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Found 7 results

  1. Hi Space Story telling enthusiasts! I’ve been enjoying playing KSP for many years now, and the number of amazing adventures I’ve had is endless. Obviously all fans have their own subjective way of enjoying the game, focusing on different elements, but I have found particular enjoyment creating my own ‘Story mode’ style gameplay which I’d be too sheepish to share with anyone else, but I feel like some of the people on this particular sub-forum might appreciate, and might enjoy having a go at. It's unlikely to be for everyone, but for me it's defined why enjoy the game so much that I feel compelled to share, and might give some people who want to create stories around KSP but don't know how to go about it a framework on which to start, whilst just enjoying the game. I personally play standard vanilla career-mode (modded/science mode would work fine too, it's up to personal choice), but my main objective aside from working through the career is to leave behind a trail of personal anecdotes and messages on flags from the characters involved, which gives an insight into the Kerbals and the history of the space programme, as if someone else could explore long after, and find little fragments of memories scattered throughout the solar-system with which they can piece together a bigger picture. I tell the stories of the missions themselves, but perhaps more-so I particularly try and involve lots of snippets of mundane conversation which express each of the Kerbals different personalities and create a personal story for them and relationships/memories with each-other. I tend to play with these rules; I try to keep to a realistic progression timeline (as in, rather than going into orbit once, stopping at the Mun once, and then going straight onto Duna, I do many missions to each milestone/celestial body with different objectives and build up slowly to the next), and organise my missions into 'programmes', which end when a new vehicle is developed. This helps create a more in-depth and rich story even if it takes more time. Strictly use as few Kerbals as possible to keep the cast size manageable. Each new Kerbal is uniquely named (through the de-bug menu) and has a somewhat unique personality archetype (this makes you become very attached to them and care for their safety much more) No saves or reverts. This seems harh, but it has an important impact. Any failures/disasters become part of the story, and KIA's have emotional consequences for their crewmates. Incentivises you to put extra care into the safety of your crafts, such as reliable abort systems and un-manned test flights. Each landing site has a short flag-plaque sized description of the mission. Each landing site has at least three ‘audio-log’ flags spaced out around the landing site, with imagined snippets of conversation between the participants, be it mundane chit-chat or talk about events that happened during the gameplay. Extra ‘event’ flags are placed at sites where significant events happen with an audio-log or a description (such as a ‘first’ event happens, a Kerbal dies or nearly dies, equipment is broken, a memorial is placed, etc) When a Kerbal dies (or, rarely, ‘retires’) a memorial/commemoration flag is placed at the KSC with a description of their career. I try and leave behind at least some equipment/debris at each site (within the limits of my computers performance) to add to the sense of narrative. I tend to write all the text out in a separate word document first so that it’s saved somewhere readable, and it’s easy to edit and paste into the flag plaques. One of the nice things about doing this is I still read through the word logs of old save files long after I’ve finished them, since it brings back the memories of all the missions and characters pretty clearly, and creates a nice little story. Here is just a section of the word-log from my current playthrough covering the Mun/Minmus programmes and just before the first Duna mission, to give you an idea of the type of silly bits and pieces I write on flags. (I name my Kerbals after my pets plus game and anime characters I like, which.... yes i'm aware is exceedingly dorky, but it helps me care about them and gives a basic archetype off which to guide their personality and interactions with eachother.) It does take a fair amount longer to progress through the campaign (i've been playing for months and have only just started planning to go to Duna, lol), but the sheer amount of detail and personal investment I've been able to get out of just missions within the Kerbin system has made it very worth the extra effort. I know re-counting the mission on flags isn't a unique idea in itself, so i'd also be interested to hear how other people here leave behind their stories, and it would be great to pick up some new ideas for next time too.
  2. Didn't know whether to post this here or in Fan works, but basically i'd like to ask if people would want to do a Kerbal Space Program Community Game? Basically how it would work is that I, as the OP, would make story based posts based on what happens in the game, and the community members would take on the role of kerbals of influence, coming to a consensus of what we do next with what parts we have available. The community members could "Claim" directors, workers, family members, visitors, pilots, engineers, scientists and in some cases tourists, and make RP based posts as those characters in reaction to what happens in the game or what happens RP wise between each other as events. I would be trying my best to deliver on what they'd want to do and RP about (for instance, if someone wanted to RP that they made a mobile roving satellite that went around the KSC to monitor what's happening, I would make a rover, use kOS to automate it, and have it do so). It would be heavily modded for as much realism and content as possible, and it could lead to the community coming together to create a unique story narrative and just have fun with it all at the same time. I would also be supply Screenshots and the like as best I can as well.
  3. You can RP as anybody from the KSP Universe. *Kerbin sits in the dark void of space, orbiting Kerbol*
  4. So i am working on an engine pack. And i configured an engine and i tried to add RealPlume to it. It didn't work! I tried everithing!!!! And i couldn't put costum sounds on it but the engine works just fine! Please help!
  5. Thought I might give this thing it's own thread Right, so, I finished this trailer/announcement for a collab project I have going to get kerbal powers back up and running. Finished it over fall break for me so in mid november but I held back on releasing it to get everything set up for the series. (It's basically going to be a played out , cinematic, RP thing.) Now that almost everything is working I feel that now is the appropriate time to show it off. Please tell me what you think of it RP isn't allowed here so if you want to do stuff for this do it at the link in the video description.
  6. Starting off a long campaign for exploration. I will be running a full game, but I am not beyond giving myself cash and some starting science. As a note, I only have a general idea what I am doing. I have landed on the Mun before, but never landed anything beyond the two moons of Kerbal. Mods I will be using include MecJeb, Frontier (for Ribbons), and Kerbal alarm clock. All my parts will be stock. I will be operating missions and also picking out fun things to do. Of course, if the dear readers have ideas, feel free. -------------------------------------------------------------------- The New Kerbal Space Administration (NKSA) annouced the opening of the Kerbal Space Center. In addition, the first 7 Kerbalnuts were announced , These are known as the "Helix 7". The Helix program plans to have both kerbaled program, plus some early support satellites. Mission log Helix Test 0 Tested EVA gear on ground. (No photo needed to be taken.) Jeb was used as the test subject. Helix 1 Using a Hydrogen-Able 220, the aim was a suborbital flight. Crew: Jeb Mission: Suborbital (Success) reached 150,000 km, spashdown at 5 17' South 50 35' West Helix 1 at the makeshift pad, ready for the historic first launching of a kerbal in space. Helix 2 The Helix 2 was a 2nd suborbital flight, goals of reaching over 200k km above Kerbil. Launch was a Hydrogen-Able 320 Crew: Bill Mission: Suborbital above 200k (Success). In addition, Bill did a short 20 second EVA to show it could be done. Landing: 0 6' North, 37 25 West After Helix 1 and 2, it has been decided that Helix 3-7 will be attempts at orbital flight.
  7. Kerbal Kolonization – This will be an RP playthrough of KSP where I will serve as your narrator. There will be specific launch windows that you will need to meet, so you will need to advance your program at a fairly rapid pace and be as efficient as possible. I.e. you won’t be able to just run one mission at a time and do things in series. I will give at least 3 months game time to announce launch windows to allow you to prepare. Do not upgrade Buildings at KSC until the President of Kerbin Nation allows it, he currently hates all aspirations to go to space and doesn’t want to waste money on these petty investments . . . but that is about to change. Required Mods – Only Required right now is MKS/OKS, any convenience mods are acceptable, any other mods are acceptable but try and keep part mods to stock realism. I have an idea for another required mod, but it can be implemented later, I don’t want to announce it yet as it will give away part of my storyline. Settings: Hard Mode Career for Space/Air Flights. Some portions of the roleplay will be done in Sandbox mode, however, these are for cosmetic builds only and will be used for screenshots only. They will have no impact on the overall science/research and exploration aspects of your space program. Day 1 – Hour 0: SANDBOX MODE BUILD Kiuseppe Kerbiazzi discovers a large asteroid bound for impact on Kerbin while looking out with his homemade telescope. Your Task: In SANDBOX MODE – build your telescope and park it somewhere on Kerbin’s surface. Post your screenshot and link in this forum. The bigger the better. Park it in a unique location for a greater challenge. Once I compile the screenshots I will build a straw poll to vote for the best. Impress me! Don’t start your career mode yet, this is meant to be Hard Hard Mode so there will be some specific requirement to reach certain milestones to make it a bit more challenging.
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