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Found 5 results

  1. I took a little Inspiration by the projected Sample Return Purpose of the new Mars Rover and made something of that kind in KSP
  2. https://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2018/06/hayabusa2-asteroid-ryugu-sample-return/ The Japanese Hayabusa 2 spacecraft arrives on the 27th
  3. I thought this was already a done deal. http://www.businessinsider.com/nasa-mars-2020-mission-step-toward-first-mars-sample-retrieval-2017-12 Apparently the robot will have a biotype search and destroy mission. Well not destroy, just search, remove, put in a canister, put it on this big explody thing, send it on a mission in the cold deep of space, then burning into earths atmosphere, landing but . . . . .not destroy.
  4. Just a quick mission to the Sun. Goal : Collect a sample of stardust and bring it back to Kerbin. How hard can it be ? (: Kerbol probe + Spacecraft : Probe: Name : Kerbol probe + Mass : 6895 kg Propulsion : Ion engine Power supply: 4x RTG Dv : around 11 km/s Communication : 1x High gain antena Shielding : 1000kg sunscreen Recovery equipment : none Sample return capsule : Mass : 700 kg Propulsion : none Power supply : 4x batteries Communication : 2x low gain ominidirectional antenas S
  5. I recently got a complaint from Jeb, who stated that he was getting bored of flying to Minmus all the time. I guess even the vastness of deep space and the serenity of the void lose their charm after a while. Jeb explained to me that there were those of little faith who stated that Minmus was as far as Kerbal-kind was ever like to get, and that a body as heavy and distant as, say, Eve would be forever out of reach. "Never!", said Jeb. "I shall personally go there and what's more, I'll prove it! I'll even bring back some rocks from the surface, so that none of ye may doubt the piloting skills o
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