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Found 3 results

  1. WHAT IS THIS? RSSVE-Lite is just that, a "lite" version of RSSVE, which is supposed to help people with lower-end computers still run RSS with a visual enhancements mod. RSSVE-Lite does this by completely removing Scatterer from the mix, and instead uses EVE to create all atmospheric effects. Meaning, if your computer is able to run EVE fine (which most are able to), RSSVE-Lite should work perfectly fine on your computer as well. Although RSSVE-Lite adds clouds to every planet with an atmosphere, the bodies with the most notable clouds are Venus, Earth, Mars and Titan. The gas and ice gia
  2. About Real Solar System Visual Enhancements (RSSVE) is an add-on for the Environmental Visual Enhancements (EVE), providing clouds and other visual improvements for the Real Solar System (RSS) mod. I was inspired both by the Real Visual Enhancements (RVE) and the Stock Size Real Solar System (SSRSS) mods. Unfortunately, neither of these mods worked correctly for RSS out-of-the-box: RVE was outdated, requiring updating to work and the smaller scale of the SSRSS bodies meant that it was not possible to use it’s assets as-is. So, RSSVE was born. RSSVE is compatible with Kerbal Spac
  3. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ DEPRICATED - CVO NOW PACKAGED WITH LATEST VERSION OF RSS CONSTELLATIONS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ WHAT IS THIS? Constellations Visual Overhaul (CVO) is a visual enhancement mod that greatly improves the visuals of my own planet/star pack, Constellations. Eventually, every planet will have there own cloud layers, as well as atmosphere layers to prettify the exoplanets added from Constellations. At this point, only te
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