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  1. Following my recent post on the pros and cons of Ion Engine and the overwhelming amount of response, I've noticed that a few of you fellow kerbonauts use ion engines mainly for your rovers. That's the background of this challenge. -- Mission -- Get to Minmus using a stock only lifter that has a rover powered by ion engines only (No delta V). Then you must land the rover/probe on the surface and drive around. While there be creative, maybe add some science parts for those of you in career mode? That is about it for the mission, if you attempt and/or complete this mission share y
  2. With a Jool transfer window coming up in a few days I've decided that it's time for me to send a mission to Jool. Actually six missions, one for Jool and one for each of its moons. Additionally, R&D has determined that it would be really great to get surface and ocean samples, so they've requested two Laythe landers as well. The ocean probe is pretty simple, but I've decided that I want a rover for the land. The problem I'm running into is that I don't have large solar panels unlocked yet, nor RTGs or fuel cells. So my question is, are solar panels feasible sources of power all the way out
  3. I never messed with wheels in pre 1.1 KSP, so I don't know if this is new or always existed. If it always existed, no-one seems to discuss it. So, onwards... I've noticed that rovers (esp 4 wheel rovers) get stuck with no motive power when their wheels are the only parts touching the ground, but it's not the "bottom" of the wheel. Eg; While this might be a fine approximation for a track race car, it seems somewhat limiting for an off-road vehicle like a lunar rover, or any rover for that matter. I notice in Unity, once you add the Rigid Body so you can see the wheel coll
  4. Sunshine Rover What you will find in this mod package: 1. Sunshine car body 2. TR-2PL wheel - You can ignore this folder if you downloaded another rover project by me in the past What is TR-2PL wheel? TR-2PL is the modified version of TR-2L. Instead of sticking to the car body with surface attachment, now it is nodal stack (the green circle thing). So the car can travel much faster without worrying it falling apart. Can I use another wheel on the car body? Unless the wheel also has the green node, you can't attach another wheel to
  5. Dear Squad, I am having some major problems with the 1.1 update. The rover wheel block check seems too strict for me, as it has stopped most of my rovers from working. This is the Ok2Rov, which would have worked in 1.0.5. I needed to clip the wheels in slightly to make the rover fit in a service bay. However, with the new 1.1 update, the check for whether or not the wheel is blocked makes designs like this solid as stone. Can you please remove this feature, or make it less strict? (For example, only count it as blocked if the wheel itself is clipped into another part, and n
  6. Ok, this my first post here, i hope i've done it right and i don't absolutely know what tags should i use, so, let's begin: Master Aerospace Technologies is proud to announce the new, fantastic, versatile probe design, the Wheeled Autonomous Surface Probe or W.A.S.P. : The W.A.S.P. can carry al sort of scientific experiments, it has solar panels for daylight and a small fuel cell with 2 Oscar-B fuel tanks and a light for night time. The ultimate 3 wheeled design is stable and reliable and allow the W.A.S.P. to travel up to 11 m/s without flipping*! The model here illustrated is
  7. *click for full res version!* Hey guys! Following the release of my newest short cinematic, Science, I decided I'd release the -all stock- star of the show: Marte Having actually used the whole design before even having the idea for the film, I can vouch that it works excellently, and is great for anyone who is wanting to try and go to the next stage in their space program. Whether you need a reference craft capable of reaching various interplanetary destinations for designing your own, or for practicing aerocaptures and rover landings, the Marte should be a great tool! Gr
  8. Is There A way to add a Science Lab to the probe - rover -base thingy? Like with a "0" crew requirement? I made a curiosty rover replica and i would like to have a science lab onboard like the real thing.
  9. This craft is getting up to 200+ m/s but also gets destroyed, chutes could be added or thrust limits could be set if you prefer. This is mostly a craft show and for fun, I am also not sure if this is something others are ok with or not. I am setting up a poll for this reason. No autographs please! Craft File Version 1.1 The Blue Flame
  10. I recently noticed one of my craft had gotten downloaded and it brought back memories of how well the craft handle and I decided to do a recreation for 1.0.5 & 1.1 Use only the small landing gear for takeoffs, landing, speeds above 25 m/s. Notice: I just discovered something really cool that can used for road vehicles, a third wheel on the rear, the feature is available on the 1.1 Version, the third wheel is on action group 3. Indy Car 7 Drifter Indy Car 7 (Version 1.0.5) Craft
  11. Brought my Mk3 up to 1.1 spec. This design has been calibrated. Numerous testruns. Nonessential parts stripped away. http://kerbal.curseforge.com/projects/mk3-orbiter On re-entry the fuel should be moved up into the front wing sections. It carries a small amount extra liquid on re-entry should you undershoot runway..or landmass in general. I think you all might like Ion bike (ruggedized), control from the octo.
  12. The Sentinel Conglomerate is proud to announce the 2016 "Model 4" Advanced Surface Reconnaissance Rover, new from Sentinel Heavy Industries. The Sentinel "Model Four" ASSR has been new updated and features several new features, improvements, and additions. First and foremost is the all new advanced 6x6 wheel base featuring an all new frame and suspension reinforcement structure. New in Model four is a fully redundant sensor suit containing all the latest scientific equipment, backed up by dual transmission antenna's that re featured in model four's newly upgraded c
  13. I did a Mun Elcano challenge, my first one. I used a derivative of my rover science probe. I removed all science equipment and add 2 seats. I set the reaction wheel at the back, that wasn’t a good idea, braking was much less efficient. I also add 2 RTG to set the vehicle 4WD instead of 2WD for the science probe. As for the trip, I landed ate a nearly random equatorial location and went westward. I stopped twice to let the sun follow, thus having a nicer scenery sight. I stopped at the 3 arches, at the Armstrong memorial and at one of the monolith (which wasn’t there…). I also meet with
  14. So... I don't know if this was made before, but I had this Idea after seeing some streamers on twitch having problems designing heavy rovers. This is basically a spring suspension. It's not good for high speed, but are very good to move heavy stuff around and can be used for other things. The image explains it all... The only detail are, You must lock steering and disable brakes on the small landing gears inside the cylinder. Craft file: https://kerbalx.com/luizopiloto/Taurus-M1
  15. Challenge: Build a rover that fits inside a 2.5m cargo bay. Impetus: In Scott Manley's Career Mode Tutorial Part 22 he builds a rover and mounts it into a 2.5m cargo bay; see 10 minute mark). Seems like a reliable and intelligent way to get it from here to there. Goal: Design a small one-size-fits-all rover inside a cargo bay (for easy subassembly) with the best balance of mass, power, reliability, durability, science, and part count. Motivation: It sure would be nice to have a rover subassembly ready to attach to the rocket you're building. If we could get the mass and part c
  16. I was wondering how to mount this thing: onto something like this: The rover doesn't have anywhere to place docking ports etc to make it symmetrical. How should I attach it to my ship? (Yes some of these are modded parts, and I am going to mount engines onto the orbiter)
  17. So, this is the start of the saga of my first Duna rover. And it hasn't been going well. I began with using my standard booster, the Heavy Orbital Booster Mk2. I developed the rover and IP transfer stage, and attached them, then built the fairing. I should have known that things would not go well when the main engines did not start when I first pressed space, which they usually do in this particular design. I staged again, and the rocket lifted off as normal, but with a slight wobble, which was unusual as this design had a quad-SAS core segment to keep it stable and maneuverable. At 6900m, I b
  18. Saw a neat Dune Buggy on Reddit called the Duna Buggy, but the guy didn't want to share too many mods and such. It wasn't stock so I wouldn't have downloaded it anyway. I thought I could make a good enough version for stock though, so introducing the Stock Duna Buggy, along with some Vagani suspension (which will not stop things exploding if you jump the administration building like I did) it has about 500ms of dV (enough to get you to orbit on the Mun) *note: Warranty void if used off Kerbin 48 Parts Download Jumping the Administration building and other perfectly reason
  19. As in the title, this is a very WIP design, using slightly modified thermometer bearings. Here's some pictures of it in action: (alternate rover) If anyone knows how to make it less ugly, please tell me.
  20. In this video I finish the two missions launched by the Skywalker reusable booster. (Click Here to See That)
  21. Roverspeed now re-uploaded at spacedock.info Now Dead :/
  22. With the holidays right around the corner I'm looking forward to further expand my little carreer game in the interplanetary sphere. So flying to Duna, Moho, Eve etc with Probes first, scanning the biomes and after that the first kerbaled landings to harvest more science. Which brings me to the main topic. In an actual carrer game, do you use rovers as a measure to cover different biomes and get more science by landing, or is it just a cosmetic / humorous gimmick to drive around and try some stunts? If your choice is the first, to what extend to you have the patience to drive around on th
  23. Is there, or could there be, a mod that allows my rover to drive on its own, even when not focused? I like the concept of rovers, but at the moment the reward is bottlenecked by my willingness to play the most boring car game ever. Yes, I know that there are mods like mechjeb that does this, but Ideally I would like to set my rover up so that it can drive on its own while I do other things in the meantime, including timewarp. I understand that following the terrain during timewarp will be a challenge/impossible due to the destruction of things moving across the surface with the on-ra
  24. I built and tested a rover at KSC - it happily drove all over the place at high speed / efficiency - it was like I couldn't lose power. Got it onto Minimus - after a LOT of tries (couldn't get a rocket into orbit with enough juice left over to get me to Minimus orbit). What I discovered, however, is that my lander wants to lose power very quickly. Now - it seems to me that Minimus should be getting effectively the same light output from the sun as Kerbal (it's in Kerbal's SOI, afterall). So, why the loss of performance? (... and no, I'm not operating on the shadowed sid
  25. Sector 7 Space Laboratories Space - Exploration Division - Jeep S7JR The craft has been through many changes during the making of the video, you might see some small differences but no differences in the fun. This craft has a very strange but also unique way of boarding but its working great. Hope you enjoy exploring the Mun Jeep Style! Photo Album Jeep Assembly: Probodobodyne OKTO2 M-1X1 Structural Panels M-Beams TR-2L Wheels EAS-1 Command Seats Basic Fins Wing Type - D XL Solar Array OX-Stat Photovoltaic Panels Z-400 Rec
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