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Found 11 results

  1. Besides talking about the core of KSP that will be available in the Early Access version of the game and also the Roadmap chapters that will slowly turn KSP2 into an improved version of KSP1 Interstellar (extended mod pack), we should really also talk about the other major branches the game has aquired over the years. So we have the following spin-off ideas: A: KSP2 (Interstellar, Near Future Tech) B: Realism (RO / RSS / RP) C: Warfare (BD Armory, multiplayer focused, FPS or RTS) D: Roleplay (a type of Kerbal RPG game, controlling a single character on missions, with IVA focus) E: Grand strategy / city builder (like a simulator game with focus on city building and resource / transport logistics overview) So basically Intercept could successfully create at least another 4 games in the Kerbal family tree, based on work done for KSP2. And I believe they would have great success for each particular niche. What do you guys think? Should it really only be left up to the modders or should these be actual spinoff games, nicely packaged, with their own identity? PS: There's also the trackmania / circuit racing / competitive flying focused idea but that I think can be done in regular KSP2. Nate during a podcast also talked about an "engine designer" extension to the game. PS2: I was thinking about D: Roleplay more along the lines of an RPG: controlling a kerbal avatar (third person), experiencing the game IVA/EVA and VR (first person), having diverse roles (actual pilot, scientist, engineer, medic, remote probe pilot, flight controller), interacting with other characters, having a campaign with missions, living in the Kerbal world, with a focus on lore.
  2. Hi Space Story telling enthusiasts! I’ve been enjoying playing KSP for many years now, and the number of amazing adventures I’ve had is endless. Obviously all fans have their own subjective way of enjoying the game, focusing on different elements, but I have found particular enjoyment creating my own ‘Story mode’ style gameplay which I’d be too sheepish to share with anyone else, but I feel like some of the people on this particular sub-forum might appreciate, and might enjoy having a go at. It's unlikely to be for everyone, but for me it's defined why enjoy the game so much that I feel compelled to share, and might give some people who want to create stories around KSP but don't know how to go about it a framework on which to start, whilst just enjoying the game. I personally play standard vanilla career-mode (modded/science mode would work fine too, it's up to personal choice), but my main objective aside from working through the career is to leave behind a trail of personal anecdotes and messages on flags from the characters involved, which gives an insight into the Kerbals and the history of the space programme, as if someone else could explore long after, and find little fragments of memories scattered throughout the solar-system with which they can piece together a bigger picture. I tell the stories of the missions themselves, but perhaps more-so I particularly try and involve lots of snippets of mundane conversation which express each of the Kerbals different personalities and create a personal story for them and relationships/memories with each-other. I tend to play with these rules; I try to keep to a realistic progression timeline (as in, rather than going into orbit once, stopping at the Mun once, and then going straight onto Duna, I do many missions to each milestone/celestial body with different objectives and build up slowly to the next), and organise my missions into 'programmes', which end when a new vehicle is developed. This helps create a more in-depth and rich story even if it takes more time. Strictly use as few Kerbals as possible to keep the cast size manageable. Each new Kerbal is uniquely named (through the de-bug menu) and has a somewhat unique personality archetype (this makes you become very attached to them and care for their safety much more) No saves or reverts. This seems harh, but it has an important impact. Any failures/disasters become part of the story, and KIA's have emotional consequences for their crewmates. Incentivises you to put extra care into the safety of your crafts, such as reliable abort systems and un-manned test flights. Each landing site has a short flag-plaque sized description of the mission. Each landing site has at least three ‘audio-log’ flags spaced out around the landing site, with imagined snippets of conversation between the participants, be it mundane chit-chat or talk about events that happened during the gameplay. Extra ‘event’ flags are placed at sites where significant events happen with an audio-log or a description (such as a ‘first’ event happens, a Kerbal dies or nearly dies, equipment is broken, a memorial is placed, etc) When a Kerbal dies (or, rarely, ‘retires’) a memorial/commemoration flag is placed at the KSC with a description of their career. I try and leave behind at least some equipment/debris at each site (within the limits of my computers performance) to add to the sense of narrative. I tend to write all the text out in a separate word document first so that it’s saved somewhere readable, and it’s easy to edit and paste into the flag plaques. One of the nice things about doing this is I still read through the word logs of old save files long after I’ve finished them, since it brings back the memories of all the missions and characters pretty clearly, and creates a nice little story. Here is just a section of the word-log from my current playthrough covering the Mun/Minmus programmes and just before the first Duna mission, to give you an idea of the type of silly bits and pieces I write on flags. (I name my Kerbals after my pets plus game and anime characters I like, which.... yes i'm aware is exceedingly dorky, but it helps me care about them and gives a basic archetype off which to guide their personality and interactions with eachother.) It does take a fair amount longer to progress through the campaign (i've been playing for months and have only just started planning to go to Duna, lol), but the sheer amount of detail and personal investment I've been able to get out of just missions within the Kerbin system has made it very worth the extra effort. I know re-counting the mission on flags isn't a unique idea in itself, so i'd also be interested to hear how other people here leave behind their stories, and it would be great to pick up some new ideas for next time too.
  3. Link Welcome to Kerbal Powers, over two years and counting. A game designed to allow you your own little slice of the Kerbol System where you can create a nation, organisation, or private entity in the small system. Many members are experienced with these roleplays and can assist new players get themselves integrated into the game as well as be active members in the game. Our play on the RP premise is based on an RP first method of gameplay with a strong KSP building ethos to back that up, we operate with a pre-approved modpack. The game runs at a slower pace, around a scale of about two weeks a year. It lets players stay engaged in the game regardless of how much time in the week they get. Discord Come to discord for quicker information than forum messages on how to play. Discord is not required to play. Advice for new players Please use the flairs Larger the nation larger the target No coast means no need for navy Allies are important but not vital Don't touch the KSC Read up on local history Losing a war isn't the end of the world What is a roleplay? In the RP you play the role of a nation, corporation, or other groups. All decisions are yours to control. However be aware that other players might not like your choices and there may be consequences to your actions. The user creates their own nation within some guidelines established by the wiki itself, and goes to work involving themselves in an interactive world established by other users like them. Change in leadership doesn't change that you control your role but it gives you an excuse to change national or personality traits. Everything within your nation is within your control. The game as a whole could be described as collaborative writing with KSP. How do wars happen? Warfare occurs in a similar fashion to the board game risk. Depending on the people involved it can vary from almost entirely writing to almost entirely inside the game. When the time comes for war the two will come to an agreed outcome. If they can't, then the will be done inside of the game using BD armory and established rules. How do I make a country? Players can join as nations of almost any shape or size and can share a country if they want to. You just need a name, flag, area of land, and to fill in the form. You can apply to join HERE
  4. Kerbal Powers a political roleplay game set on Kerbin Note to anybody who thinks that this contradicts the anti-RP rule: I have asked @Vanamonde whether I am allowed to recruit on the forum, and he permitted me to do so. No actual roleplaying is permitted to occur on this forum or specifically in this thread. Violations of this rule will lead to moderation actions. Kerbal Powers is a Reddit-based roleplaying community that bears many resemblances to the classic forum roleplay of KSP’s early era (and is frequented by many veterans). Nevertheless, we are also open to new players, as long as they are wishing to contribute interesting and meaningful content. Whether you like BD combat, political intrigue or complex economies: Kerbal Powers is an interesting place for you to prove yourself. Commanding a country on the planet Kerbin, it is up to you to decide whether you will advance it through space colonization, trade or military conquest. Will you turn your nation into a socialist utopia or will you choose to oppress your kerbals in a fierce totalitarian dictatorship? Or will you rather create a megacorporation and offer your services to the world's superpowers? Upon applying for entrance, you will be able to choose your territory (if you want to make a country) and political ideology. We have a custom economical system and simulate military conflict by means of AI BD Armory battles (a limited modpack which you can find on our reddit includes this mod). However, text-based roleplay still plays a great role (no pun intended) in the game. All veterans of the old forum roleplay will feel at home in Kerbal Powers. Interested? Come and join us!
  5. You can RP as anybody from the KSP Universe. *Kerbin sits in the dark void of space, orbiting Kerbol*
  6. I have no idea why I made this, but why not? You can roleplay and stuff with celestial bodies! Choose your main character to roleplay as: Sol: (I CALL DIBS) Mercury Venus: Earth: The Moon: Mars: Phobos: Deimos: Jupiter: Ganymede: Io: Europa: Callisto: Saturn: Titan: URANUS HA: Titanus: Neptune: Triton: Pluto: Charon: Alpha Centauri A: Alpha Centauri B: Proxima Centauri: Sagittarius A*: Kerbol: Moho: Eve: Kerbin: The Mun: Minmus: Duna: Ike: Dres: (nobody wants to be Dres) Jool: Laythe: Tylo: Vall: Pol: Bop: Eeloo: Open for more celestial body requests.
  7. This Thread is closed now! I will setup a new mission in a while!
  8. To the mun with bill "Alpha.. I see the surface" "Copy that Phoenix, wait for the signal " "Now, Phoenix start your thruster to lower your vertical speed!' "On It!" A couple of seconds later "Phoenix, stop the thrusters and wait until you touchdown the surface, Over" "Copy that Alpha" After a hell of waiting Jeb felt the vessel touchdown and said one of his historic words "Alpha.... The phoenix Has Landed" The MCR erupted in cheers and cries as they heard Jeb's Words but quickly return as they need to monitor their screens and look for signals that represents danger "Okay Jeb.. We need you to do an EVA and look for any damages to the vessel " "On it Alpha" As Jeb goes out of the lander.. He looked to the sky and felt small. He went down the ladder and before touching the ground looked for any damages to the vessel. "Alpha, there's no sign of any damage to the vessel" "Copy, Jeb.... Wernher wants you to feel the surface... For Science, Of course" "Copy, Alpha... The Ground is very dusty... Like sand in a beach or ash in a volcanic eruption" "Copy Jeb.... Ok, your the first kerbonaut on the Mun... do you want to say anything?" "I do Alpha..... This is one small for-" The radio static but fix immediately "-Kerbals, One giant leap. For Kerbalkind As he said it, Kerbals watching the landing, erupted in cheers! The geeks saying that the mun landing was fake!! And the Kussians admitting there defeat in the space race!
  9. One of my brave Kerbonauts, Katbe kerman, died today from unknown causes. A week of mourning has descended upon the KSC and the fledgling Munar colony she had briefly called her home. Caroletti, Katbe's closest friend asked for a flag to be placed in memory of Katbe at her favorite flying sight, the old airstrip. All kerbonouts Stationed at KSC attended the funeral. Those abroad listened to the far well ceremony through their ship radios. Katbe's three good friends remembering the times they had together... The Sacred lines of the Stardwellers... the night long vigil... And the rising sun. A new dawn, a new day, a new light. Has anyone else given their departed a funeral or ceremony?
  10. Hi guys, I'm starting a blog/story thread about the 'New Kerbin Space Program', I have the intro done but I will be waiting until 1.1 comes out before I start doing mission and posting screenshots. This will be ether a bi-weekly/ Monthly thing so I hope you enjoy! Khronicle Of Kerbin Intro Hi guys this is a blog like thread were I will be documenting the trials and tribulations of the ‘New Kerbin Space Program’ or (NKSP). The original Kerbin Space Program was started in 438 AK (After Kracken). It was started by a group which consisted of: 3 pilots, 4 engineers and 2 scientists. They often referred to themselves and ‘’Rocket Men’’. Each group had a leader/commander (Pilots) Jebediah Kerman Snr, (Engineers) Bill Kerman Snr, and (Scientists) Bob Kerman Snr. Ironically each of these men would have kid with the same name and go into the same fields as their fathers, but we’ll get to that later. These men are considered as Kerbins first space programs ‘’Founding fathers’’. Each group had a certain job to do as they knew that why everyone could use their own unique qualifications. Pilots would design the cockpit for manned missions, they would also be the commander for any manned flights. For unmanned they would fly the craft from the group as remote guidance units had not yet been invented. Engineers would design, test and build the rockets that would launch the payloads. They would also co-design the cockpit with the pilots Scientists had by far the hardiest job they were in charge for the fight plan, this means that they plan the trajectory of each mission. They also were in charge of creating propellants so they vehicle would have as much thrust as possible and lastly they would be in charge in the scientific payloads. Once people heard about the space program they started applying and within 6 months of creation the work force had gone from 9 to 325. Their unmanned program called ‘Genesis’ had 4 flights: Mission 1 Mission Name: Genesis 1 Mission Type: Unmanned, Sub-Orbital Mission Description: To test the Genesis rocket with an active 1st stage and dummy 2nd stage and payload. Mission Duration: 20 minutes and 23 seconds Mission Outcome: Overall Success. Mission 2 Mission Name: Genesis 2 Mission Type: Unmanned, Orbital Mission Description: To test out the 1st and 2nd stage together with a dummy payload. Mission Duration: 3 hours 26 minutes 14 second Mission Outcome: Overall Success Mission 3 Mission Name: Genesis 3 Mission Type: Unmanned, Orbital Mission Description: The first ever satellite is launch into orbit. This satellite is sent into a polar orbit it took pictures and videos for 45 days after launch. Mission Duration: 45 days 2 hours 4 minutes Mission Outcome: Overall Success. Mission 4 Mission Name: Genesis 4 Mission Type: Unmanned, Orbital Mission Description: This mission tested out the Columbia 1-man capsule. It mad 3 orbits and deorbited itself and made a successful re-entry and landing Mission Duration: 2 hours 4 seconds Mission Outcome: Overall Success The group would have 5 years of unmanned flights before their first manned flight. There would only be 2 flights… Manned Mission 1 Mission Name: Genesis M1 Mission Type: Manned, Orbital Crew: Luke Kerman Mission Description: 1st manned flight. Completed 2 ¼ orbits before a planned re-entry. Mission Duration: 3 hours 2 minutes 2 seconds Mission Outcome: Overall Success Luke got a heros welcome home he would never fly again. Although he was Capcom for the next mission. Manned Mission 2 The original crew was meant to be Ken Kerman but he came down with the measles so Jack Kerman replaced him. This mission would be the last mission to the Kerbin Space Program… While being placed in his capsule an over pressure event happened in the 1st stage. (It would later be determined that a H2 02 canister in the 1st stage blew up when it was stirred). Jack Kerman and his white team of Neil Kerman, John Kerman, Frank Kerman and Chris Kerman all persisted. The launch site was in gulfed in a massive fireball. Mission Name: Genesis M2 Mission Type: Manned, Orbital Crew: Ken Kerman Replaced by Jack Kerman Mission Description: This was going to test the CSM antenna and guidance system in more detail Mission Duration: 0 Seconds Mission Outcome: Catastrophic Failure. After that nobody was willing to go on so the project was abandoned. Many outsiders were convinced that this project being abandoned was only a short term thing but it wasn’t. Now here’s were New Kerbin Space Program beings, 23 years after the first space program. Remember the ‘’Founding Fathers’’ of the first space program Jebediah, Bill and Bob, well their kids named after their fathers also went into the same fields as their fathers. The boys being good friends for years decided that as they had follow in their father’s footstep thus far that they might as well look up and head for space. Although the boys made a pack that though out their time with the space program that they would never give up in the face tragedies in honour of Jack and his white room crew that lost their lives all those years ago. After that they began to employ hundreds of people and soon 762 people were employed. There was some deference’s this time around though as instead of 3 main groups Pilots, Engineers and Scientists there are now about 14 group focusing on different things like Launch facilities Orbital Mechanics Payloads (Unmanned) Capsule Launch vehicle Jebediah had manged to get his hands on the genesis blue prints, and after talking to his father about the ‘Genesis M2’ failure and what the investigation found and recommended for further mission with this rocket, Jeb now knew what to do. Kram45
  11. For those of you interested in more than just fanworks, Radion is running a roleplay on an offsite server here: http://kerbalroleplay.com/
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