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  1. Its hard to believe no one has a made a thread for this, but I guess I start one. Post pictures of your rovers, mobile bases, and inventive designs! I love building rovers, as with rovers you really get to see the planet and explore. They also present a unique challenge as it is difficult to get them to where they need to be. New ways to land rovers are also welcome to be shown. If you have any tips for how to build rovers just share them below to. I'll start this thread with a new design of my own. Presenting: The Tiny rover! Its a small 20 part rover that I in
  2. Download via the USI Catalog Page This modpack is a repackaging of the PackRat Rover as well as new parts geared towards planetary exploration. Contents: The Pack-Rat Rover. A modular heavy-duty Rover for all of your planetary exploration needs. Easy to assemble Durable Balanced No twiddly surface attachment - everything snaps in place Integrated RTG and batteries Integrated headlights Glow-in-the-dark tape, for when you forget to turn the lights on... Handles like a dream - Munar speeds
  3. Anyone who wants to post cranes, cars, trucks, excavators, loaders, rovers, truck-like rovers, and other stuffs and things, put them here! I myself have built 2 gantry cranes, at least 6 mobile cranes, 2 tower cranes(neither tower cranes work though ), some trucks, a car, 2 forklifts, an ADT (Articulated Dump Truck), and even a wheeled excavator. Also many, many rockets and a ton of aircraft... Check and search the steam workshop for forklifts and cranes by "Bjh223".
  4. The stock game does not have parts to fully enclose a rover and encapsulate a rover during descent. Most people will use the fairings, but the issue is the fairing base will be stuck under your rover and your landings to Mars will not be authentic. There is an outdated mod that did this, but the author has ceased to kerbal. I now will maintain this concept and bring even more parts to the game. In this release I have issued 3 parts to your VAB. This is phase 1 which means I will roll out more parts during which will follow a time-line of events. I think these 3 parts are a good starting c
  5. I want to make two duna's rovers. The first one, Perseverance like, and the second a manned rover capable of mining. Idea of design? P.S.: Sorry for my englis, I'm french. Breaking groud, no. Making history, yes.
  6. I am trying to dock vessels on the surface (any body), the purpose is to transfer fuel from ISRU mining/refining equipment to spacecraft. Rather than trying to make all my vessels have docking ports at exactly the same height and orientation, I'm trying to use the robotic parts to facilitate docking port alignment. The problem is that there is a bug when docking rovers on the surface using robotic parts. The bug usually results in the total destruction of one or both vessels. The bug was reported on the tracker here: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/23177 There have
  7. I updated PizzaOverHead's Rover Wheel Sounds mod! Here's the link to my fork of it. I'm going to just use the same license as they did. Original forum post: My link: https://github.com/mferrie/WheelSounds
  8. I've updated Rover Wheel Sounds. Is it okay if I post the result here?
  9. Career mode what I have learned with rovers Rover v1 old low tech unlocked vs Rover v2 new all tech unlocked My frist Rovers was simple I have them on the Mun and Minmus. Still a noob just starting to leave Kerbins gravity to orbit Sun. Rover v1 Front Rover v2 Back Rover v2 More Batteries, Lights Always use landing gear to keep in place and they help JUMP to complete science while flying below altitude. Communications Retractable Rover v2 Retractable because I rolled over so many times with Rover v1 Solar Retractable Rover v2 There are some
  10. ===> SpaceDock main download. <=== Instance on curse.com will not updated anymore. Those cursed Twitch-lovers enraged me by their demands. If something bad happens to SpaceDock - I will make a release mirror on GitHub. ===> Available in CKAN. <=== Dev thread here Pics Here (Damn you, Imgur!): Album a/jt9GPDr will appear when post is submitted (Damn you TWICE, Imgur. You've blocked all accounts from my mail provider and I had to use another service for new pics.) Video review by Kottabos: Video review by GrunfWo
  11. Double decker Rover!
  12. Running the following on MacOS: Kerbal Making History 1.91 Breaking Ground 1.41 I'm reasonably advanced in the Tech tree - I have unlocked the bits necessary to build a rover, but I'm struggling to come up with a reliable way of getting a rover to my destination. My lander shown below, will land me on the Mun or Minimus, and allow me to leave the base of the lander behind (with a scientist), and return the science I collect back to Kerbin. My rover is secured via a docking port, and whilst I can get to my final descent quite happily (politely ignoring
  13. While playing KSP I have recently been getting into unmanned missions with rovers and satellite probes, what are some of your most impressive/fun unmanned missions you have accomplished in KSP? Photos are welcome as well as mission logs.
  14. I built a rover powered by a panther engine but it is very unstable can anybody help me with that theres a video on my channel link
  15. So......after chatting with @Triop on this subject, I have decided to throw my hat into the preverbal ring and drive around Kerbin within 80 days. How hard could it be? Driving is easy.....boring but easy, right? WRONG!! Kerbin is one of the toughest places to drive a rover, truck, dune buggy, race car, etc. Whatever you drive, you're driving on a planet that has some of the most varied, roughest and unforgiving terrain in the KSP universe. Add it's rather strong gravity, and you have a challenge. Some other planets have rough terrain, but most of them have lower gravity (with exception
  16. I'd love to see rovers that people have built that can be transported by 2.5m service bays.
  17. So i have been thinking about sending a rover to duna but what is the ideal design? should i use a skycrane or should i land it entirely by parachutes? Also should i use Solar panels or RTGs
  18. I realize I might be a little too excited about the RoveMate rotation fix, but this has been such a thorn in my side for so long that I just *had* to endanger the lives of Kerbals for their, your, and my entertainment to celebrate this occasion. Oh yeah, the other changes are nifty too. Thanks, Squad. Music: "Hero Theme", "Evening Melodrama", "Discovery Hit", "Greta Sting", "Also Sprach Zarathustra", "Guess Who", "Plain Loafer", "Gustav Sting", "Pump", "B-Roll" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creat
  19. So this here is set up to show off race cars made by you guys! Here's what you're going to have to do. 1) Show the car off. (Show pictures of the side (Either side is fine), and the top. You can choose to add a third pic, but no more than 4.) 2) Tell it's features (i.e. RCS, Fins, etc.) And the part count. 3) (Optional) Take it around the test track provided here. (You can make your own track (Just make sure to include a pic or the map) 4) If possible, could you please let me know the setup on the car? This includes wing angles, spring/damper settings, friction control, etc
  20. Hi all, The following post is related to suggestions regarding more/better rover ideas. I have been wanting to design rover in Kerbal Space Program ever since I heard of it (which was before I even purchased it). I see now that it is very hard to create rovers in KSP. I can build better rovers now, but when I was a beginner trying to figure out how to get to Duna with a rover name Kuriosity, I found out quite quickly that building a rover in KSP is extremely difficult. I do understand that there is the Probodobodyne RoveMate™, but it is still hard to build rovers. I would really valu
  21. As an addition to my Mun base I attempted to design a fuel transportation and long range exploration rover. I tested all my designs with hacked gravity to simulate a Munar environment, and all of my designs, regardless of centre of mass or wheel base would flip over when they turned, I had no reaction wheels on board to prevent the WASD keys from changing the attitude. Was this a mistake? Should I have SAS enabled? Please send help
  22. Hello, So I am pretty new to KSP, and I have watched a few tutorials on rovers which I am keen to start using. While learning KSP I have been alternating between building my own stuff and using some of the prebuilt rockets and aircraft. I've landed and returned from the Mun and Minmus and stranded a Kerbal on Moho, so now I am keen to explore more. But one thing I do not at all understand: how do you take a rover, whether built by me or one of the stock ones, and do anything with it? Once we get into multiple vehicles I am lost. 1. How do I attach it to a rocket? Do I
  23. So I’ve landed kerbals on the mun and I’ve decided that the best “next step” for my space program would be to send a rover to the muns poles or somewhere else but then I realised. What’s the point? Will it give me more science or money or what. Apart from being realistic what is the point of rovers on ksp if you arnt using them for base building/maintenance. Please tell me what you think rovers are good for. Also mods if if this isn’t in the right place,then please move it to the right forum.
  24. Rovers are cool : they are complex to build, launch and land (and crash). But they are useless. Biomes are simply too big to be explored by rovers and biome-hopping is much easier anyway. Moving kerbals with a rover is pointless when they can simply fly with a jetpack. I have almot never used rovers in my games because I never found any use for them. I think there should be some reward for using rovers, something you couldn't do with a simple lander or a Kerbal. Why not using terrain scatters ? They have no use neither (and that's a bit sad too) - There could be some experiment
  25. How do I navigate when on the ground, like when I'm driving a rover? Does it help to put the nav ball on surface? How do I know which way I'm going? I tried putting a node on a previous landing site and then setting that as a target, but when I use the autopilot to set it to target, it tends to pull the rover off it's wheels. It seemed happiest when I was driving away from the target even though I'd selected target. Mind you it wasn't 180 degree to the target that I was traveling. It was some other odd angle. I probably should mention I'm at the bottom of Minimus as best I can tell. The s
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