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  1. A Brand New Series… Part Tutorial, Part Let’s Play, it is A Very Basic Space Program
  2. Hello everyone! I have decided to start a long term project of adding parts to RP-0 and creating RO patches. I will update this thread as I edit and add new files. Any feedback on RP-0 pricing or tips you can give me is welcomed! I know there is an RP-0 Part Configuration tool however, I like the idea of using MM patches so it will allow people to run a stock setup if they please and/or remove parts from the patch if they want to. As parts are updated the filenames will reflect the version and date so if you want to rollback you can. If you like the part and want to add it to the Configuration Parts App before I do please do just make sure you post in this thread so I can check it off the list. All of these patches were created and tested on KSP 1.8.1, RO 12.8.1, and RP-0 1.7. Releases: 01/18/2021: AJE, AJEE, Aviation Light, and B9 Aerospace Engines (B9 Aero is a WIP). 01/25/2021: MK-33, USI Exploration (Airbags and Floats), EDB/Raiz Space In Progress: RP-0: B9 Aerospace, Near Future Construction, random engines, and structural parts (un-fueled). RO: B9 Aerospace Instructions: Download the files at the following link and add to your GameData folder. I recommend creating a new folder called /000_RP0_RO_Patches and copying the files there in order to keep things nice and organized. DOWNLOAD HERE Note: No original files have been modified, removed, renamed, or moved from their original location. All released files are MM patches. If you are the original creator of any mod listed and would like to add my patches to your release(s) or you would like to edit/redistribute these patches; feel free to do so just give me a shoutout!
  3. History of Spaceflight Contract Pack for Stock/RSS/RO/RP-0/RP-1 This mod aims to basically transcribe the entire NASA Master Catalog into missions for Stock/RO/RP-0/RP-1. This project initially started as an expansion pack to Whitecat106's popular Historic Missions contract pack, but after he quit I decided to rewrite the entire mod from start to finish. This mod will feature and expanded 1942-1958 contract set of sounding rockets from all over the world. Plus complete mission sets (including failures) of every spaceflight launched to date(when completed). It also has more accurate orbital specifications for you to reach including historical Apogee, Perigee, and Inclination(RSS Version). Since there will most likely be two version of Realistic Progression, RP-0 and RP-1. I will be making a version of this mod for both RP-0 and RP-1. Currently playing through the beta of RP-1 and collecting historical rocket costs and rollout costs to balance RP-1. The main balancing and release of the RP-1 version won't be until after an official RP-1 version has been released. Currently this mod contains 670 contracts for RSS/RP-0. and 622 contracts for Stock. It contains every mission (might be missing a few but still adding) from the time frames 1942-1967, basically the first 25 years of spaceflight, and contains: - 53 Pre-Sputnik sounding rocket and ballistic missile contracts including but not limited to : A-Series, Aerobee series, Deacon, Corporal, Hermes 1-3, Kappa 1-6, Veronique, X-17, Cajun, Wasserfall, RTV-A-2/ RTV-A-3, Terrapin, Nike series, Eole, Deacon, Skylark-1, R-Series, Thor, Redstone, Atlas, Jupiter and more. NASA Master Catalog USA Missions 1942 to 1967 Ats (3) OGO (2) Gemini (17) MISC (32) Biosatellite (3) OSO (2) Mercury (10) Midas (10) ERS (3) Pegasus (3) Missile Tests (7) Samos (11) Explorer (41) Pioneer (11) DMSP (6) Ferret (7) GGSE (3) Ranger (9) Echo (3) Corona (17) Lunar Orbiter (2) Solrad (7) Intelsat (2) Discoverer (39) Mariner (4) SECOR (8) LES (4) GambitKH7 (36) Vanguard (11) Surveyor (2) Syncom (3) GambitKH8 (9) Transit (22) Vela (3) Telstar (2) Tiros (10) launcher tests (15) ESSA (6) Soviet Missions Sputnik (3) Vostok/Korabl-Sputnik (11) Kosmos (123) Missile Tests (7) Elektron (3) Polyot (2) Zond (3) Marsnik (2) Luna (21) Mars (2) Molniya (4) Proton (3) Venera (6) Voskhod (3) China Missions Dongfeng-1 (3)S (5)RSS Dongfeng-2 (3)S (5)RSS Dongfeng-3 (3)S (5) RSS Dongfeng-4 (3)S (5) RSS Canada Italy United Kingdom Japan Alouette (2) San Marcos (1) Ariel (2) Lambda (2) Blue Water (1) Kappa (6) More info and screenshots to follow. Currently testing and balancing what is done right now and Version 1.0 will be released once that is complete. Should take a few more weeks to finish that off barring any unforeseen catastrophes. How to install History of Spaceflight: 1. unzip contract packs to a new folder 2. Choose which version you want to play. Either RSS/RP-0 mod or Stock 3. Copy the HistoryofSpaceflight folder into your KSP game directory under GameData/ContractPacks 4. When updating to a new version it's best to delete the previously installed HistoryofSpaceflight as well as ModuleManager.ConfigCache, and ModuleManager.ConfigSHA from your GameData folder to make sure it loads the new contracts that were added. License: This pack and associated plugin is Licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0. The beta for Stock/RO/RP-0 is available here- GitHub Also Spacedock, and Curse Report Issues Here Incompatible with Kerbalism or any other historical contract pack. Do not install these mods with this History of Spaceflight or you will have issues! Requires: Thanks to @Whitecat106 for his hard work on Historical Contracts. A few of his contracts were helpful in understanding the bugs in my own for the early parts of writing this mod. This is my first attempt at a mod and my coding skills are pretty basic. I'm learning as I'm going. I do have a lot of free time though as I am disabled and unable to work a job. So expect a lot of work coming out in the next few months as my condition permits. Websites referenced to make this mod: Encyclopedia Astronautica Gunter's Space Page Spacecraft Encyclopedia National Space Science Data Center Spacecraft Search Wikipedia
  4. Helle there, does anyone know if there is a way to calculate the amount of fuel which boils off in a specific amount of time? Thanks in advance.
  5. Development branch starts including tooling costs, and roll out costs. Started a hard mode test (300% funds and allow saves) turned off rep mostly since it has no effect. Minimized the mods I'm using including dropping RT and most part packs. Most buildings cost x15 what they did previously and each procedural part has a tooling cost associated with its dimension. so first build of my bumper sounding rocket was over 80k in costs outside the parts and launch costs. (noticed its changed to x5 building costs now that i look again) Currently in February '52, first pad upgrade has gone through, thankfully i bought it as soon as possible. But I'm worried about making it to orbit in time for my contract. My first three launchers were tweaks of this one. Solid engines got broken for a bit so I had to rely on N2 RCS for ullage on upper stages if i didn't hot stage. This is my middle version of a manned SO rocket. Paid for 1.7m tanks and tooling for a cone adapter and 1.25m interstage fairings that got reused on all 5. Did 5 launches suborbital manned, mostly to the 200km AP. Any much farther and reliable re-entry is not a sure thing. Ramped the launchers up to include a retro burn on entry peak heating with the last one. Latest sounding rocket, kind of extreme but still missing that last oomph for orbit. 2 A-9 Boosters, A-9 Main core, topped ASXR double stage each max burntime for one engine, N2 rcs and four rudamentary science instruments. Just barely survives re-entry. Hits 5km/s and Wyoming. Tech purchased (not all earned yet) in early 52 1.2bp/s and 28.25science/yr for KCT
  6. Hi all, Since a few months, I've finally joined the RSS/RO/RP-0 club. After years of playing "stock-ish" KSP this is a great change/challenge. I quickly learned about RP-1, but was scared it was unstable. Other players (on the RO discord) have shared a great GameData folder, for easier RP-1 (RP-0 Dev branch) configuration. I started a few days ago with it, including KCT and TestFlight. After a few months ingame, I feel I have problems with KCT's RP-1 build rates. Or that I just miss understand something. Even worse than in RP-0, I feel build rates are really low. Starting at about 0.05 in the VAB, and IIRC about 4.2 for the R&D. First sounding rockets take about 10/20 days to build, plus a few days to rollout. This seems ok to me. Lanched a few different versions, grinding some science allowing nodes unlocks, allowing a few more build points, allowing to raise VAB to about 0.2bp/s. But first rockets with an A4 engine push me to about 140 days of build time, this seems huge. And it only has about 4/5k DeltaV, so still far from reaching orbit. I only have about 200k $ in hand, so I cant even spend it all on buying build points (30k each). First sub-orbital capable manned rocket with X-1 cockpit was (IIRC) about 250days of build time. This is without even mentioning that each early tech-nodes take about 150 days to unlock. Seeing an old post from @Bornholio (bellow) I see he was able to get a total of about 65 points by September 1951 and still have about a half a million $ in hand. I started with moderate difficulty with 400% cash rewards, that seem to be the recommended settings in RP1. If I continue the way I am doing now, I feel I'll reach 70's tech in 2000 or so... This seems wrong. So my question is: what am I missing or doing wrong? How to unlock faster R&D research speed and faster VAB build rates to have reasonable progression? Best to all!
  7. Hello KSP fans! I have recently installed a full RSS, RO, RP-0 version of KSP (just like scott manleys instruction video) since I really admire the realism of it and the challenges it brings. I am now working on the first sattelite to safely re-enter from orbit, but of course it explodes in style during reentry. The thing is I don't know why and it might actually be a bug, or I am just missing something. I hope you guys can help me! the problem: For reentry I aim the periapsis at about 65-70 km height, I have a probe body (able avionics package) and some science experiments all with a heatshield attached and a parachute. Even though everything is definitely behind the heatshield during reentry, first the two antennas kind off on the side of the shield start to heat up and eventually explode. Weird, but I don't care about that. Later however, when the G forces really start to pile up, my probebody starts to heat up! It will then eventually explode and since it is a structural part of the vessel that means game over. I don't understand since the body is not directly behind the heatshield, it is in the middle and it is one size smaller than the shield. I have tried this with multiple reentry trajectories but it always happens. I hope you guys can help me! Here is a screenshot of the situation just before explosion, notice that all other parts (including wider ones) are fine: Bloody image does not want to insert, it's here: https://imgur.com/a/ftCQd
  8. Nich

    RP-0 lag

    My old RP-0 save got so laggy and buggy it was unplayable. I started a new career but it seems I have already slowed down to 2:1 on a basic barely orbital rocket. Any suggestions or should I just reinstall? I felt like I managed to get Moon orbit or landing by the time the yellow timer started to appear.
  9. Hello, since playing a big modpack like RP-0 tends to cause problems whenever a new version is released, I have so far given up three carrier game that became unstable. However, playing the "same" thing over and over again did somewhat reduce my enthusiasm. In order to regain that I thought that sharing my new attempt in 1.1.3 and - hopefully - discussing it with others might help. And there we are, my very fist attempt of a playthrough: So far I've launched the first sounding rocket (plus 1 failure) fixed some issues and put a bigger rocket (A-4 recreation) in the queue. Lauch # Date and Time Name Outcome 1 January 16, 1951, 8:30 Aerobee WAC HFR I FAILURE, wings ripped off, explosion in flight 2 January 31, 1951, 11:08 Aerobee WAC HFR Ia SUCCESS, altitude record: 87066 m Any feedback would be appreciated, especially about fixing issues (like the missing clouds) and suggestions concerning the video quality and editing process. I would also like to hear you thoughts on the research direction I should take and the type of rockets I should build.
  10. I have been messing with the Engine config files in my copy of KSP 1.2.2 with Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, and Realistic Progression Zero mods installed, mostly to create fictional engines or engines that do not exist in currently available mods. However, I have not been able to add gimballing to an engine that previously had none. For example, I attempted to add gimbal to the RS-88 engine for an orbital launch vehicle using that to power its first stage and an AJ10 to power its second stage, but even after ~8 attempts at adding and modifying the ModuleGimbal, it still didn't work. What am I doing wrong? Here's the RS-88 code at the final attempt: RS88_Config.cfg - Google Drive
  11. I am using realism overhaul, and I was forced to remove procedural parts in order to get my game to launch. Whenever I try to launch any vehicle, there simply will be no stage for my engine, therefore pressing space does nothing at all (except maybe deploy parachutes or decouple some nodes).
  12. EDIT The comment below by TaggedYa provides a fix for this issue, so if you are having a problem, follow their instructions. Hope this helps anyone who has this issue. Original post below I recently decided to have another go at trying RP-0, and downloaded a fresh install of KSP 1.2.2 from Steam. I then used CKAN to install, first, Realism Overhaul and its dependencies and recommended mods. After which, I installed RP-0, and its dependencies and recommended mods. Once all installed, I tried launching from CKAN, and the game immediately crashed. The crash log is contained within the following link https://pastebin.com/VqYRau7B I then tried the same with the 32 bit exe. Instead of it crashing immediately, it instead crashed when it ran out of memory (I tracked how much RAM it used with Task Manager, it crashes when it reaches about 3.3-3.5GB) There appear to be no other solutions that I can find for this error, and was wondering if anyone else has been experiencing this error, and if there were any fixes. The mod list as exported by CKAN https://pastebin.com/vC7d6UvD These are the most up to date versions of the mod CKAN allows for 1.2.2 DxDiag - I have seen this be requested a few times in relation to similar crashes from other games, so will provide it. https://pastebin.com/MAwJXNVP Thank you for any help.
  13. Werhner's Mission Log Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, RP-0 In an effort to put more of a backstory in my career mode and to cure my restart-itis (I tend to restart careers a lot when KSP or mods get updated), I decided to create a mission log through the eyes of Wernher Von Kerman. This log tells the story of the progress of the space exploration career of Wernher and the Kerbal Space Agency. A career that got kick started by a mysterious new technology that arrived from 'the other side'. How it got here and why, that is unknown... In addition to being an entertaining story to read (I hope), this is also meant as a guide for people who want to try a realistic career using Real Solar System (RSS), Realism Overhail (RO) and Realistic Progression Zero (RP-0), but may be intimidated by the difficulty level. Although I am by no means a rocket scientist, I will attempt to document in detail the steps and design decisions I made to make a realistic career and to make successful rockets and planes. All craft files will be made available and all DeltaV stats will be posted in the Imgur Album and throughout the log. I also intend to add some basic physics explanations and explain how to calculate Hohmann transfers and other orbital maneuvers. The install of KSP used for this career is 1.0.5 running on Linux64 with the following mods installed: The install of KSP has changed to 1.2.2 and is now running on Winx64 with a similar modlist I intend to post an update to this story at least once per game year or when there is a good cliff-hanger to the story line These logs are written as an actual mission log/diary and contain a combination of regular log entries, background information and technical drawings and explanations all through the eyes of Wernher. I understand there's a lot of reading involved and this may not be for everyone, so I decided to color code the entries. If, for example, you are only interested in the story line, you can skip all the other entries and you should be able to follow the story. Color coding is as follows: Blue - Story Line and Background Information Orange - Technical details / hints&tips on building rockets Black - Mission log entries I recommend reading the Google documents in 'Print Layout' to take full advantage of the layout I created. This is not the default on most tablets Enjoy! 1951 - The adventure begins 1952 - The Kerbalverse, an emergency signal is received, and a mysterious guest. 1953 - Avionics & a Treatise on Basic Rocket Design 1954 - Mazoor the Conqueror 1955 - Calculating Hohmann Transfers 1956 - Orbits, Ullage and... a catastrophe? 1956 - An update on Burney 1957 part 1 - Wotar's return 1957 part 2 - A treatise on plane design and how to use FAR. Another milestone reached 1958 - Project Augustus 1959 - Jebediah the fearless! 1960 - Advanced Rocket Design 1961 - Unexpected turn(s) of events... 1962 - "We set sail on this new sea.." Flight Log Sheet Hohmann Transfer Calculator All craft files up until 1960 are available here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B5-pQfnRwty_SXhpQnJnaGRRX2M/view?usp=sharing Imgur album: Please note that this album will contain spoilers for the story. It is best to read the story first and then view the album. https://imgur.com/a/Xzqvs
  14. @soundnfury created a mod for competitive non-simultaneous multiplayer, and me, him, @NathanKell, @pap1723 and @rsparkyc are testing it in a RP-0 career. I"ll detail my playthrough here. General strategy I usually play my careers with fast development in mind, so I did not need to change a lot in order to play RIS. My main strategy is to take contracts aggressively, and use the advance credits to put into upgrades as much as possible. Unless I'm saving money for a building upgrade, I keep a minimum cash at hand and everything else goes into upgrades. I also try to grab as much science as possible, and take the nodes by science cost (just not take solids or anything related to planes besides the first supersonic node), at least in the early game up to then node prices get above 20. This way I get the most free upgrades in the fastest way possible. For upgrade allocation, I usually put the 17 initial ones (I always buy one upgrade with the starting money) in a proportion like 10-12 for the VAB and the remaining in science. For building upgrades, I always start with the mission control building, to be able to get more than 3 contracts. If possible, I grab both it and the tracking station as soon as I get the first satellite contract (i.e., as soon as I hit the karmán line). First flights, sounding rockets and karmán line My first flight was a WAC without the Tiny Tim booster. My intention was to get at least science enough to unlock the 1 point supersonic flight. I was Agathorned in this first flight, but fortunately all I needed was to get above the ground, so everything was OK. (No screenshot of this flight) My second flight was a successful flight into space in a boosted WAC-Corporal, breaking the Karmán line. The flight was simple, and I reached 180km of altitude, grabing a nice amount of science. My tail fins exploded in the end of the flight, but as I was spin-stabilized, had no further consequence. As everything went ok and I had a bunch of points into VAB, I managed to be the first, and got an aditional 60k from that. This also gave me some good science points for science in space, so I managed to grab most of the 5/10 point techs. After I completed this contract, I took the first satellite contract, and (IIRC) also the brake the sound barrier and the new one that requires you to recover from a suborbital flight (this is a prerequisite for the crewed karmán line contract). This bunch of money and science allowed me to grab both the mission control and tracking station, and apply a good number of upgrades to the VAB and R&D: I launched another WAC, and then moved to recoverable, larger craft meant to, first, make bio samples from low and high atmosphere, and then take one bio sample into space and complete the contract to recover from a suborbital flight. These flights also had the objective of flight-proving the RD-101 engine, which will be used in my crewed suborbital flight aboard a X-1 "capsule", in what I call a Bumper-crew vehicle. But I'm getting ahead of myself, here follows the bio sample designs: Bio-sample atmospheric: Bio-sample space:
  15. Right after Christmas 2016, I made one Steam backup and one Windows 10 backup (that one by just copying the KSP folder and moving it into another folder on my desktop), then used the built-in Steam functionality to downgrade my game to 1.1.3 in order to install Real Solar System, Realism Overhaul, Realistic Progression Zero and all of the recommended mods using CKAN. What do I do now that KSP RSS RO RP-0 can be played on 1.1.3? How do I update the game? (I'm new here, so I'm being conservative on the formatting before I can develop a pattern.)
  16. I want to share/store documents and plans I (and others!) make for interplanetary missions. I intend to start with basic/boring information, like ballistic coefficients, heat shield information, etc.that will be useful to see for planning a mission. I intend to draw from data of actual carried out or planned missions, but feel free to post information about missions you've carried out with the full RSS/RO/RP-0 stack in KSP 1.1 or 1.2. For starters, I've got this document which lays the ground for a Venus balloon mission. A heatshield is required to slow the craft down at Venus, of course, but the idea is that a balloon/probe combination would be great for gathering information from Venus. I also have the notion that using a balloon would be the best way to attempt to bring a probe back to Venus' orbit from the surface of Venus. Once the balloon & payload are up past most of the atmosphere, a rocket could be used to rise the rest of the way to orbit. https://spaceflightsystems.grc.nasa.gov/SSPO/SP/VenusUpper/Presentations/gage_VenusEntryBalloonsUAVs.pdf
  17. Commonwealth Joint Space Agency So, this is my new RP-0/RSS mission report series based out of two launch sites- one fictional and one real. Next post will go up when I feel like uploading and editing images.
  18. Check out new series I have on my youtube channel where I do my career in RSS RP-0.
  19. Introduction: Hello fellow kerbonauts! Wellcome to my mission log of about 80 missions flown from 1936 to 1941 by the early german space agancy. While the real spaceprogram is well known for the infamous V2 (Aggregat 4) and people like Werner von Braun, my story is fictional. Nevertheless, I tried to involve historic events like the start of the 2nd world war. However, this does not propagate ideology of that time but rather focuses on the engineering aspect of early spaceflight, that happend to start under evil leadership. My progress is much faster because I overfunded my spaceprogram from the start to loosen constraints since this was my first RP-0 career. I created a launchsite at Peenemünde to start from as historically correct as I could make it. We will fly planes and rockets and shoot for the moon. Did you know, that the first human in space was a woman, put up by germans? Well, let's see how that happened... Flightlogs - 1936: What a exciting year that was. We had a great start by reaching space early and our aircraft designs started out nicely as well. We were able to accomplish incredible things like going Mach 1 with a human, but also faced some huge challenges that have to be overcome in the next years. We are still very sad about the tragic loss of Jebediah Kerman, the first human to go faster than the speed of sound and a brave hero. For next year we expect a new engine technology that might enable more controled flights. We really need that. Flightlogs 1937: (Picture will follow) This was a weak year in terms of flight success. The mission design of a carrier aircraft bringing a smaller aircraft up for high altitude andsupersonic flight testing is giving us alot of troubles. But we have no other way of achieving those flights so far. The new engines were also much more unreliable than we thought. But we caught up on most of the failures and we are sure to achieve orbit with small refinements next year. Flightlogs 1938: This was a remarkable year! Germany is the first nation to put an object into space. The signs are on war unfortunately and it is hard to imagine yet, what an advantage and potential gamechanger this capabilty might be. This year was also the year of very risky flight experiments. Valentina Kerman, the sister of the famous Jebediah Kerman, is a national hero. Her flight capabilities are legendary and the designs, she flies are the most difficult in the history of engineering. We are all very proud of her. (further update when I can get to it)
  20. So I see a lot of videos of people flying rockets they build, but not so much of the design process. I figured I would create a video series where I design and fly rockets using the realism overhaul suite of mods. I'm going to try to keep episodes down to around 20 minutes. Last night I did my game setup and first two missions. Next goal: space.
  21. For the past month or two I've been streaming and uploading a tutorial campaign in Realistic Progression Zero (RP-0), the campaign mod for the Realism Overhaul suite of realism mods. RP-0 (and RO generally) can be intimidating, so I figured a tutorial series would be helpful. It does seem to be helping people, so...I figured I'd mention it here as well. You can start watching the archived videos on YouTube here. EDIT: If you want to watch live, you can catch me most every night at 1am EDT (5am UTC) on Twitch. Note that because these are tutorial videos I often can't respond by voice if poked, but I try to type answers.
  22. Hello, Are there any (or any planned) 1.13/1.2 compatible mods which allow boiloff of cryogenic fuels to be mitigated using parts? Something like what Nertea has for Cryogenic tanks, but aimed at Realfuels. Hydrolox engines (from RL-10s to NTRs) are available and almost required for a reasonable crewed mission to anywhere beyond the moon - hauling 100 tons of life support supplies for a Mars mission with <340 ISP engines (think orbit injection, maneuvering and return stages) is painful. I would much prefer to stick on some solar panels, batteries or RTGs and be able to keep my tanks from boiling off. Maybe make the energy cost proportional to the heat flux entering the tank (so solar irradiation based on surface area, etc). I think there was a heat pumps mod in the olden days which did this, but I could not find one designed for a recent version of KSP. Thanks, Max
  23. I might have doomed my space program. I did it before 2010 - am I alright? A relatively safe landing in a Europan Canyon. Sadly, I am on the wrong side of the moon to see Jupiter. Perhaps a good thing if those pesky monoliths choose to detonate it again... Here are some craft pictures: The probe has ~2500 m/s of delta-v and uses Aerozine50 + NTO as hypergolic fuel. I put every science instrument that would fit on it, including SCANsat and some of DMagic's gear. The main instrument suites were the stockalike thermometer, barometer, gravity detector, etc. Now, to get this to Europa I made a knockoff Nova booster. Shown at a distance for scale - this does not really fit in the VAB! Stages 1 and 2 (8 and 6) get it into any orbit below about 400KM (I made it to a roughly 250km x 250km orbit with a few hundred m/s to spare). Stage 3 (4) gets it to Jupiter, with enough margin for course corrections. Stage 4 (2) was just barely enough to get me in a circular 400KM orbit of Europa, starting from just after my Jupiter Capture Burn. Stage 5 (0) is the Europa lander - it might be able to manage Luna if you make a perfect approach. Mine was not so optimal due to seat-of-the pants probe flying. The booster basically uses a mishmash of rocket technology. The RD-107s are a fair bit better than F1-As due to higher ISP, which at this scale offsets the TWR difference. I used a Kerolox first stage on a radial core to keep the rocket small enough to kind of fit in the VAB - I could have used ~30 SSMEs here but that would be a little ridiculous. The central core is 6 SSMEs - it is sized in tandem with the Radial boosters to provide enough power to reach orbit. The third stage is basically a 2.5x scale Saturn V third stage using two uprated J2-X engines - they were the best large, restartable Hydrolox engines I had. The Fourth stage uses 4 Aestus-II engines - they have a 340s Vacuum ISP which is very impressive for Hypergolic fuel. Kerolox or Hydrolox boils off on the way to Jupiter, and a solution to this was simply to use storable fuels. If I had no boiloff I would have used RL-10s here. The net result was managing to land on Europa with under 300m/s of delta-V to spare. I suspect that with better piloting this could make it to any of Jupiter's moons, with the higher gravity of Ganymede and Callisto offset by better approach and Jupiter-SOI maneuvering. It might need some gravity-assist help to get to Io due to the high approach velocities. Next up will be a mission to Neptune!
  24. Hello, I recently installed Realism Overhaul onto KSP 1.1.3. It has been fully functional and I decided to add RP-0 to utilize Career Mode. When I start a new career mode and enter mission control. There are contracts available. I select the contracts, exit mission control. They appear under the contracts tab. I then enter the VAB or SPH and the contract tab wipes itself. I have searched through the KSP log and could not find a blatant issue. Mind you I don't fully understand the log. Any help is much appreciated!
  25. Realism Overhaul and its associated mods are incredible. I simply can't get enough of the challenges it provides. I usually don't have much time to play KSP, but following the successful tests of my rocket—Frontier I—and its very early engines, I have finally achieved orbit. Getting to space was certainly not easy with these engines, noting that with TestFlight downloaded, I must limit the engines' burn times within a limit or they are sure to fail. As a result, two clusters of solid kick motors are used for the final push to orbit. Now, maybe I just spammed these kick motors a little too much. What do I mean by a little too much? Well . . . you can probably decide for yourself. But hey, it works fantastically. That's what matters, right? Something weird happened with imgur and I can't seem to add the entire album here, but the picture below will take you there. Alternatively, there is this link: http://imgur.com/a/pyAdQ If you have any suggestions as to how to improve on this design or designs for the future, please leave a message. I will appreciate any input.
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