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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I can't scan resources on asteroids with surface scanner module, What can be the reason ?
  2. I just started tinkering with the big planet scanner and have a couple questions... I scanned Minmus for instance and found there was Ore in some places to drill for and convert to fuel. ...but I also notice a bunch of other minerals and so forth listed. I am wondering if any of these non-ore deposits are more efficient to drill for and convert to fuels? Is there something that converts more efficiently to Oxidizer or Liquid Fuel for instance? If the answer is NO, is there currently any gameplay related to the different resources? ...are some more profitable? Secondly, I haven't quite grasped how to use the scanners. I have a satellite in orbit with the big expanding dish one, and the little hexagon that spins around. I realize the hex gives more detail on a sector, but not sure if that info is getting stored or transferred via Kerbnet? How do I use that one correctly?
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