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Found 5 results

  1. Hello, I'm new KSP user, and I'm creating A-10 plane. But I'm not satisfied with only visual aspects. I want to make this plane nice to fly, and nice looking. To accomplish that task, I wanted to set vectors of thrust and aerodynamic on the same direction. To do it, I was adjusting angle of horizontal stabilizer (To compensate height of engines). As you can see on the picture, I can't get them on exactly the same direction. So my question is I am able to set rotation value by typing it in some field? By mouse, I will never have such a precision :| I was trying to find addon, but I did
  2. So, i'm trying to build a craft and this problem arises every so often; I am wondering how to change the focal point of mirrored parts. Here's a shot because the few threads where I think this is the problem people are asking about, there is always a confusion on the interpretation of the question. The current mirrored rotation of these lights means they rotate with the small yellow arrows and "meet" on the yellow axis/arrow. I want the lights to meet and rotate outward from the blue arrow so that, if the blue arrow (by the VAB door) is 12 o' clock at this angle, the lights are sitt
  3. Hi all, I am hoping desperately that someone might be able to help. Whilst editing parts I know that the QWEASD keys all rotate on various axes and the use of Shift refines that from 90 degrees to 5 degrees by default, but not anymore, not for me. For some reason my new angles appear to be approximately 30 degrees and less than 1 degree with the use of the Shift key. I cannot tell you when this first occurred because I was re-using previously saved designs I had created a while ago and only recently had to create a couple of new ones. Does anyone have any solutions, such as edit
  4. Any mods with parts to create a rotating ring / habitat in a space station for KSP 1.2.2? I can't find any for 1.2.2.
  5. I've noticed this issue on both Kerbals on EVA, and craft. It's just now that I've realized they're the same problem. What will happen is, I'll have a Kerbal on EVA, and I'll use my jet pack to fly around. Sometimes, when thrusting in one direction, the thruster gets stuck on, and stays on until I click the thruster again, in the same direction, twice. If I do nothing, he will continue to thrust in one direction, I assume until he runs out of fuel, even with no hands on the keys. Landing on Gilly right now, I had a spacecraft begin rotating out of control. Even with SAS, it just rota
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