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Found 8 results

  1. the rover wheels are to big and making a small rover is like building a monster truck
  2. Whenever I deploy a fairing, Any rover wheels inside the fairing are destroyed for some reason. In my recent design the rear wheels kept popping so I kept rebuilding the fairing and trying again. At some point I finally gave up and launched without a fairing. I managed to still get my rover to it's destination, However I'm planning to send a much larger rover later on. I can't keep having my wheels popped without any engineers ready to repair, My current engineers aren't even high enough level to repair wheels!
  3. Hello everyone. So I'm a HUGE fan of racing, as you may know, and I'm creating a racing series. But when I'm setting up the cars for the race, I'm continually confused on one very important thing: Suspension. I know the wheels have settings for this (I mainly use the TR-2L for 90% of my cars,) but I have no idea what they do! Please advise
  4. Anyone else have the problem of having a 4x4 rover wheel but it seems that 3 wheels roll faster than that single one and it makes the rover circle until it points at a certain point and drives straight all the way? I seem to have that problem with my rovers. Even in a 6 wheeler.
  5. Are You Tired Of Those wheels running @ 20 m/s ? We Have A solution ! Presenting ! Racing Wheels by ElectronYear.co These wheels can reach 100 m/s(without a Jet or Rocket engine.) if the design of the vehicle is good. Install it like any other mod. Place the folder in Game Data folder of KSP's directory. I'm Planning to make Special ElectricCharge Storage Units and ElectricCharge generators. Thanks, Feel Free to Give advice as this is my first mod. Download From SpaceDock : htt
  6. In 1.1.0, at least for me, rover wheels placed on armored vehicles often get the "Wheel blocked: Yes" and "Motor: Inoperative" status. I don't see this issue on very simple cars with no structural parts, but it makes riding almost every armored vehicle much harder than normally. Such wheels create heavy ground friction about the same as of non-wheel parts, and won't respond to control inputs. They also tend to slightly sink into the ground, and sometimes make the vehicle "jump". Can someone help me resolve the problem, please?
  7. The wheel suspension leaves some space between the wheel and the vehicle's body to place some parts, like rover's batteries. Theis was very usefull in 1.05 but since 1.1 it makes wheels blocked and "engine inoperative". Woth to mention I carefully placed these batteries not to touch the wheel even when turned. It's safe amount of space to let the suspension work too. The change made my already deployed rover useless. Any space is valuable and I miss the one between the wheels and the rover's body. Above is my rover with bateries placed on its sides. It's not the best angle of view but the
  8. Hi all, I am having an issue where if I rotate rover wheels anywhere from 45 degrees from default orientation or greater, they will not accelerate my rover. The wheels will turn but not accelerate. I've done extensive testing and found this to occur even with good ground clearance, anywhere from one to all axles powered and regardless of vehicle mass or root part orientation. I can't see a reason why wheels wouldn't be performing normally, in terms of acceleration, in any orientation because well... its a wheel. Screenshots below showing default orientation, 45 degrees
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