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  1. Have a nice day, I would say first that English is not my native language, so if you don’t fully understand my writing, I ask for your understanding. Feel free to fix it if you have patience. Thanks. If you have any questions I will be happy to discuss the topic.I love the sci-fi genre and this will also be visible on the ships built. I am not an experienced professional KSP mod maker. I’m more of an avid amateur and I make little additions out of my own amusement.Ships are also featured, and so all the craziness I use in ksp. Here I am just presenting, explaining things, nothing can be downloaded for the time being because it does not reach the quality.I may sometimes change my posts for beautification. (I usually think of more data as pictures, etc.) I take care I promise the responses will stay current. That is, all posts will always be valid and current. I hope I don't cause anyone a problem. The point, I figured out, is to share the work that is being done in the shed. You can say your opinion, I also welcome constructive criticism. Also thanks to the forum operators for their work and the opportunity. Thanks guys! So welcome here!
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