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Found 5 results

  1. I have 7085 science hanging around in low Gilly orbit. Should I just transmit it all back to kerbin, or should I send a crewed mission to Gilly so that I could use the science lab and extract, like what, 36000 science????? I have a couple of mods, so my tech tree is a bit bigger... Also, the Science Lab is too overpowered!! EDIT: I am playing a science save, 200% science returns.
  2. "Field tests of our new science equipment is a common practice, that gives us a lot of valuable information. However this procedure is really time consuming. That's why Kerbal Space Center signed contract with Kerbal Environmental Institute to do this boring job for us." Interview with Gene Kerman - KSC flight director. Kerbin Weekly. Get science from KSC "biomes" in one click. Warning!!! May give you unexpected science boost!!! Using [x] Science! is recommended, to keep things clear. Tired of poking around KSC measuring pressure at R&D
  3. Just a thought: what if there was dogs that you could, for the early space program part, send into space for science! ( more science if you recover them, like all experiments) also for the lolz, dog EVAs or animals in space in general.
  4. The best demonstration of Lenz's law (iirc) that I have seen.
  5. This here is a list of the scientific achievements done by IRVEES. Here, there will be milestones and important events that the IRVEES program has gone through, along with important discoveries that don't exactly relate to exoplanets. Keep in mind that there won't be any specific exoplanet discoveries here; They will be on another forum thread. 6-14-16 Detecting the transit of HAT-P-22b and observing the star's binary companion. Imaging the galaxy M106 and its possible companion NGC 4248. Confirming the newly discovered asteroid XL16A7 (nicknamed "Bob").
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