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  1. I launched a mars rover to Duna. I planned interplanetary transfer by reading the wiki Tutorial. Actually you have to wait for the planets to align i.e., Kerbin and Duna should be around 44° with sun as center. Then I launched it to a 100km orbit around kerbin. And after the prograde burn my spacecraft was on the transfer orbit around the sun to Duna. I did a retrograde burn after arriving Duna so that my periapsis is beneath the surface for an aerobraking. Then I opned the parachutes to slow it down to around 10m/s. After that the engines of the skycrane were ignited to land it safely and lat
  2. No offense to the bloke who made this video but it's hilarious. For me it was great to see I'm not the only one who has problems getting bits to stick together where they're supposed to. I'm afraid I don't understand the ending where he flings the rover into the sea. I would have thought it had to come down a little more gently than that. However, it's an old version of KSP.
  3. Barrrrry


    Hi all! I've been creating rover designs recently. I have made a few, but my main problem is the lack of ability to go up steep inclines. Any tips? Thanks in advance! -Barrrrry
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