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Found 17 results

  1. MandatoryRCS This plugin revisit the stock balance between the overpowered reaction wheels and RCS thrusters which are useless outside of docking situations. It does not propose a more realistic simulation of reaction wheels but is a collection of tweaks aimed at limiting their functions and balancing the gameplay. Reaction wheels are turned into stabilizers, preventing your vessel to spin out of control and keeping it pointed at the direction you choose in the SAS autopilot. But they have a very low (and somewhat realistic) torque power when the pilot or the SAS request a pitch, roll
  2. Lots of thanks (and cookies) to the following people: @White Owl, @MK3424, @xXIndestructibleEVAXx - for giving the mod a name. @BahamutoD, angavrilov, SilverFox, darklight - for helping me getting started with KSP modding and answering lots of dumb questions. @MK3424, @Unknown Venom - for helping me test my mod and becoming friends @Heretic391 - for creating a video featuring my mod @whale_2 - for contributing and maintaining the mod Virindi-AC - for fixing lots of bugs dkavolis - for cleaning up the code Please leave comments on your experience!
  3. I've written a mickey-mouse prototype of what might become a true KSP extension. It automates the modification of a quicksave.sfs file to transplant a KSC aircraft on the runway or on the launchpad to the Baikerbanur cosmodrome. Everything is straightforward except for the manipulation of the VESSEL.rot quaternion that expresses the vehicle attitude (presumably in Kerbin's frame of reference). I put the same craft in both places and observed the quaternion values, K and B. Then I wrote code that, for a vessel at KSC with quaternion 'p', performed the computation q = B.(Kinv
  4. Hey I have recently come back to start playing after taking a break for real life. I am trying to get my old parts updated for 1.3.1 and new Unity. I have most of my config files working now and am almost ready to start a new career game.One file I just cant get the IVA to line up with the model ? The position and rotation command's don't work under the IVA config file. I seem to remember that this also used to not always work? I am not sure why this works on some models and not others? I know that the offset comand for the IVA in the regular part config works But I cant remember what is the
  5. Hi all, So I recently ran into an interesting issue that I've never really payed attention to before. First off, let me state that I am using RSS, but this topic should apply to stock as well, if perhaps to a lesser degree. I was returning a three kerbal capsule from the moon, and accidentally overdid the lunar escape burn. This meant that, while I had a good return trajectory, I'd be coming in retrograde relative to Earth's rotation. I didn't think this really mattered, until my capsule exploded on reentry. This was a capsule I'd returned from the moon multiple times before, and I
  6. Whenever I used to rotate something, it would snap to the nearest tick mark and I could get exact angles. Now, it is stuck so that when I rotate a part, it has infinite rotation snap.(I'm bad at explaining) Any Help?
  7. I'm creating a new ship through ProtoVessel.CreateVesselNode. I managed to place it correctly on the ground and got rotation to work properly, which I tested by using data from vessels saved in persistent.sfs. The next step is to get this working for any point on the planet, and that's where I got stuck. No matter how I try, I can't get the ship to point upwards like a proper rocket should. How can I calculate the rotation quaternion to point the ship upwards for any latitude and longitude on a celestial body?
  8. Hello, im recently working on stock propplanes. Im wondering if there is any way to messure the speed with that a vessel rotates, so i can compare different designs. would be nice if somebody has an anwser.
  9. While driving/flying propeller based crafts for more than 10 minutes all parts of the craft get increasingly jittery (and eventually break/crash). Tested it without mods as well, in KSP I'm guessing the problem is that the amount of rotation builds up and the accuracy of the whole physics engine decreases. Is it viable to normalize the rotation values once in a while to prevent this or should I stick to quicksaving & loading (which makes everything stable again)? Or maybe the cause is something different. Either way, stock propeller enthusiasts would ap
  10. So im trying to build a lander and i found this very funny (and anoying) bug were the landing legs rotation axis is screwed with. IT doesn't let me rotate them to any "usable" rotation. On the left one i didn't do anything, and on the right one i really tried (for about 5 min ._.) Is it fixable? I have made 3 reinstalls and tried with and without mods. (none worked)
  11. when on EVA, I cannot get the kerbal to rotate vertically. This means that I often end up bumping my head into whatever I'm trying to interface with. If it's a railing and I'm in this orientation and hit F to grab on, this always ends up flinging me far off into space with my RCS off. I've gone through thread after thread and all the conversations mention it, but there's no mention on how to correct it.
  12. Hello everyone, I have a question about IVA animation/rotation. Is it possible to rotate / animate the origin of an InternalModule through a KSPEvent tied to a PartModule? The reason why I'm asking this is one, I'm very new to plugin development (very ignorant about what's possible or not), and two, I don't want to waste time trying to solve the impossible since this is the only reason I have to learn plugin development. For context, let me explain what I'm attempting to do. The plugin I'm trying to write is a PartModule called ModuleCentrifuge. I would like to (ideally) defi
  13. When using docking mode, you can set RCS thrusters on rotation or translation modes. This doesn't make the spacecraft rotate in full translation or rotation. Rotating on rotation mode will induce a small translation. The only way to fix this is to place all thrusters at exactly the same distance from the center of mass. For example, if I am using two thrusters pointing perpendicularly to the turning axis and one of them is at the centre of mass, that thruster wont fire. What I want is for both to fire with the same thrust. That will get rid of the induced translation. It would be ni
  14. We should be able to choose which axis we want to free X,Y or rotation. Also smaller klaw would be nice.
  15. I'm looking for a mod that would be able to implement a particular axis orientated spin on a craft and maintain it at a specified RPM. Take for example, the Endurance by benjee10, http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/90036-104-endurance-from-interstellar-090-beta-finally-updated-no-craft-files-yet/, which was constantly spinning on its axis. So that idea would be that no matter which direction of the part which the 'control from here' is set to, the craft would continue to rotate in a particular way. This is a little different from the excellent PersistantRotatio
  16. Using RCS on rotation mode sometimes induces translation, which makes docking really hard. It seems the thrust of each RCS thruster depends only on their position with respect to the center of gravity. The problem with this is you have to place thrusters exactly the at same distance from the centre of gravity for them not to give you unwanted translations. I think it would be nice if the thrust of each thruster was balanced to give you full translation or rotation instead. This way you could just place your rcs thrusters as far apart from each other as possible for maximum moment.
  17. I have a rocked that start turning. I can only thing and that is that the main command pod (root) is upside down. it does this ad launche and in orbital. it has size command pod face forward and the main facing back and three skippers. the same kind of contruction with the main pod facing forward doesn't do this. I'm playing with FAR and some more mods but I don'y think they will influence this. I would place a screen shot of the craft if I could find out how.
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