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  1. Hello, I am currently trying to learn how to use scatterer to make my own configs and atmospheres. However, I can’t find any tutorials or ways to learn how to use this mod. Is there a place or forum to learn how to make configs for scatterer? Thanks for replying in advance!
  2. New Horizons doesn't come with visual enhancements, so I went in to fix that. This mod is in the Public Domain. You can share it and remix it. As I was writing this I made a download so.... Here Can we move this to add on releases?
  3. This problem has never happened to me before; while I was doing an interplanetary burn to Duna, I turned around and the sunflare wasn't aligned. Mods: Scatterer (atmosphere folders deleted, shouldn't be the problem) Near Future Electrical Near Future Solar B9 Part Switch Near Future Propulsion Community Resource Pack SCANsat Mechjeb EVE (Para sci high peformance pack) -BoulderCo Making History (Squad Expansion) Tracking Station Evolved NOTE: The flares seem to only move along the Y axis, relative to the camera. Images:
  4. [Removed by moderation] Ok yes it was taken down I am to busy to maintain this but it is pretty much KSPRC adapted to new versions. You see I didn't think people would care and yes most people don't but I will work on this and maybe someday release this without legal issues and stuff. But at the moment I i'm to busy so i am sorry and honestly I don't care anymore. Maybe some day when @Proot bothers to answer replies when i'm out of college I will remake this mod but right now i'm to busy and yeah i'm in middle school so yeah. So use this instead: or until i get premission it will
  5. I've been having a problem with the mod scatterer recently, and it stopped using Kerbin's clouds. In the menu, it says it's using Laythe's "clouds" config and has none.
  6. My apologies if a solution for my problem is already available. I have tried forum and thread and Google searches, but could find nothing similar to what I'm experiencing. In certain circumstances, when I'm using Scatterer and WindowShine together, I get a visual glitch, which is a rapid and irregular flickering arc, or segment( I forget the correct maths term to use), of a circle. This arc is sky blue in colour. Examples in pictures - I had to spam F1 for a screenshot which captured the glitch:- Picture one, in which the glitch is showing itself on the left hand side Pic
  7. Here is a tutorial on how to install Scatterer (and other mods) manually:
  8. Hello, I have a 1.22 version of the game with Realism Overhaul, real solar system, scatterer, planetshine, and real solar system environmental visual enhancements. I just started, and my skies have turned very weird colors, whether I am in space, at the KSC, or in the tracking station/map. I am pretty sure that this is caused by one of the previous mods, but I really would like to use them, so I am wondering if there is any fix that someone can think of. I have many other mods, though I have played without the visual ones and never had this issue In my 1.3 stock planets version I installe
  9. This is a problem I have in all three of my 1.3 games; one is modded with 52 mods and the other is my "galactic playground" for building a new solar system mod. But now, I've got a lot of light. Any suggestions?
  10. I am having some visual bugs with E>V<E and/or scatterer and/or sci fi visual enhancements. So basically there is a weird ring around the sun and i also have distant object enhancement and was looking at jool and saw that it too had the bug. I have included some screenshots so you can see what is happening. If you know what is causing this or how to fix it please leave a reply
  11. Hey all. It's just a question, so I'll be quick. I installed RSSVE, but is it compatible with scatterer and planetshine? I found scatterer and planetshine by default, not rss configuration. So I am afraid of make my game crash or textures incompatible. Any idea?
  12. Good evening all. I have run into a Dilemma while trying out the KSP ADDON Scatterer. When piloting over the water, there are white pixels outlining the craft. Furthermore, when flying low altitude over land, there is a white-line-tear through the ground that follows me when flying and turning camera. please help? White-Pixles: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/842587193160906139/EED1E85A82D0A6ABB1316147792C70A375B51CCC/ Ground-Tearing: https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/842587193160901359/7E7A4986626BAB6AAD43C4AC3EB33F947B9AFD23/ Thanks in advanced
  13. About to land my (odd looking) lander probe which will do research of the craters in the Mün.
  14. Hi, I'm not new to KSP, but I'm still having troubles. I want my planets to look like in Matt Lowne's videos. But it's obviously not as simple as just enabling EVE, Scatterer, etc on CKAN. The mods I'd like to use are: EVE, SVE, SVT, and Scatterer. I don't really care about any other mods, I simply want my universe to be moar realistic that the lame stock planet graphics. So, when I enable EVE followed by Scatterer, I get the realistic atmosphere look I wanted. But when I go to enable SVE, the "Apply changes" button is grayed out. If I enable SVE first, it says it includes EVE, howev
  15. I might be getting a new graphics card soon, so in the mean time, or if I don't get it, are there any tips to have a higher FPS when you're using EVE and scatterer?
  16. So I've just downloaded my first Graphic mods - EVE + Scatterer. They work but.. look a bit glitchy. http://imgur.com/a/u9D1E Is it just me and it looks absolutely normal or..?
  17. Hard to compete with the Scatterer Tsunami, but here's some footage I set to The Wormhole from the Interstellar Soundtrack. And some stills, for good measure.
  18. Just a short clip testing out some crazy scatterer effects. Pretty weird and awesome how you can customize the water effects so drastically
  19. Is scatterer (the visual mod) compatible with EVE? How about Planetshine? Or better, are there any incompatibilities with other graphics mods? Thank you!
  20. Jeb takes in the eclipsed sunrise at the lauch pad. Scatter and EVE at work together in KSP1.1(x64)
  21. Tell me what you think. Enjoy
  22. I just started playing with Scatterer and SVE to see if I can get prettier videos out of my KSP playtime. I'm a bit surprised to see a visible reduction in performance on an otherwise decent PC. Consider a Core i7 (i4771) PC with 32 GB RAM and a GeForce GTX 760 graphics card. Stock KSP using Direct3D v9 (-force-d3d9) seems OK delivering 60 FPS +/- 5 FPS consistently. Direct3D v11 (-force-d3d11) produced a sawtooth performance graph fluctuating wildly between 30 FPS and 160 FPS, and played fairly roughly that it was almost unplayable. OpenGL (-force-opengl) produced a different kind of saw
  23. I just wanna know if it is worth it to download. I've been eyeing this mod for a while now and I'm not sure if I should download it or not. I want to know the opinion of others who installed it.... Many thanks.....
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