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Found 5 results

  1. Hi guys:) I've made perfect triangle of a relay constellation The video shows how I've made it. Enjoy!
  2. I'm still taking baby steps, but after landing my first probe on Minmus this morning, I'm happy to have put my first relay satellite in a nice orbit around Mun, this evening. I was more interested in the 3 hour period than being exactly circularised. Not a full network, but it will help a little while I learn how to insert others.
  3. Hello dear friends. I am a casual player and i am trying to create Duna relay network. i assembled a simple relay sattellite in subassembly and attached 4 sattelite to my launch vehicle with its own probe control. My problem is: in orbit when i try to relase my satelites they become buggy. they have no control or they are stuck to launch vehicle and they are unresposive. i can not activate their engine unles clicking to their engine and selecting activate. they have no direction control and in orbital map they have no orbit specifics . i am quite bummed and have no answer. i would realy appreciate any help all relay satelite have antennas probe cores with full batteries and solar pannels.
  4. Eu instalei uma câmera infravermelha em um satélite que criei mas quando eu clicava em uma opção aparecia uma mensagem dizendo que não era possível usá-la e não outra opção aparecia a mensagem dizendo que não estava em obita solar. O que devo fazer para poder usar essa câmera nos satélites ?
  5. IRAS TLDR; Get the latest beta: https://github.com/macluky/IRAS/releases/tag/v0.2 For my first mod, I will try to recreate the IRAS satellite. Constructed at Hollandse Signaalapparaten which was my first employer. Though I was coding real time operating systems at the time, rather than building telescopes, it still feels like a great thing to at to KSP. History Status Research mainly done. Initial model made in blender. Figuring out how unwrapping and texturing should work.
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