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Found 32 results

  1. I couldn't find an active thread of these craft, so I figured I would try to start a new one. I will share my first human rated RP-0 craft. It uses the Tantares Vostok, but beyond that it is 'stock' RP-0 (RO/RP-0/RealChutes/SXT/VSR, etc. I'm sure someone could improve in this craft, I personally dislike how the side boosters look. Anyone else who wants to is encouraged to post a picture and link to their craft file, with a description of what mods they used to make their craft
  2. Rp-0 is pretty cool, but I am concerned that it could become to linear. What are some alternate ways that the space race could have gone to get to the moon and further? I vaguely remember reading that a heavily modified Gemini could have been used as a moon lander if NASA invested money in it, instead of using what they did.
  3. To get a bit of a break in and to test out RP-0/RO/RSS etc I've been playing a career save in RP-0. To shake things up a bit (I usually fly US parts) I've been using only Soviet engines (with the exception of the Aerobee sustainer and Astris, since stock+SXT+VSR doesn't come with a Russian low-thrust service propulsion engine). Here's an album showing my LVs so far. I'll post replies with some notable missions. You can get all the craft files and subassemblies I've made here.
  4. Hello, about a week or two ago I decided to try out the realistic career mode mods, and I ran into a bit of a problem. I have unlocked an engine (I think the RD-103) which is the first big engine you get, and I've been having a problem with it. The engine is not throttleable, so I have to put a huge fuel tank in front of it to keep the rocket from going too fast in the lower atmosphere. However, eventually the engine fails, and leaves me with 3/4 of my fuel unused. This is getting really annoying. I would like to remove the mod that is causing the failures, but I do not know which one it is. I installed RSS RP-0 and RO via CKAN, and did not include many other mods besides the required ones for those big mods. I would appreciate any help with this.
  5. Background I've watched a far too large amount of videos of peoples' adventures in Realism Overhaul and RP-0, and that's been a great inspiration for me to move to RSS/RO/RP-0. So I did that about 3 months ago. But I always felt something was missing. As interesting and exciting as it was seeing mission highlights, when I built my rockets, I always wondered "Why did he do that? Why not do something else?" and "I wonder how he designed that? What engines did he use?" and so on. But obviously that's far too much to cram into a 20-30 minute episode. But after having played RP-0 for a while, I figured "Well, surely others are wondering the same?", and so I gradually decided that since noone'd done it, perhaps I should be the one? I've watched some streamers of other games, and find I always gravitate towards the livestream format of players who know what they're doing and basically think out loud as they're playing, so you get to learn why they do as they do, and sometimes also figure out some of the finer nuances of very complex games. And RP-0 is very complex. So obviously, a livestream would be the answer, and indeed this series is sort of a re-livestream, but I take far too many breaks to livestream, and I never set specific times, so livestreams just aren't an option. Also, I don't want to restrict it to people who are watching, which noone will be since noone knows me. Instead I've just recorded myself playing, trying to make my thoughts audible, and this is the result. No editing, no missing that one vital bit I thought noone would care about. Just a rather meticulous guy playing a very complex game and explaining why he does what he does, and what measures he takes to fix his mistakes. I apologise for the poor microphone quality. There's a fair bit of background noise, so I set up a noise gate filter, but I might have to fiddle a bit more with it, because sometimes it eats a bit of the speech. The game This is RP-0 on normal difficulty, but with all game options turned off, so no reverting, no respawning kerbals and having to pay entry costs etc. I've set myself the restriction of playing only with American engines (since I normally play with Soviet engines and design around their philosophy), and while I have a ton of mods, I won't (read: will only very rarely) be using anything (such as Saturn V tanks, interstages etc.) but procedural parts for most of my rockets. Probe cores and pods are an exception. But you'll probably still find my rockets somewhat resemble the real life counterparts to some degree thanks to RO and TestFlight. The goal? Getting as far out there as possible eventually! I take things one step at a time, focusing on select space programs with well defined goals before moving on to the next ones. In this thread I'll post updates on the missions and links to the videos. Because I do videos, I won't be posting screenshots. I'd tried to get GameFramer KSP to work, because it's a lovely addition to my own mission log, but sadly I had some issues where it'd record the small bits of video and the highlights alright, but would fail to note down things such as max altitude, speed etc. Mission log: Bootnote: I realise this format isn't for everyone, and I don't aim for it to be. This isn't made for entertainment purposes, but to serve as an inspiration for others who want a an RSS/RO/RP-0 experience, but get scared off by the complexity or get stuck wondering why their rocket won't go into orbit. I'm not a perfect player and I do and will make mistakes, but the aim is to learn from them, and hopefully for you to learn from them too. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Edit: Mod list since it's been asked for
  6. Hello, I'm a couple years into my RO/RP-0 career mode, but a couple things are bugging me. Question 1: How do I sync up all the calendars to Earth time? I found the setting in KAC to do this, but KCT, contracts, and (assuming, as I haven't ventured far from LEO yet) maneuver node estimated times are in Kerbin days, not Earth days. I didn't see any settings in KCT to change the calendar type like in KAC, nor could I find anything to make sure contracts and travel times are using the same calendar. Also, I haven't done much in the way of crewed missions yet, but I'm assuming I'll need to make TAC-LS report times to me in Earth time too. Is there a cfg I need to edit to do this? The main thing is getting KCT to report times to me in Earth days, as well as contract expiration dates. If I make alarms in KAC to do it, it reports them correctly, but I hate having my alarm queue that cluttered as I like to mainly use it for transfer windows and, when I get far enough, SOI changes. Question 2: I've noticed a lot of parts in the mods I've added don't have are labeled 'non-RP-0'. I've been making notes of these parts and manually pruning them as I discover them in the tech tree. Is there an easier way (ie a script) that will just look through all the parts folders and prune anything that's non-RP-0? Oh! and bonus question: While I'm getting used to MJ, is there any reason I can't use KER for readouts? I really prefer their HUD displays over the semi-transparent windows in MJ. I have yet to use autopilot, and when I do, I'll probably use kOS.
  7. So I have another problem with RO and I'm feeling a little stupid here ^^ I just built a probe that really needs attitude control, so naturally I stick on 4-way attitude control thrusters, configure them for nitrous oxide and add a small tank with nitrous oxide, thinking this will provide me with control. However no such luck, the thrusters seem to refuse to fire, and there is no use of NOx shown in the resource panel. Initially I thought it might be a problem with the avionics package I am using for the upper stage (the early 0.813m package) so I tested the whole thing sitting on the pad with the big A4 Guidance Unit, which provides full control for my first stage, but the thrusters still refuse to fire :/ Any help/pointers would be greatly appreciated