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  1. I have a question for the community, during the late 1960's and early 1970's NASA built a moon rocket. it composed of a Command and Service Module, a Lunar module, and a transfer stage. Why were the command modules never reused, it would have saved money and time. and if I misspelled anything please forgive it its just spelling. alpha tech
  2. Recently I have been heavily involved in an ambitious online project on which I work alongside three massive space nerds. Best bunch ever. Their latest challenge for my graphic design skills, called for me to create a poster to commemorate the mighty Saturn V, what with the anniversary approaching (it was when I started), and commemorate it I did. Whether I did so well, is for you guys to decide. I considered posting this in the Fan Art section, but I think that's reserved for KSP-related fan art only. As is stated in the imgur description, you can get the A3-sized print-ready fil
  3. Hey all, I'm playing with RSS and RO, with the dependant mods and some of the packs like the Soyuz/Salut ships. Today while I was trying to recrate a Skylab launch I encountered a problem where the Skylab would detach from the rest of the Saturn V rocket while in vertical ascent when hitting 3km in altitude. The Skylab would just fall off the ship and tumble back down to the KSC. The Skylab is the independent skylab mod. I've tried several different decouplers, different structures, different struts but cannot seem to fix the problem. I've restarted as well, I dunno what to do.
  4. https://kerbalx.com/TG626/JOOL-V-NG AG1 - Jettison Escape Tower AG0 - Jettison Escape Tower and Deploy Chutes (Abort Stg2) Abort - Eject Pod and fire Escape Tower (Abort Stg1) MechJeb ascent Settings: Orbit Altitude: 100km Orbit Inclination: ° [X] Prevent Overheats [X] Limit Q to: 20000 pa [X] Limit Acceleration to 40 m/s [ ] Limit Throttle to 100 % [ ] Keep Limited Throttle over 5 % [ ] Electric limit to 5 % Hi 15 % [X] Force Roll climb 90° turn 180° [X] Limit AoA to 5° Dynamic Pressure Fadeout 25000 p
  5. Hot diggity!! I haven't made a forum post here in so long it's almost scary! The Nova rocket is personally my favorite rocket concept of all time, it was the original concept for a Moon rocket, which would've done a direct assent Lunar transfer, it also would've have a thrust of almost 12,000,000 lbs!!! For comparison, the Block II SLS would have a measly 9,200,000 lbs thrust Unfortunately, pressure to beat the soviets to the Moon by 1970, and the size of it, made it hard to pass, and by 1964 it was completely cancelled in favor of the smaller Saturn V. However, it's bigger brother
  6. Hi there KSP Community, this is the first part of a four part series, dedicated to re-enacting the Apollo 11 Mission with a stock KSP vessel, while overlaying the historic NASA recordings from the real Apollo-11 mission. All mods used, are for higher quality visuals / recordings only. Hope you like it.
  7. I've been searching EVERYWHERE for a real apollo mod. I've found fasa's mod which have all the parts to build one. However, it seems to be to small for the real solar system mod? I've watched all videos and tutorials and done exactly the same when flying but I don't have enough fuel to get to the moon. I get about 9119 Delta V from the fasa rocket. How can I make a realistic saturn V rocket that can get to the moon and back? Please help.
  8. Hi, just completed my first real legit mun mission landed and did other things and wanted to show you my rocket! Here is the craft download: https://kerbalx.com/S0NofThunder176/Saturn-V
  9. Greetings fellow Kerbals, As some of you may remember I FFS.. @sal_vager can you or another moderator close this thread?
  10. Ok, this may be a really stupid question but I was wondering. What if they put a F-1 engine on the second stage of the Saturn V? What would happen if that happened.?
  11. Found this while surfing them internets. Enjoy. https://vimeo.com/141812811
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