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  1. i know i need to put the engines on equal sides of the center of mass but i cant seem to figure out where they are. i know where the center of mass is but i need 2 engines on either side of it to be equal.how do i figure this out?
  2. Craft on KerbalX: https://kerbalx.com/Marschig/Fuel-Station Initially i built a simple refueling station at Minmus. But more and more options were added during constructing, and, as a result, i got this: It has almost everything, that can has craft: 20 crew, docking ports (every size), science modules, research lab, solar panels enough to power up lab at Eeloo, full set of ore scanners, mining equipment, antennas with a total rating 383G, and so on. And it can reach, land and take off from every planet (except of Eve, of course). Also station has a rover, docked to th
  3. Hello Kerbanauts! I have a challagne for all of you! The highest current world absolute general aviation altitude record, propelled aircraft is 37,650 metres (123,520 ft) set by Alexandr Fedotov, in a Mikoyan Gurevitch E-266M (MiG-25M), on 31 August 1977. One of the leading test pilots of his era, Aleksandr Fedotov was a Major General in the Russian Airforce, he graduated from Flight School Stalingrad in 1950. He was a pilot in the air-force from 1950 to 1957,graduating from the Aravmir School for Military Pilots in 1952 and worked then as an instructor pilot. In 1958 he g
  4. So I'm trying to set up an interplanetary transport system between Kerbin and Moho, and my plan is to have a large tanker refuel the interplanetary ship at Moho. It requires 10,000 units of LiquidFuel to Low Moho orbit, so I'm using a large Mk3 fuel tank. My plan was to land the tanker near a mining base, and move it using a rover. The problem is, the tanker is so heavy, even when empty, that the rover can barely move, and goes at 0.5 m/s up slightly inclined hills on Moho. Does anyone have any suggestions for how I could do this better? https://1drv.ms/i/s!Ag6H0m7Hg8jmgrJ26CD_EbCQaW
  5. Cross Kountry; A KSP Adventure A group of explorers has been selected by the KSC to go on a treacherous drive to the top of the world, and to regions unknown. With danger and action aplenty, the group must use all of their wit and courage to survive the most intense event of their lives. Written by DarkOwl57 (Hopefully) Daily Updates!!! Rated 5 stars by Kerbal Weekly and the National News. "One of the best action-adventures of the year!" -Jongby Kerman, Selective Reader magazine
  6. So I have been play for a while now and have recently been experimenting with deploying a rover out the back of a cargo plane. I have run into a hitch though. How do I deploy the rover, then the parachutes, then regain control of the plane. When I set control to the rover, I can do the first two tasks, but then I can't regain control of the plane. Any one have any ideas on how to get past this?
  7. This is Brent Kerman, Reporting in from the Buffalo. We are on a journey to explore Kerbin by land. Here is the rover: It uses @Angel-125's Pathfinder as main body and Snacks for additional challenge. It seats seven, and has supplies for three years. The rover averages 20 m/s, because that's about top safe speed. It could go 40 m/s! If you have a location you want explored, message me the coordinates and I will do. I have all stock and DMagic science experiments. Report: Year 1, Day 1. Today we acquired the ability to use the Stereo Space Telescope, or SST,
  8. Hello dear community, im struggling to find TT s Modular wheels mod. I have 1.2 installed. I need that mod for the following reasons: It has combustion engines of different several types, found in real cars, it has nice, adjustable real life weels. I remember back then, I made various kinds of nice cars, from scratch with this mod. Please help.
  9. Another video on my youtube channel from an awesome mission. It was so funny to record and edit. What do you think?
  10. I decided to try building a rover for the first time today, and I noticed that any rover I construct will turn to the right at the moment that I press W (forward). This is no matter what wheels or probe core I use. I downloaded a fresh new copy of 1.1.2 and continued to have this problem, even with some of the stock rovers like Rover + Skycrane and Prospector Rover (I don't see this problem with the Crater Crawler nor with the Bug-E Buggy). Now, this is not a continuous turn to the right - it is only upon pressing forward. For example, from stop, I will press W and the rover will b
  11. Name: Kesla Rebel Lux Rover Class: Compact pickup truck Body style: 2-door truck Price: 220 Funds Weight: 2.54T Electricity Charge: 23800 License: GPL V3 Download link: https://spacedock.info/mod/1320/Kesla%20Rebel%20Lux%20Rover%20
  12. Hi guys, I present you my mission to EVE, Here below the summary: - Launch all vessels in KLO, except interplanetary vessel (launched for previous missions) - Refuel all vessels in KLO - Transfer to EVE - Rescuing Kerbonaut in ELO - Rescuing Kebonaut landed on Gilly - Conduct some gravity scan on Gilly - Creation of geosynchronous communication satellite - Land materials on EVE - Rover - Science and accomodation outpost - Ascent Vehicule - Proceed to exploration of 3 Biomes - Back to interplanetary ship -
  13. The JPL built Mars rovers have all used a "Rocker Bogie" suspension system, which allows all 6 wheels to remain grounded. Though, I've built this type of thing in Besiege, and even in VR with Fantastic Contraption, I've never made one in KSP. After installing Infernal Robotics, and having free spinning washers, I realized I finally could. It's called a Rocker Bogie, because it uses 2 wheel bogies (like on a train), which are connected with rockers. There pivot points are completely unpowered, with just gravity keeping the 6 wheels on the ground. My previous Besiege build used a differen
  14. Despite playing KSP I also like to play around with real hardware from time to time. Four (!) years ago I started a little project, a small raspberry pi based rover, which I kept on my shelf for ages once the technical stuff was working. Now, a few days ago I picked up the loose ends and finally wrote some simple code to actually *do* something with it - and it didn't go *boom* either. So, here's a little clip showing you what I'm talking about. Boy am I proud
  15. Name: Panto Rover Class: Microcar Body style: 3-door hatchback Please visit our official website for more information and support: https://keslaauto.wordpress.com/2017/03/26/kesla-auto-panto-rover-release-note/ Download link: https://spacedock.info/mod/1277/Panto Rover License: GPL 3
  16. Hi Guys, USI has these HUGE 5m Kontainers, And I need a way to get them from base to base Via the ground, and short of slapping wheels and a probe core onto the godzilla of storage modules, I cant. Are there any Rover mods that can do that, While still being compatible with 1.2.2?
  17. THE CHALLENGE Due to contractual problems with Kerbals Broadcasting Interesting Things TV (Kbit TV), Keremy Klarkson is starting up his own TV-show, and has come to the KSC for a location and some racing rovers. Unfortunately, the rovers provided by KSC's developer going by the ominous name of "Squad" have not even slightly met the requirements of Keremy, and as such he calls upon you to enter your best rover to race around the KSC test-track. The Challenge is simple: One must complete the test-track, starting from the spawn-point on the runway, up to the finish line at the top of the h
  18. COMPETITION CLOSED Welcome to the official 2017 G.K.R! In this challenge, you have one goal: to drive a rover to the exact north pole and return back to the KSC as quickly as possible. Rules: There can be one kerbal on board. The only non-stock parts that may be used are FAR, mechjeb, or KIS(or any other autopilot systems) The only propulsion systems that may be used are rover wheels, jets, and mono prop engines. It must not (intentionally) leave ground level. You must post pictures showing MET at start and finish. It ends on 3/25/17 Hav
  19. Stridsvagn 103 Main Battle Tank Designed off the original Swedish Strv 103 MBT, this fully functional replica uses tank drive systems and hydro-pneumatic (Or in this case, landingGearmatics). Consisting of 223 parts for detail and structure, this craft is recommended for good computers. Its completely fun to drive around, hit some things, break the tracks, whatever you wish with your tank! Specs: Max Velocity: Around 44 m/s Max Hull Traverse: 10 - 15 degrees per second Gun Elevation: +10/-10 degrees Tank Drive (including point turns and swing t
  20. Spacedock (Also on CKAN) This mod takes the vanilla radial xenon tank and creates a LF/OX version, as well as having a fuel tank version of the Probodobodyne RoveMate. MIT License
  21. Dave Jones receives Karsten Becker as a guest, lead engineer of the Audi Quattro Lunar lander and rover. They discuss many different aspects of designing a spacecraft, such as thermal requirements, radiation hazards, space rated components and more, and prove that some of the things that are mundane on Earth can pose interesting challenges. We get an insight into the curious mix of off-the-shelf technology, combined and custom proprietary designs and why each was chosen in which places for this specific mission.
  22. Series of videos in which I try to land and take off with 3 kerbals from Eve.
  23. Some of the rovers I have built, many of them in various stages of evolution, one even up to Mk X... love my rovers, thought I would share
  24. got a bit of a problem, 3 kerbals in low mun orbit, and i'm trying to make a rover to connect to that station, and then land to the mission location as i have to collect some mun dirt with a kerbal, in fact at 3 locations, the problem... its around 70% to 45 % slope the area i need to collect it from. so far i tried variouse rover-landers but so far i'm unable to stay there i just slide down faster and faster.. so any ideas on how to solve it, i need a surface collection from a crater hill, and i dont know how to design a rover that can climb so well, or stay in position with brakes
  25. Hello! I decided i would create a sped up version of my 2 hour mission to dump a rover on Minmus for later (MK3 SSTO with a base payload will send up a communications tower on Minmus). But something went wrong..... ENJOY!
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