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Found 1 result

  1. Everyone remember their geometry lessons? There will be a quiz. “Big Six, flying top cover.” “Little One, starting my attack run.” Both X-wings: can takeoff and land with “repulsorlift” engines. contain a VTOL-oriented probe core for easier hovering. can toggle S-foils between cruise and attack position. Attack mode is more stable during forward flight in atmosphere, but cruise mode is required during takeoff and landing. mount an “astromech” parachute which is mostly decorative. It may assist a repulsorlift landing, but it will not ensure a safe unpowered landing. Mods EditorExtension and HangarGrid were used during construction of both craft, but the results are pure stock. I tweaked the thermo-RCS hinge of @Majorjim! (et al) into a ball-and-socket arrangement by angling the thermometers, which resists longitudinal compression of the axle. Little One moves its two double-wings by deploying flaps against one RCS ball per axle. The RCS is sandwiched between two flaps. This is a bit flappy since they don’t lock into position. Big Six moves its four wings by deploying airbrakes which are sandwiched between pairs of RCS per axle. The wings rotate between two docking positions so the flight engines work in either position. Upper wings dock against the fore end of the machinery bay, lower wings dock against the aft end. Each wing docking will set throttle to zero, so the pilot must mash the full-throttle control until all four have docked. Thanks to research by @Servo, we know the ports must move at least 1.3m before they’ll dock again. That distance (1.3m) is one factor in our geometry problem. Another is the max distance between the axle and the dockingport inside our machinery space, which is 2.5m. Since the radius of the moving dockingport doesn’t change, that makes an isosceles triangle with base 1.3m and height 2.5m. Question: What is the angle of axle rotation? Due to the 4D Tetris of the machinery and the space requirements of the moving bits, they don’t quite fit inside a Mk3 cargo bay. The aft fairing makes the machinery bay a cyllinder 3m long and 3m in diameter with 113 parts inside. Little One Operation Engage SAS. Throttle full. Stage to engage repulsorlift Retract landing legs once airborne Stage again to engage forward thrusters and unlock the S-foils Avoid the Dreis maneuver Action Groups Toggle Repulsorlift Toggle Forward Thrusters Toggle S-foils KerbalX link Mass 7.73t Cost 126,205.0 Part Count 135 Built in KSP 1.2.2 Size 9.14 x 2.34 x 6.71 Big Six Operation Engage SAS. Throttle full. Stage to engage repulsorlift. Retract landing legs once airborne Stage to ignite forward thrusters Press 3 to toggle S-foils SPAM Z until all four wings redock because each one sets the throttle to zero Don’t switch off the targeting computer Action Groups Toggle Repulsorlift Toggle Forward Thrusters Toggle S-foils Toggle afterburners KerbalX link Mass 25.22t Cost 352,354.0 Part Count 191 Built in KSP 1.2.2 Size 15.1 x 4.85 x 13.98 Tiny Two Tiny Two answers the question, can the X-wing design be scaled down even further? What began as an April Fool's lark has (by request) been added to the Squadron, since it is a more-or-less flyable craft. Trench runs with this are very tricky. Operation Engage SAS. Throttle full. Stage to engage repulsorlift Stage again to engage forward thrusters Stay on target! Action Groups Toggle Repulsorlift Toggle Forward Thrusters Toggle S-foils KerbalX link Mass 2.83t Cost 43,520.0 Part Count 42 Built in KSP 1.2.2 Size 3.94 x 1.66 x 2.95 Apologies for the obnoxious number of animated GIFs, but the motion is the notion of these craft. Youtube will be added after I find suitable trenches to fly.
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