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  1. I was looking to make a rover for tracking across Kerbin in. I don't want it to be able to fly with thrusters but it can have thrusters to move it faster. So far, these are the parts I plan to take Kerbal stock tires (6 of them) Remote controlling system (disk) Battery (disk) Solar Panels (like Mark Watney) RTG's Fuel (mono and liquid) (disk) Thrusters (aiming down for downforce on hills) small rocket (for extra speed on flats) landing struts (Self-righting system for flipping myself) Mining drill Raw material to fue
  2. Skycranes are reliable vehicles to put a rover or vehicle on the surface. Obviously, I try to avoid them. Making a contraption like this one never worked satisfactory in the past, but I guess wheels have changed in such a way that now... it works! Not a McGuffin What's in the box?! What's in the box?! Prepare for landing The Box on the way to the surface Safely Landed Those tiny landing legs are good enough to absorb the landing shock Surprise! The front pops off, and out comes the rover! It's alive! Now I have a reli
  3. alee

    ASR v0.3

    1st automated science rover v0.3, not fully prepared for landing on mun as i haven't researched the appropriate technology yet ,max speed achieved 60m/sec . send your rovers
  4. DK Salvage is proud to present RoveMate Classic DOWNLOAD LINK https://www.dropbox.com/s/6yqmkoqynt620xx/RoveMateClassic1.0.zip?dl=0 DESCRIPTION The RoveMate Classic. It's manufacturer abandoned the design decades ago for lighter designs that worked in vacuum. But we at DK Salvage have uncovered a small trove of these rusting beauties, and will be restoring them for atmospheric use. Includes an old Diesel motor that we modified to run on Kerosene (liquid fuel/intake air) and a KIS/KAS storage compartment. LICENSE included in the download, WTFPL. SU
  5. So I've been streaming this mod's creation over Twitch for the past several weeks... and since things are wrapping up on an official pre-release, I figure I will just drop this right here Download: https://github.com/BobPalmer/Karibou/releases Configuration files and code are licensed under the GPL v3 license. Assets, including Models (*.mu) and Textures *.png/*.dds) are All Rights Reserved. If you wish to use any of these assets in your project, just ask nicely
  6. I've been doing some roleplaying recently, and having sent a probe to Mun, my next target became to put there a little rover. My experience with landing such vehicles on celestial bodies without atmosphere is very small, so I kinda overbuilt my rocket, but it worked fine afterall.
  7. Disc: I have mods installed [McJeb/EL/KW/Interstellar/More planets etc] So I have a tiny-ass rover (~4t) cramped full of scientific gear, with one scientist roving around Moho going to each of the 12 biomes collecting science in a box. That tiny rover will then shove it's way back to Kerbin with 200+ experiments. I did the same on Minmus and got like ~200k science. I'm using Kerbal Research & Dev mod(so i kinda do want science but the MPL way is kinda too cheaty) Is there a faster way to travel/land/relocate rover with no air . McJeb doesn't do landing well(or it takes longer) so
  8. Seeing as I have had oodles of fun thrashing this thing around on the Dakar course, I figured I'd release it for public consumption. Warning: extended use of this product at speeds exceeding 2 m/s may result in short flights, extreme enjoyment, antisocial behavior, RUD, and death. In case of accidental cartwheeling, DO NOT PANIC! Extend the landing gear and consult your local rocket technician. The Greyhound tops out at about 40 m/s and I'm pretty sure that it should be able to complete the Dakar course without refueling, however, there is a clampotron Jr on the roof for wh
  9. Hi all, After @DrunkenKerbalnaut mentioned me and drew my attention to this Dakar race thread, Dakar race thread I was inspired to make a new buggy to compete in that race. I wanted to have something similar in construction to my older RAGE buggy that was made without any building mods I decided to take that antenna frame design to the max with the EER no offset limits building mods. I started with a basic chassis with an RTG battery motor up front: I then spent a looong time placing antennas in pairs to make a very realistic l
  10. Sorry if this isn't the right place to post this, I searched through but wasn't sure.... So my problem is with a Rover mission which asks: "Driver Rover (enter rover name) to Waypoint and conduct Science" I did and it didn't allow me to pass the mission due to two constraints: 1. I apparently wasn't at the location (I was actually, bang on) 2. No wheels on my rover (I have Akita wheels on it) Can't find if this mission is one from an add-on, I don't think so. Is this a) a broken mission i.e. it doesn't realise I have arrived at the waypoint and b) requ
  11. im planning to send (another) unmanned rover to duna. this time im planning to launch a bit bigger one than last time. that first mission was a partial failure-rover was so slow it took it minutes to travel 100m and it was extremelly unstable. by now i cant even control (due to communication networks) it and it has barelly any science to collect (im playing in sandbox but science data like pressure, g force and temparatures is still interesting to a nerd like me). ill just get to the point: i need a new rover but i have no idea where to start and how it should look like. it would be grea
  12. Full stock https://kerbalx.com/Triop/RoadRage-1 It might look stupid, but drive it and you will be surprised....
  13. Here's some information and video of the Au x Hakuto Moon rover for their attempt to win the Google X-Prize. Link to article & video It's amazing to think that private enterprise is aiming for the Moon.
  14. Now that Thanksgiving Break is here I have to to mess around with Ksp. I made a small rover that is I guess alright. I kind of liked the way it looked so I went with it. It can seat 4 Kerbals "Comfortably" And it is pretty much useless but I guess it is small. Link:https://kerbalx.com/Duk/Cyclops Album Link:http://imgur.com/a/TieOq
  15. Wanted to share this. Finally got some sweet, sweet roll cage pieces going, had to make the rover of my dreams. Pretty gnarly, fuel cell powered, and seats two in command chairs. Take her for a spin! Tell me what you think. https://www.dropbox.com/s/wqt4q62bmsl0os5/DK Buggy.zip?dl=0 keep in mind the fuel cells (hotkey 1) can't keep up with 4 wheel drive, but there's plenty of EC to buffer momentary 4x4 action. Grab the mod first. It's 8 structural parts, so no bloat worries:
  16. I landed a rover on Duna. It will not drive to the north. If I try to turn to the north, it will not stay on course, and steers away. The closer to "north" I get, the slower it goes, and it simply won't drive to the north. The only mods I have installed are KER, Kerbal Joint Reinforcement, a light pack (which is not used on this rover) and the expanded parts mod that Kerbal supplies, although no non-standard parts are on the rover, other than the KER module. I can supply a save if you like. It should work without the other mods, but you probably need KER due to the module. ETA:
  17. I know some of you may be thinking what why .... But I would like to see how many stable and decently realistic drift cars(rovers) ( a truck is fine) can be built and kept stable .... I've already completed this challenge with a classic hotrod build ... not so great looking but accurate and works.... Mine is able to stably drift at 2 and even 3 times speed... doesn't need to be fast or high control ... small engines are ok though I didn't use any. Modifications in looks shouldn't affect how it handles, wings parts shouldn't be able to move ... makes it so easy ... i used to horizo
  18. Anyone aware of a mk2-compliant rover cockpit? Trying to make a rover around a mk2 passenger cabin, and piecing one together from flaps and external seats is a little wonky. Heres a doodle of what I'm talking about: Or something like that.
  19. Jeep R7 While working on the WSH-500 Wingship I wanted to use a vehicle to bring the Kerbals to the new craft as I've done in previous videos and I decided to use a Jeep that I made a while back. After reviewing it I decided to build another Jeep. This one is much like the original but without a Mun Launcher. Craft File: Jeep R7 Parts: 72 Mass: 2.352t Height: 3.0m Width: 3.1m Length: 4.3m Craft File with Can Attachment: Jeep R7 WCA I've supplied 4 MK1 Lander Cans for those who are not using mods.
  20. Alright, this is the last Takumi EVA evolution. I call it the Wasp EVA. It's a performance supercar that can apparently fly. It is recommended you stay on the ground, though. Oh yeah, and they finally got their car show. Craft file for anyone who wants it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/p7f1h1hzr9dzsfn/Wasp EVA.craft?dl=0
  21. So, I got bored, and since I'm lazy, I decided to modify the already successful bodywork of the Takumi EVA, and I decided to go with a dune buggy sort of design. This is what I came up with. Here is the download link if you want it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/s4d78khur2xan4q/Raid EVA.craft?dl=0
  22. After completing a contract for a mobile base, I noticed that there are few published mobile bases, most of them single-service. I decided to try my hand at creating a modular model. I succeeded, technically, though there is no provision for launch or for assembly. I recommend that existing infrastructure be used to assemble it on-orbit, or simply that it be launched in one piece under a giant fairing. The download can be found at KerbalX, along with an Imgur gallery and a silly toy-commercial write-up. Updated on 10/25 with a slightly reduced wheel height. The whole thing should now actu
  23. Hi, So I built my first rover.... Its rather wide so I had to transport it to Minmus slung under the lander. I tested everything, well almost everything on Kerbin. Dropping the lander and driving it away using the built in probe body worked fine so I launched and landed on a slope just short of one of Minmus' flats. I dropped the lander, but when I tried to drive it the Kraken struck and everything exploded into bits of exploding rover, lander and terrified Kerbal. I tried to move the rover repeatedly but every time - Boom. The only way I could get around this was
  24. Universal Landing System Mk II I have developed a combination ship that incorporates everything I believe you need to have for an exploration flight system. The Universal Landing System Mk II is an interplanetary transfer vehicle that doubles as a refueling and science station capable of deploying a manned lander/rover combination craft with mining and fuel production capabilities. Two interplanetary shuttles are also included in the system for ferrying science and personnel back and forth to Kerbin. Steam Guide for the Universal Landing System Mk II Operational
  25. Dear all, I know I am being thick here, but I cannot work out how to remap rover controls so that something makes it go forwards, backwards, and turns. At the moment w and s just spin the rover. Lots of forums say remap the rover controls but I cannot find any mention of wheels in the options other than steering axis and throttle axis. If I click on the < button I get a window with three lights in it marked staging docking (translation) docking (rotation) and have no idea what this is or how it relates to making the darn thing move. Can someone please post an idiots guide to
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