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Found 3 results

  1. So I accept a simple RT-10 test on the Launch Pad, then I clicked the "run test" button (I set the thrust limit to 0 and the solid fuel to 100, so it won't fly away). When I clicked the contract bar, it displays: Test RT-10 hammer SRB:❌, Launch Pad: ✅, Kerbin: ✅, but why it's not complete yet?
  2. Greetings, Newbie, I have a simple ship with an RT-10 Hammer SRB, a coupler, a pod and a shoot. The test says to stage at 58-61K Meters and 360-450 M/S. I right click run test and it launches but I am going to fast at 58K and suspect that is why I am not meeting the test requirements. I keep fiddling with the throttle to see if I can nail the right speed? I also noticed the test button is still available in flight, am I suppose to click that once I am at property altitude and proper speed? Confused but loving the game!
  3. Unfortunately I took a mission in my career mod as "test rt-10 "hammer" on 100000m orbiting kerbin. I almost have basic equipments. How should I do this. I completed orbiting kerbin. But I can't do this. I need to fire rt-10 while in orbit of kerbin. I don't want to decline this quest. I have 30 parts limit and 140 tons limit. Also I googled videos for this mission but no luck. Thanks.
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