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  1. I'm playing a Career mode game with no mods (except MechJeb), and this is the largest rocket I've been able to build. It works well for traveling within the Kerbin system so far, but I want to start going to other planets, but it clearly lacks enough Delta-V to do so (only 7500 m/s). I only have all the 90-Science nodes of the tech tree researched, plus Heavier Rocketry and Command Modules. I would like to increase its Delta-V to (hopefully) 10000 m/s, but am unable to do so. Adding more boosters renders its TWR too small to lift itself. Any ideas? Picture here
  2. Hello everybody! My name is @Shadow Wolf56 (duh) and I have a question to present to you!!! What are some ideas for rocket fuel in real life? I know that potassium nitrate And sugar is available, but other fuels!(idk everything from vinegar+baking soda to ethanol+liquid oxygen). come up with anything! maybe if you have heaps of info about your suggestion, maybe you know where to buy it! Feel free to post your ideas/suggestions and maybe I can even (one day) test them...
  3. Hey there So I had some trouble with this career games first landing on the Mun. Figured I'd not got the balance of the lander correct. When I went in the VAB, I found that any rocket I designed had a lift vector. I tested with an unmodified game, and I guess it's not supposed to be like that, since it didn't happen then. Has anyone encountered this before? Thought I'd ask here first before I start trimming mods to find the problem. Possibly something that updated recently, as the unmanned lander I sent previous didn't have any difficulty landing. Thanks to anyone
  4. This story will be based on Real And Fictional craft but Alternate History Events. The Kerbal Space Programs
  5. I made a algodoo scene called Kerbal Space Program? and it was a tiny bit similar. Screenshots: After that, share your photos to me after you built your rocket.
  6. Hi guys So, I was wondering what you guys do before you build rockets. This is what i do:
  7. http://Imgur.com/kl4Xdpb Everything works fine until I try to make my gravity turn and it tilts north and goes out of control. Ive tried throttling down as I ascend but it still happens.
  8. Star Shooter KerbalX craft File here! So I made this rocket because I thought it would be a fun challenge and I've not really seen anyone do such a thing before. The first challenge came when I realized the "payload" would need to be placed near the bottom of the whole setup for purposes of easy attachment (I didn't want loading the Asteroid to be a complicated task). The 2nd hurdle was that the forward tank and engine nacelle would need to eject FORWARDS during flight and would need to ACCELERATE faster than the ships current speed to get out of the way (tru
  9. Himalaya is a family of Kerbonian rockets named after the mountain of kerbal mythology, Himalæia. There are four known rockets, with two of them still being built. Some of them sent kerbals to space, others sent satellites to orbit, and others, well. you got me there. They were designed so that the U.S.K would beat the Koviet Union in the race of the kosmos. Himalaya II: The Himalaya II (KZ-59E) was the first of the Himalaya family to be manufactured. It has thirty parts, a height of 36.2 meters, a weight of 198,540 kg and a diameter of 3.75 meters. It costs 102,010, a TWR of 7.44
  10. Post your Engineering Marvels! Since the genesis of mankind, the human race has observed growth of monumental proportions. Engineers and scientist, invented and inspired others, to create the best solutions, to all of man's problems. That is exactly what we are doing here! Below, you can show the world your amazing creations, an exhibition so to speak. This will show everyone your engineering talents, whilst also providing inspirations to others, to accelerate the KSP engineering !
  11. The thread where I will post all my designs and progress of my crafts! (With The Help Of Many Mods Of Course) ISE Dauntless [SSTO] Body, & propulsion systems will consist of parts from [Mark IV Spaceplane System] Wings, & lifting surface parts will consist of parts from [B9 Procedural Wings] So far.... Progress Report I Progress Report II
  12. Here I'll be posting my drawings of various spacecraft/rockets in MS Paint and where you can ask for drawings of other real-life rockets/spacecraft. I drew a Saturn V (image below) and thought, In the comments, tell me what I should draw next. (I'm already going to draw the Mercury Redstone, so don't suggest that.) It has to be a real-life spacecraft or rocket. Also, tell me what you think of them! They may not be the best in the world with detail (I actually forgot the ridges on a part of the Saturn V next to the right fin if you'll notice). Waiting List: 1. N1
  13. Hello Guys, I´ve got a problem with my rockets. No clue why, but the tend to flip over after rolling a little bit. btw. I´m a beginner A time ago I didn´t have this problem, but with the time my rockets kept getting bigger and the problems started. That´s my rocket at the moment: https://www.dropbox.com/s/lnuockbi32q4nxs/Q%26AKSP.png?dl=0 Could you please help me prevent this or improve my rockets? Thank you IRobot
  14. Howdy, This craft sways once it achieves mid altitude. I was hoping that that someone fixes it while I go and eat dinner Any suggestions would be nice. http://www.mediafire.com/file/8x9gxw5evf8nivn/Frostflux+m5.craft Sigh, attachments seem to be very buggy... EDIT: Well I've fixed everything so now it is a working SSTO. Thanks, Chris (Heretic391)
  15. I have a question . Speaking from point of view of fuel efficiency . Is it better to have a rocket system flying at 0.8 Mach or a ramjet started with rocket . I am doing my final year Project on Ramjet and now having problem in selecting which to prefer either a rocket or a rocket+ Ramjet. Thanks The fuel is JP-4
  16. I have recently encountered a rather infuriating issue with KSP. All of my rockets, no matter big or small always pitch downwards. I tried flying with and without SAS and RCS but neither seem to make a difference. I tried rotating my rocket 180 degrees so it starts off facing the other way but every time shortly after launch, it pitches down. I bought the game recently while the game was in 1.2.2. As of writing this the game is still 1.2.2 and I have not installed any mods from the time that this problem started to occur. The only mods i have installed are B9, Airplane Plus, and OPT space plan
  17. I've been looking for a mod that can change the texture of the rocket, like if I want to, I can change the rocket so it has some sort of red thing on the side, I cant/really don't want to draw the stuff myself, so is there a mod that works with 1.2.2 that allows you to change the texture of a rocket, not texture replacer, that I'm not really sure how it works... but is there a mod for it, because I have looked for about a month, and haven't found one that works with 1.2.2, and procedural parts I'm not really sure even works anymore...
  18. I've made a cool plane that flies straight and is well controllable, Yes the name is a bit strange but i thought it sounded supercool and wanted to use it xD https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-EtYAa62qrdR1lUb1pxaml2MlE I used some mod to make not important parts of it but i don't honestly think that those make the plane incompatible Some photos of it: http://imgur.com/a/Go4Gf
  19. Hey guys! Im a noob in ksp but i've just build a ''helicopter'' that works pretty well,his unique problem is stability. I would like if you guys can make it better and post a craft file for it,thanks! This is the link for downloading it. Hope you like that: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-EtYAa62qrdQklwbE1TVmpVXzA
  20. No matter what I try, my spacecraft just won't lift off. When I press space, I get what sounds like a decoupler sound effect in slow motion and then my rocket slowly falls. I think it might have something to do with the lag, since I had 3 FPS the whole time?
  21. I just want to share the design for a rocket I came up with that uses jet-fuel boosters to get its first kick to space rather than liquid fuel or SRBs. I haven't gotten this to space yet; I took a screencap shortly after (actual) liftoff and shortly after the game crashed. Image below" Honestly, I can't believe it even took off. It estimates about 18 minutes worth of fuel. This is a very early modded science mode game, and these are the first jet fuel tanks/engines/air intakes that you can unlock. The intakes and engines were made larger with Tweakscale, and that also increased the outp
  22. Today I Tried This Craft! I've been thinking of a Thread idea to promote other builders craft. The idea is to also encourage others to try someone's craft build at least once in a while. I am really not one that does this often because I get caught in my own circle of building and posting. The ideas is to try someone's craft and tag them saying a little something positive about their craft. There are a lot of builders but some craft may not be all that it seems to be, I myself have some that you may find looks nice but handling is not so great, if someone tries it they may choose n
  23. Decided to make an experiment and compile the data for something this basic, yet very important. So, here is it! Craft: stock "Jumping Flea" (Flea booster with MK1), straight launch, variable TWR (adjusted in VAB from data given by KER): TWR 1.2, highest real altitude: 4100 m flameout: 3100m TWR 1.5, highest real altitude: 6200 m flameout: 4300m TWR 1.7, highest real altitude: 7200 m flameout: 4600m TWR 2.0, highest real altitude: 8000 m flameout: 4700m TWR 2.3, highest real altitude: 8250 m flameout: 4700m TWR 2.5, highest real altitude: 8320 m flameout: 4600m TWR 2.7, high
  24. So i have been fascinated with the concept of a valveless pulse-jet pretty much since i learned of its existence. Largely due to its simplicity. I've had the thought before that as a inexpensive engine it might work as a 1st stage for a rocket. It's air breathing and as such doesn't need complex oxidizer setups. I made one in KSP with reasonably accurate TWR and a few other things, and mentioned it in my project thread but got very little response (so it probably lacks some accuracy). Question is, what could be done (if anything) to improove its thrust/efficency? I know there was a bit of deve
  25. I think this challenge is easy for veteran KSP players, but I have made my first successful 4.65 ton rocket which can head to the Mun and then Ike in one launch. Except I forgot a parachute so I couldn't return home (I had to fuel to do so). I think I could bring the weight down to just 3 tons if I removed some solar panels, excess weight and used a smaller battery. Here's the video: Enjoy! And thanks for viewing!
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