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  1. When I drived rover on Duna, I got this bug: when I turn on SAS and do time acceleration, my craft starts to rotate unpredictably. With SAS turned off bug disappears. Version of game, Windows 10 system
  2. Hi, Anyone interested in clone of Hotkey Manager for KSP1 ? I would be very interested in it, since I play in KSP2 with Joystick. Then I could use AntiMicroX to map joystick buttons to keyboard chars and... SAS
  3. I experienced this bug while perfoming air launch challenge. My rocket was decoupled from plane but rocket SAS was turned off and throttle was set on 0%, which was dangerous for air launch. After second staging situation repeated and it caused missclicking, because I didn;t reaslize that input went and engine was turned on
  4. I think there are some problems with SAS (I saw them myself but also in YTbers videos), so here is a list : SAS being to extreme for planes (pitch in particular) : I made some planes with big stabilisation surfaces where I see something weird, the SAS keep making my plane do a drift when launching (was not happening when it was of and I corrected myself) but most importantly, the SAS make my plane oscillating up and down frantically like if it was a new player trying to correct his craft by spamming W and S. My rockets keep doing frontflips at 20-21km for no reason : I've seen this bug a lot of times (On Discord, or YT) where the Kraken attack your craft at 20km for no reason (making the craft spin or destroy it), idk if it's due to SAS or not to be honest. My SAS was not working in the previous point : to counter the previous problem I added 3 big SAS wheels but 3 big batteries but in flight, but when this spin starded, I was not able to counter it (WITH 3 BIG SAS WHEELS) so I deactivated SAS wheels and use my keyboard, that seems to work better. Idk if the SAS was not working at all or if the big SAS wheels are too weak but that was weird. Sorry for my bad English, hope you have understood me. You can speak on this topic if you want more info (the log whereever we can find it for example).
  5. When rotating a craft in the VAB, engines and RCS will follow the rotation and keep their actions true to the craft, however SAS will remain facing north. If you rotate your craft by 180 degrees for example, pressing W will cause the RCS and Engine gimbals to try and tilt you forward meanwhile the SAS will oppose it. Here is a video I made demonstrating the bug to hopefully assist my explanation. KSP Version: early access release OS: Windows 10 Build 19044.2604 CPU: Intel i7-9700 GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1660 Ti RAM: 16 GB Mods: None
  6. Поставил kal1000, запихнул в него ограничение тяги двигателей, сам kal запихнул в ось тангажа. Вручную все работает. а вот когда оси под управлением SAS'a то никого эффекта не наблюдается. Это можно как-то поправить?
  7. Hey there, Im trying to bind the engine-thrustlimit-slider to the SAS-Stabilization so that it will correct the thrust(aprox. range of 20-100%) according to the pitch of the SAS. But I dont know how I should do this or if its even possible at all. It will only allow userinputs when I bind it to the Pitch-actiongroup. However, I want to use it with the SAS-Automatic-Stabilization and not by userinput. P.S. Can somebody tell me what these Custom-Controll-Axis 1-4 are for? I really dont have a clue.
  8. So i tried making the apollo 11 program on ksp. For some reason the sas keeps disabling when my kerbal leaves the lander. it says sas disengaged and the lander falls over. How do i fix this?
  9. so im building a sam missile launcher and want to know how to make my sas aim the turret at a target using servos or rotors as when i tried to use pitch and yaw it wouldn't auto aim
  10. Here is the craft I wish to fix the RCS on: Okay ignore the spoilers I don't know how to remove them https://gyazo.com/978b6b2df2341543c813a553d69eb7b1
  11. I want to know how to Make SAS available without a pilot or a probe core in Science mode. It's ok if it is considered a cheat.
  12. As title says, SAS seems incapable of applying reaction wheels correctly on the roll axis so I keep getting rockets and stations that wriggle back and forth anywhere between a near invisible amount and up to several degrees, typically waaaay worse the bigger the craft is. Could only find quite old threads about this but none of the ones I read had any actual solution, nor has the game been patched to fix the issue. CLARIFICATION: The squirming will self agitate from the slightest fraction up to a certain point, even if a craft looks stable for several minutes it can start wriggling more and more up to a cap where it at least won't get any worse but it will keep rolling back and forth by that amount forever, this can make docking an absolute nightmare. Before you ask; the control of these crafts is completely solidly locked to the entire craft, no noodling causing it to twist and lag behind. Increasing or decreasing reaction wheel capacity only substantially affects frequency of the rolling as far as I can tell. The only temporary workaround I've found is to put three rotors on 3way symmetry with weights on them inside a cargo bay and keep them spinning at some moderate RPM, it causes dampening that makes a substantial difference for up to around 300 ton cafts but becomes very impractical beyond that. (For those not well versed in physics and mechanics: when something spins on one axis it resists having this axis turned in any other direction - having at least three of these pointing away from each other causes the craft to resist turning in all directions and even if you turn off SAS while the craft is rotating on any axis it will eventually slow down to a halt by itself. Yay physics!) Would make me very relieved if the problem could be taken care of once and for all, preferrably already in the upcoming 1.10 patch if possible but I'd settle for 1.10.1 without rioting in the streets. ADDITIONAL EDIT: Hatched the idea while typing up the above and have now tested it properly in several variants, there is a different workaround and probable explanation for why not all players are seeing and reporting this issue. By having the control point sit on a flexible part of the craft immediately connected to reaction wheels (or the control point itself having powerful reaction wheels) the "lag" is in a way shifted to the body of the craft (not technically 100% accurate but easier to understand) instead of the control point and this causes a moderate dampening effect as long as the body has its own set of reaction wheels as well. This method can be very hard to apply to complex craft with multiple control points since you can't use the root autostrut on this bendy part so the root has to be in another place than the control point if the craft needs that particular type of strut to reliably fend off Krakens. Combining this "reverse lag" with the spinning weights method produces reliable results for even stations that weigh many thousands of tons, as long as the spinners are somewhat heavy and attached to the main body of the craft and not the control point of course.
  13. Had an idea for a new set of SAS buttons to add to the current set: Flight heading Buttons. Currently you can set your SAS autopilot to prograde, normal, etc., but it would be extremely helpful to be able to align your craft with the compass headings. 90°- (east) 0° - (north) 270° -(west) 180° - (south) While it would have many helpful uses, I currently have the greatest need for it when launching into orbit and want to keep my heading at exactly 90°. The only way to do this currently is to manually keep your marker lined up with the compass. The prograde marker helps, but constantly changes heading while under acceleration.
  14. When i use SAS button. Thats no prograde, retrograde, maneuver, target, anti target, radial in, radial out, normal and anti normal buttons. Just stability assist button. Why
  15. I am encountering one of the weirdest bugs I've ever seen. I cannot add ANY command part that has a built in SAS module. Not only can I not place them on the craft when I try to do so they remove the node on the part I'm attaching them to while not attaching and then they proceed to break placing any other part and more or less all controls in the VAB and SPH including moving the camera, the exit button, the new button at times, the save button, all mouse controls but clicking on new parts. And the only way to recover is to if I'm lucky click new and if not load some stock premade craft. For the life of me I have no idea why such a weird bug is occuring.
  16. Do you hate it when your craft is tugging along on SAS and you want to correct the course a bit? You touch pitch controls and it gets all wobbly. There is a simple solution to your problem: SAS should not control the control input, but work via the TRIM settings. You control input would be combined with the TRIM and you would have perfect controls even with SAS activated. Better yet: Allow the TRIM settings to be kept when leaving SAS (maybe with a modifier key or so) and move your craft from SAS to full manual control without even the slightest bump. Why we should do this? Because usually it is done like that. Your input is combined with stabilisation/trim. If it is still unclear what I mean exactly, move down three posts. User OHARA does explain it better!
  17. I was getting a satellite into orbit, and I was warping to my apoapsis so I could start burning prograde, but mid-warp my SAS menu disappeared, and the SAS & RCS buttons are disabled. What happened?
  18. This has been happening for months and has caused me to quit KSP each and every time. When I build a ship that is even remotely complicated, it slams the stick into some direction that it likes whenever I turn off SAS. Of course, this means docking is completely impossible. It is an INPUT ISSUE, so if I have RCS thrusters on the ship, guess what, they're going to start blasting juice to turn into that direction, and it has nothing to do with how the ships are designed or from aerodynamic forces. I have no idea where to even start. Here's an exhaustive list of the mods I'm using, coming straight from my gamedata folder, even though they aren't going to tell you jack because this is an input glitch and I would be very surprised if any one of these could possibly be making my ships turn without user input. AND YES I HAVE AN ANTENNA AND IT'S NOT BECAUSE THE CONNECTION IS GOING DOWN AND I'M PITCHING THE SHIP AND IT KEEPS PITCHING AFTER I LOSE CONNECTION I AM NOT GIVING IT ANY INPUT
  19. I've had a problem with controlling ships when controlling from docking ports at a right angle from the root part. Both SAS and mechjeb's Smart ASS have wild oscillations around the roll axis of the docking port, like its overshooting its attempt to stop rotation. This happens with both an inline docking port part like the shielded clamp-o-tron or with a normal docking port attached radially. I might try testing this in an unmodded install, but was wondering if anyone else has experienced this? I have several mods installed but the only one I can think that would effect SAS's ability to hold steady is mechjeb. Nothing out of ordinary appears in the logs Edit: this is in 1.3.1 since I'm still waiting for mods to update
  20. I tried searching google and the forums for this, but couldn't find anything, so here goes. Everything seems to have full SAS. I noticed it with the Stayputnik, and now Bill (a non-pilot) in a lander can. I'm running a 100% stock game, freshly downloaded from Steam. I'm using 1.4.2 + Making History DLC. If I start a new sandbox game, open the VAB, add a single Stayputnik and then launch, I can activate SAS and can select all retrograde, radial, normal, etc. headings. The Stayputnik still doesn't have a reaction wheel, however. It also seems to happen on previous game versions, including my theoretically untouched 1.2 folder that I set aside before updating to 1.4, my heavily modded folder, Is there some kind of setting saved elsewhere (such as Documents or the registry--PlayerPrefs come to mind) that I'm just missing that could cause this? I've never seen this happen before, and am very surprised it happens across installs. Am I missing something obvious, or is this a bug? Edit: Currently downloading 1.2 to see if it happens there, but I'm getting tired and might not check back here until later.
  21. Have a ship, that was orbiting Mun before the 1.4 release. After 1.4 SAS will not work on it. Ship has a pilot (jeb). I hit the button for SAS, it toggles for a split second on and off. Manual flight controls dont respond (that would normally use sas. Ive messed with "control from here", de coupled a stage, eva and back,and a few other things, nothing makes it change. Reaction wheels according to the pod (mk1) keep flicking between working and idle.
  22. How come my SAS works exceptionally when i'm in map view or switched to another unit, but when i'm "in control" it doesn't work as good?
  23. This is a thread to list all missing functionality from the previous console version of KSP. I know we are all frustrated with Enhanced Edition but let's try to keep things civil and informative. Please be as detailed as possible. Console Xbox One The current issues that bother me most are: 1. Lack of physical time warp in space. When pressing LB/RB and B to increase time warp, the game assumes you mean 5x time warp rather than physical time warp while in space. While in atmosphere the same input allows for physical time warp, and if you exit an atmosphere while warping between 2x, 3x or 4x you continue at the same warp rate in space. Clearly the game is capable of allowing physical timewarp in space, but there is no input specifically for physical timewarp. 2. Unable to choose a specific SAS orientation (prograde, radial ect.) through a submenu. When SAS is selected by pressing Left on the D pad it simply toggles SAS on or off. This requires you to use the cursor to select an icon next to the NAV bubble to set a specific attitude for your spacecraft. This is less efficient then the previous setup. Additionally it is usually at a time sensitive, dangerous, or mission critical segment of the mission that the player needs to set a specific SAS setting. Using the cursor means you do not have control of your craft for a few seconds and usually ends in a less-than-optimal outcome. 3. Camera controls in the VAB/SPH. In the previous version it was possible to hold X and use the Left Stick to maneuver the camera in the SPH. This was superior to the current setup of choosing between Scroll and Rotate by pressing LB and clicking the Right Stick. Pressing X and moving the Left Stick does not have any special function in the Enhanced Edition and I would ask that developers return the ability to control the camera by holding X and Left Stick. Also as a side note I would suggest the ability to return the camera to center with the press of a button. I would like to close by saying that I really do like the Enhanced Edition and I am looking forward to future updates. The reason for the discontent in the console community is simply due to a lack of communication. I think the player base would be VERY happy if the developers simply list the bugs and issues that they are aware of and state that they are working to rectify them. When this post is read by a developer/member of troubleshooting team if you could please leave a comment stating that the issues listed have now been identified we would also greatly appreciate that. Thank you kindly, PixelGranny
  24. Right now, SAS is hardwired to the SAS action group. As long as something can have SAS, it's toggled with SAS and ONLY with SAS. I think you should be able to remove and change this binding via the action groups menu. The SAS group would be automatically applied to every command pod/probe core/???. This way, you can toggle SAS with other action groups and have an action group that can invert itself briefly without any unintended results. An (extremely complex) example of where this would be useful is in a supermaneuverable fighter plane with an ejector seat; something I just happen to have. On launch, I could hit the space bar and permanently turn on SAS (unless I right click the cockpit and turn it off), and toggle the afterburners with T. If I needed a brief pulse of extra power (or if I wanted to turn it off for some reason), I could tap F to quickly turn the afterburners off and back on when I release it. Or the other way around because it can invert itself. The reason I mentioned the ejector seat is because the second stage is the ejector seat. There's really no reason NOT to make it this way. It (probably) doesn't take that long to change, and doesn't get in the way of gameplay if you don't want it to. Parts are already set to do things on certain action groups (gear, brakes, and lights), and it would open up a whole new action group behavior; inversion. P.S. - I know about the brakes action group but that doesn't invert. It just turns off on its own. What if I want to briefly turn it off and then have it stay on?
  25. Holy sciencey title Batman! Basically what I'm suggesting is for SAS to be a module on command pods/probe cores that's automatically assigned to the SAS action group but can be removed and set on other action groups, just like the brakes on wheels and lights in lights and crew parts. What this would do is open up an entirely new action group with new properties. I know you can already set things to the SAS action group, but it's basically suicide to disable SAS mid-flight, especially in some aircraft. As for the "new properties" I mentioned a sentence or two ago, the SAS action group can be on or off, and can have the state temporarily reversed by holding the F key. This would be useful for things such as Space X-style booster landings or SSTO re-entries where briefly deploying all your airbrakes or retracting them to keep them from blowing up from the re-entry heat or to fine-tune your trajectory would be extremely useful. TL;DR - Make SAS an action group like brakes or lights to free it up for other things where temporarily inverting the state of a part would be required/useful.
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