors juniors. Heatshields doesn't count as debris if deatached. that mean if you have a heatshield. it woudn't coudn as a debris. Rules For sanitors seniors. Every part that got deatached count as a debris (even that sandwich that you made for breakfast) that mean that every part ( like an a heatshield) woud count as a debris. AWARDS for sanitor juniors of sub orbital challenge. challenge number 2 AWARD For sanitors juniors and senior of the Sattelite challenge. Build a space station with at least 2 crafts while both crafts haven't leaved any debris if it isn't a heatshield. that mean you need to send both space craft screenshots so i (or we) woud see that you haven't cheated. Rules For sanitors senior Build a space station with at least 5 crafts while all of the space craft haven't leaved any debris. that mean you need to send both space craft screenshots so i (or we) woud see that you haven't cheated. AWARDS The Mun dust sanitor! The goal. : go to moon and ___ while don't leave any debrie. For sanitors seniors of the Mun challenge CONGRATULATIONS! For sanitors senior of the Duna challenge. For sanitors seniors of the Eve challenge. AWARDS For sanitors Senior of the Eeloo And Moho challenge.
  12. Visit Steam Workshop Here Introduction: You can simply launch 6 relay satellites with this rocket. Action groups list: "1":Switch on the solar panels "2":Switch on/off the relay antennas Technical help: Send E-mail to if you find anything wrong with the rocket. Warranty expired if you put the rocket on the launch pad.
  13. Due to a major financial scandal, Kerbin's main supplier of prop engines can no longer deliver. The timing could not be worse as KSP is launching a new Duna programme, with a focus on exploratory aircraft that can deliver good science. Plans are afoot for serious fuel mining and processing infrastructure, but this is still costly in time and resources. Creating multiple fuel stations around the planet is not viable at this time. They need an aircraft with range. The challenge: Build an aircraft for Duna, and fly it as far as you can with the fuel you are carrying. The winner is the one who flies the farthest. The only rules are: 1. It must be rocket powered. No props or Kethane-powered mod jets . 2. It must carry a Mobile Processing Lab. 3. It must not go into orbit. Ceiling is 16,000 meters. 4. No drop tanks. Too expensive to replace and/or recover. 5. It must be a real plane, meaning it has lift and could take off and land multiple times. 6. Mods are fine, but the engines must be stock. Details: Cheat or Mission Builder yourself to any location on Duna. Fly your plane as far as you can, and when you land, hit F3 to show your total distance traveled. Any mods (other than mod engines) are fine except infinite fuel or anything that breaks the spirit of the challenge. Mods and stock parts will be two different categories. A plane is considered stock if it has no modded parts. Non-parts mods have no bearing on that. Your plane can be as big or small as you want it. It can have tons of stability enhancements or none at all. It can be piloted or probe cored, but you must have a full science crew in the lab. I suppose a really keen person could build a flying fuel processor and go forever (and serious kudos if they do), but the spirit of the challenge is single flight range and that is what you will be judged on. This idea came about while I was tooling around in Mission Builder, modifying a plane I built for Kerbin to see what I could do. I got a fair distance (well, for me, anyway) and I thought it would be cool to see how others solve this problem. Partly this is selfish; I want to learn from you all :-) On my to-do list for work is to get upskilled in Adobe Illustrator. It may take a bit, but I will create a badge for this challenge. My first attempt with the lab. Okay, but needs a lot of R&D.
  14. Disclaimer: English isn't my native language, I do my best. Clay Parts; no it's not about clay but its malleability. My idea is a completely revamp part system where your parts adapt to the shape, size, fonctionnality and visual you want. Less parts (even with a lot of mods), just highly configurable ones and configurations. ClayAddons will be a serie of standalone mod that interact with each other alot. This post is about discussing and defining the theoretical rules between each part and functionality. Ex: relation between size and thrust of an engine. As ClayAddons will contain alot of stuff we will go step by step. First one engine! How engine are handle by the mod (ClayEngine). Engines includes everything that allow movement, motion or implied motion ex electric generator. In fact the mod include no engine, but engine module or component (you can have multiple engine module in one part and module on a part can interact with module on other parts). Ex1: the propeller is a module, piston engine is another one. Ex2: combustion chamber is a module, tuyere (nozzle) is another one. Each module have a whole range of option ex: size, number of piston(piston engine), number of blades(propeller). Each module can have one or multiple virtual and physical nodes. Module node are port for linking modules with each other like electric plug. Nodes can be connected when module are placed inline or with various cable: electric cable, fuel line, shaft, cable(rope or metal cable), track(for wheel), chain, belt, pipes(yes pipes for air, water and ??????. So air intake need to be connected to engine using pipes.) Virtual nodes are for internal use only. Physical nodes will lead to the outside of the part of his module if not linked to anything else ex: exhaust, air intake. For physic ease all those internal logic will be simplified at vessel load. I need your help to define module their nodes and options. +Mass etc let focus even more---> Propeller engine + Piston engine Propeller component: core (nose cone): size, mass, drag, internals blades: number, size, drag, design, thrust ressource: torque, rotation, air, thrust, data Piston engine component: piston: number, size, configuration, mass, power ressource: electricity, gas(oxygen), gas(CO2), liquid fuel, torque, rotation, heat, data Gearbox: type(planetary, ....), mass, size ressource: torque, rotation Shaft: mass, size ressource: torque, rotation Those four element interact by torque and rotation For later
  15. 1. drifting: sometimes i just launch a rocket and when i try to make my orbit by turning into a 40 degree its starts to drift (sometimes i turn it at 7000 m, when i want a lower orbit, when i want to visit a planet i turn it at 14000) 2. spinning around the navbal:l sometimes i use struts, but whenever i try, my rocket becomes instabile, and starts to make a delicate spinning around the nawball. this is very annoying because when i try to modify my orbit, its sometimes modify it vertically too. 3.making orbits: my basic method to do an orbit is to fly up to 14000 m, and then turn it to 40 degree. after that, at 30 000 m i turn my rocket to 90 degree. when my periapsis comes out from kerbin, i travel to the apoapsis to make a burn in prograde, and make my orbit "circular". i think its a very primitive and fuel-wasting method, so somebody pls tell me (or take in a scott manley tutor i dunno) how to do it.
  16. -IMPORTANT: PLEASE READ The first stage seperation destroys some of the Rhinos in the second stage, the rocket still reaches orbit however, so don’t freak out. -Basic Description This is a stock ultra heavy lifting two stage launch vehicle which can carry 10000 tons into LKO, all of this is accomplished with absolutely no autostrutting. This rocket was largely inspired by He_162’s own heavy lifting exploits, a prime example of which you can check out here . This rocket is by far the largest and most complex craft I have ever made. Made more so for looks than efficiency. Download Link: Craft Mass: 51299.88 tonnes Part Count: 2088 -How to Fly -This craft just barely has enough Delta-V to make orbit, so maximizing the efficiency of the launch profile is key to a successful mission. -The craft should point prograde throughout most of the early flight, as such a gravity turn must be used, an optimum gravity turn will have the craft reach 45 degrees at 500-550 m/s. -After the the first stage separation the craft will need to be pointed above prograde to prevent it from falling back to Kerbin. -the craft should run out of fuel after reaching very low orbit, orbits above 71 kilometers are not recommended.
  18. It would do me great pleasure if you guys would check out my new video!
  19. I have a rocket that I want to show and ask about, but I can't get the attachment onto here. How do I upload the photo without using other sites?
  20. Hi everyone, I'm trying to figure out what is the most efficient way, fuel-wise, of landing on a celestial body. What are the equations that I must plug my values in? What is the T value that I should start retrograde burning so that just when I'm going to touch base I'll have a velocity of 1 m/s or so? How to figure out this physics problem?
  21. To any who decide to take this challenge: I may change things around for the challenge itself. There are some geniuses out there who are phenomenal at this art and skill, and I'm one of them, and in the very beginning (before I even started on this challenge myself), I gave set rules that must be met to succeed at this challenge. Those set rules, as I have come to find out, were easily met. As an overall point to be made, if you beat the original rules, that is easy mode, at least for this challenge. All is subject to change, however, if things are changed to be harder, then I will say it is for that reason alone, and will give a harder version of the original challenge. My weight limit WAS below 50 tonnes, and that was beaten 50 times over by one vessel, literally. Before we start, I'll give an example. Or two. Can range from a drone thats simply 6 pieces to a full blown barge that has 256. Like the one I built. Sadly my barge didn't make it out of LKO, and I used some of it's fuel to make that orbit stable, it wasn't gonna make it out of Kerbin's influence. However, it is a step int he direction I want to go, and this is what I wanna bring to the Micro-engineering challenge, so attempt 1 failed. Here's the challenge. Make the smallest vessel you can that can go to any planet in the system and is reusable 100% Requirements: cannot use any big parts (or if you do, use less than 5) Any part bigger than the OKTO drone core is too big, but I'll allow a small limit of 5, ya know, for a science JR or some such, maybe even a nice powerful relay/antenna cannot be over 30 tons. Previous original version (50t) was beaten, literally 50x over with 1 measly drone. Props to you, ya brilliant prick. Must have a stable orbit when changing planets (Optional harder version) Must be able to make a voyage between at least 2-3 planets in one trip Unrequired: Does not need to be an SSTO Does not need to be the size of a penny Going to and from the surface of celestial bodies Having a kerbal pilot the craft ___________________________ I wanna see what you people will come up with. I will be taking this challenge up myself, but I'm gonna be doing it in career mode. Extra props if you do it in career mode before I do Extra challenge, if you do it in career mode, the end product cannot be over 50k Because I don't know how much a xenon ghost engine costs, that pruce may be subject to change I plan to use about 6-12 ghost engines, soooooo....yeah, probably subject to change. They sure sound expensive. ___________________________ Micro-engineering challenge 2.0 (Med) Weight limit of 20t has to be able to go to and from a planet's surface, or two. That does not mean you have to do all of this without refueling Stabilized an orbit around every existing celestial body ___________________________ Micro-engineering challenge 3.0 (Hard) Weight limit 50t Must go to the surface and back to orbit of every celestial body in the game (except that one moon rock thing that's too small to have a gravitational pull) Hell, if you can land something on that damn rock, you get the overachiever award get something into kerbol's local atmosphere and fly it back out Good Luck. You wanted a challenge, WELL HERE IT IS, YOU MASOCHISTIC [REDACTED]!!! ___________________________ The original concept was build something out of nothing but small parts. Yeah, you can have a 1000 piece object if it doesn't exceed 30 t for easy, 20t for medium, and 50t for hard, and it can even be as big as a space station for all I care. You're really just supposed to use nothing but small parts, but whats the fun in not using something bigger every once and a while? Majority part limit is 0.625m.
  22. Today I tested the Kertimis Rocket! In case you were wondering, it didn't work. I don't know what went wrong, but I think one of the parachutes overheated and exploded, dooming all of my Kerbals to a firey death. Thank god for the Revert button! I'm still working on the Kertimis II, but it will be even bigger and even better than the Kertimis I! (note: I don't have any pictures)
  23. The Gyrfalcon is a heavy lifter designed to move Kerbals and cargo into LKO. Some experience is recommended when flying these rockets.