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Found 5 results

  1. I have been playing KSP for quite a while but recently there is a problem. Every time I start my KSP save, it would revert in progress many days ago. At first I addressed the problem as KSP autosave stop functioning, but in Backup folder there is the updated autosave file. I am able to recover my progress but the fact that the main "persistent.sfs" not updating automatically really irritate me. Are there similar issues in others KSP? More importantly, Are there any fix?
  2. I was working on getting a SCANsat satellite into a the correct orbit when I realized that the SCANsat contract was tracking a different vessel for contract completion. (I think) I've found the parameters for said contract in my save file, but I don't know the vessel ID of the sat that I want it to track, and I don't want to bork my latest career save; I've already backed up the file but just in case. Here's the contract data from the save file:
  3. I've written a mickey-mouse prototype of what might become a true KSP extension. It automates the modification of a quicksave.sfs file to transplant a KSC aircraft on the runway or on the launchpad to the Baikerbanur cosmodrome. Everything is straightforward except for the manipulation of the VESSEL.rot quaternion that expresses the vehicle attitude (presumably in Kerbin's frame of reference). I put the same craft in both places and observed the quaternion values, K and B. Then I wrote code that, for a vessel at KSC with quaternion 'p', performed the computation q = B.(Kinv.p) The idea is to use Kinv to back out the orientation for K and then use B to orient the vehicle for the destination. I am aware that quaternion multiplication is not the same as quaternion rotation. First difficulty is that I found I had to use different numbers for the categories os SPH (horizontal) and VAB (vertical) craft and I suspect flags fall into their own category as well. I thought I had cracked the code but the last teleport attempt was of a Screechcraft Starship and it arrived at Baikerbanur in a devilish twist. All of this is (necessarily) outside of Unity for the moment, but I wondered if any sage advice might be proferred? I've had half a shot at writing a real r.q.rinv rotation but it does not look promising. Another way of looking at this would be to find a rotation that is equivalent to rotating from KSC to Baikerbanur. Both have known coordinates, e.g.: KSC: lat = -0.097168916153244286 lon = -74.557681735503166 BKB: lat = 20.652140227285638 lon = -146.42383127125942 Any thoughts about this would be appreciated.
  4. So when i was building a new spacecraft for my game, my computer crashed, resulting in a broken save file. It says "Error Accesing this save" and "Argument cannot be null. " under the first error message. I really don`t wan`t to lose my save file because i already played on it for 60 Hours. Is there anything i can do ? This is my first thread, so i hope this is the right section.
  5. Here are the symptoms: I'm running 1.1.2, and using multiple backup savefiles which I transfer between computers, for ReasonsTM. Savefile A is at a Universal Time (UT) of year 1, day 1 and Savefile B is at year 7 day 45. Both of these dates show up in the savefile selection menu. Now, suppose I start in Savefile A and then load Savefile B, everything in B is as it should be except that the UT clock is at Y1D1, matching Savefile A. Examining the FLIGHTSTATE section of the .sfs I find that Savefile B does indeed have a UT of 56180909.2327814 corresponding to the correct date. But when I play from B the UT clock shows Y1 D1, and the planets etc. are all in positions corresponding to that date. So: from where else could the game possibly be getting time value other than in the FLIGHTSTATE section? I am running several mods including Kopernicus, EVE, KER and a couple of others but this seems like more of a stock issue. Thanks!
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