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Found 9 results

  1. I'm pretty new to ksp I started using mods recently (i'll give you the list of the ones im using) and now every time i spawn a spaceplane or a rocket using parts from the OPT mod it goes to the speed of light and explode any idea on how to solve this? Mod list: Near Future Props MechJeb2 OPT SCANsat SpaceY Lifters Station Parts Expansion Redux Romfarer B9PartSwitch and Module Manager Just by taking a look at my mods folder i saw i have 2 Module Manager dll is it bad ? Is that the problem or should i not care ?
  2. right. So, I’ve been playing KSP since I was like, idk, in 0.23 I think. I played it for years... then put it down in 1.4.4. When I got back, everything changed. 1.6 was out, KSS was cancelled, etc. I was out of the loop. So I got back into the game... until 1.8 when my computer broke. And now... a lot of stuff happened. Negative got more team members, KSP2 was announced. 1.9 was out. And that’s fine. But... KSP2 worries me. Again, I saw lil KSP grow up, giving parts nicknames, adding asteroids, part variation, DLC, and then KSP2 steals the spotlight. And then Squad is obviously like other games, forget that the first video game I ever played exsisted. It’s... sad. So, sorry, but the hype train left me at the last stop. KSP2 seems amazing! But I just can’t bear it. Y’all are gonna have to be patient with this fellow forum member. Thanks for reading this long drawn out post. Like if you agree I guess...
  3. Early this morning, my dad died. I admit it. Im only 13 years old. Why did it happen so soon?...
  4. Hello, I would just like to let you guys know that I feel very offended when someone says, "it's not rocket science"? Why? Because KSP TAUGHT ME ROCKET SCIENCE. Do you feel the same?
  5. so about a month ago some may have noticed that I changed my avatar to a picture of a white cat with the words RIP Blue written on the side. That cat had died from suffocation because he had fluid in his lungs, he was 16 years old. I don't know hat else to say except I was very sad about it. one reason was that the cat had been around literally my entire life.
  6. A mystery of astronomy One that never made sense to me. Why were the planets so heavy for their size? A question which resulted in debates and constant observations of the skies. No one considered the turn of fates, the show of cosmic thrills and theatre, the death and destruction not seen since the big asteroid hit and made the crater: Kerbin decided to start making sense. Moving swiftly inwards: a bubble of negative graviolis Minmus flew away, no longer a source of dessert after ravioli. Its path set to escape, travelling far too fast, The Mun followed too as the time crept on past. Unsure what the bubble represented, we sent out a probe. The data it recollected, was an apocalypse it told: Kerbin's gravity was to drop 10 times. Stripped of an opportunity to grow old, I have begun to compile some rhymes. The end is to start in three hours hence. At which point the atmospheric pressure will be spent. Not lost into space yet, that won't happen for years. The decrease of surface gravity is the cause for our fears. Without gravity to hold the atmosphere down now and then, The atmosphere will spread out upwards a factor of ten. The same airy mass spread across ten times the volume. Means tenfold less oxygen air molecules for each Kerbal breathing a cubic meter of room. So frivolous now seem our advances in rocket fuels. To know now the scale of the death we await, Will be in compliance with the rest of nature's rules. Our planet was a fluke, it should never have been, Covered in gravity, life, Kerbals on Kerbin. Why did we not end up like Dres would, or the fictional Ceres? From that quite controversial hard video game series. I write now because I want some record of me, To be found somehow by astronauts or aliens, Sure some Kerbals in space will survive, As yet only Kerbin's gravity has come to a compromise. In my notebook I've written of my friends, and my thoughts on astronomy. It will be a slow suffocation that Kerbalkind breathes And who knows what has spawned this gravitational thief, I have far more to say but I'll stick to brevity. Kerbin, we love you, and it's dreadful to say: Kerbin you're losing your high gravity.
  7. SO i launched my HUGE rocket to visit ALL planets.. But theres sad story Before ii got to ike, the part of rocket 8was satellite of course) entering Duna's Atmosphere i leaved Bob Kerman to crash i tried to help of my best.... The satellite crashed..... :'( My Stock Rocket falled on Ike.. THE END Sorry guys it needs to happen
  8. Okay, I have an HP Notebook 15 Pentium core. When I got the game I left the settings how they were and launched my first ship. It was laggy as hell, so I dropped the settings to the lowest possible setting and it still lags lol. I do not know much about computers so yea, it also has 4GBs of ram.
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