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Found 3 results

  1. I can't seem to get rovers based on the XL3 wheel to steer. They just go straight down the runway. I'm working on a giant rover, but when I found this problem I built a tiny rover (just two Mk2 cans back to back, with 4 XL3 wheels on a very short wheelbase) and even that doesn't steer. I checked the wheel settings, and even tried reversing the direction of steering, but to no avail. It seems I'm not the only one with this problem I have not yet found a resolution tho. I believe in the past I've used these wheels successfully, but it's been a while. Does anyone have any experience to shed light on this? I do realize based on my reading of the forum here that these wheels are supposed to use differential steering. However, even that doesn't seem to work for me.
  2. So i havent played for a really long time. Now with the new Update and DLC i thought well lets start over again. I started to work on my first Rover on a completly new Install of KSP with no Mods and noticed that the Rovemax S2 Wheels are hovering above the surface. I cant remember that they did that before so i wonder if this is a bug? The forum itself didnt gave me a answer when i searched it. And i didnt noticed any problems with other wheels. I find this slightly disturbing and triggering :'D ~Neko
  3. KSP 1.2 gave me a campaign contract to recover a part from the surface of Minmus. I lowered the orbit of my survey scanner probe until I could get a visual on the part, and discovered that it is a RoveMax Model XL3 large rover wheel. My retrieval spacecraft reached the site, and is more than adequate to the task, but hours of trying to grab the object resulted in no joy. I built a test-rig on Kerbin, which dropped RoveMax XL3 large rover wheels onto a platform of dozens of advanced grabbing units, and they always come to rest on top of multiple AGUs, sometimes even bouncing around on top of the AGU's, but none have ever been grabbed, not once. The experiments lead me to believe that this part can not be grabbed by an AGU. I searched around the forums and web, but didn't find any information on this topic. If the part in question can't be grabbed and it's supposed to be that way, then the game shouldn't offer contracts for that specific part to be retrieved. I suppose it's possible to make a "scoop and hook" craft to take the wheel up to orbit, but I wouldn't be able to use any time compression for the whole mission back to Kerbin's surface. Has anyone else encountered this? Is it possible to grab the rover wheel with an AGU? Any suggestions or solutions are appreciated. Thanks.
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