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Found 10 results

  1. Hi guys! This time I made 5M science only from the Mun. Enjoy the video:) And I'm looking for someone to write down a sentence for the flag. Please comment down below. Also hope you guys subscribe to my channel. That's what motivates me:)
  2. I have an idea for a science lab mod and habitation it is a Mk1 crew cabin but repurposed as a science lab. it has a couple wires running around the outside and the interior has a laptop on the desk and a lab vitals. it also has another seat in the corner for another scientist. edit: i found out this is in KNES another part is a habitation moudle , its a crew cabin but instead of a table inside there is a bunk bed that can hold 2 kerbals. the exterior window also has the black outline around the outside like the science lab i would do this myself but i have no idea how to code so im a bit stumped. haha
  3. Hi, I'd like to edit the science lab in a .cfg to make it less OP. Few questions regarding ModuleScienceConverter : - " dataProcessingMultiplier = 0.5 // Multiplier to data processing rate and therefore science rate " -> If I tweak this down, say to 0.1 will this make research slower ? - " scientistBonus = 0.25 //Bonus per scientist star - need at least one! So 0.25x - 2.5x " -> can I totally disable this feature ? And if yes, how... - " researchTime = 7 //Larger = slower. Exponential! " -> Is there an upper limit for this value ? Can I go above 10 for instance ? Thanks a lot !
  4. My science lab doesn't convert data when it should be. Looking at it now, it has 688.7 data, and 447.6 science. Two scientists are aboard. It lists a science production rate of 9.29 per day, but the "science" quantity does not update even when it has power and the "Research" status says "researching". But as soon as I do a bit of time acceleration to x5, the science begins to increase. Why does science production yes/no depend on time acceleration? It also seems that science is not produced unless the focus is on the lab. However, there must be some unknown condition that works, because I have somehow accumulated 447.6 science, even though it is not now increasing. What conditions are necessary to get the lab to work even when I am off doing other things with my other missions?
  5. So.. I'm one of the 4k+ hour players like many on here... and I've decided to start a new campaign and challenge myself a little / give myself something to do. The goal: Have a single science lab process each and every piece of science in the Kerbol System. On top of that.. it would be fun to see just how high I can get that science number. So.. I read that the value you get from the report when turned into data is dependent on the location of the science lab at the moment when you convert it. It wasn't perfectly clear.. but it did mention a distinction between orbit and landed.. and that landed on Kerbin was worthless compared to being in orbit. My question: Is the modifier when converting science reports into data in a science lab a direct result of the modifier for that location? Example 1: Landed on Kerbin is a 0.3x modifier, while being in high orbit is 1.5x Eample 2: High orbit of Kerbol is 2x, low orbit is 11x. If I'm understanding this correctly... No matter where you get the science reports from on/around each body... the best place to convert the science reports into Data is: Kerbol - Low Orbit Kerbin - High Orbit Jool - Low Atmosphere (good god!) All other planets - Landed. Is this correct? Am I missing anything? Trying to design my campaign / vessels / missions and these little details will matter greatly. Currently contemplating a mobile land base with refineries to act as a refueling station for a ship to bring in science from around planets.. before the whole thing takes off to go to the next world. THANKS!! EDIT: I should really do something about my insanely outdated sig
  6. I know there have been quite a few discussions about the game balance on the Science Lab / MPL, but I wanted to get all my thoughts down in one place. In my mind, the part is possibly the biggest gameplay problem in the game today. I'll start with a few opinions about the current state of affairs: -The current lab's science processing function is hideously overpowered. 5x science output, without the need to even return the sample to Kerbin (which would get you even more points), is crazy. It's way too easy to max out on science just by doing this. Among other things, this devalues going interplanterary. I think it's already too easy to max out on science just by strip-mining the Mun and Minmus, but the lab makes this problem even worse. -Time is not a meaningful limit on the lab's effectiveness, since for the most part you can warp ahead with impunity. By the same token, scientist experience levels, which only effect research speed, don't matter. (This is the same problem with engineers and mining, but that's well beyond the scope of this rant.) -The current processing function is counterintuitive, and generally not much fun to use. The science vs. data distinction is confusing, especially to new players. It does not make sense that all samples are destroyed when you feed them into the lab (I can buy this for physical experiments like the goo or Science Jr., but not for temperature readouts). Having to bring up two samples (one to feed to the lab, the other take home), is fussy, but is at least is a little easier now with the science container. And since you can't tell what experiments you've already fed to the lab, it's hard to remember what you need to collect if you do want to keep feeding the thing. Finally, having to go back and transmit every time stored science gets to 500 is annoying, especially if you're doing large warps for an interplanetary trip. -Allowing repeat processing of the same experiment is ridiculous and makes the MPL even more game-breaking. Limiting it to one processing per experiment per MPL is not a significant limitation, since it's easy to just launch another one (and you may do that incidentally, by upgrading your main space stations). -While realism is not always necessary, the lab just does not make all that much sense. Why can two Kerbals floating in space get 5x more knowledge from a sample than all the assembled (but admittedly, fairly dumb) scientists back on Kerbin? I do get that there would be some additional knowledge from analyzing a surface sample from the environment it came from. But not 5x more. And again, this rationale does not hold up for something like temperature readings, which are just data. -The MPL's other features (resetting science experiments, enabling KerbNet, and leveling up Kerbals) are fine, and serve to make the MPL kind of a remote hub for your activities, which I think is a good thing. But these features aren't all that useful by themselves, and they don't have all that much to do with the part being, you know, a science lab. -I don't want to sound like I'm opposed to using the lab to get science points. I very much want to have a science lab up in space, doing science stuff. That just seems like one of the things you should be doing in a space simulator, and it's one of the main reasons to have a space station or surface base. The game should reward you for doing this, by providing some (reasonable) output of science or other resources. Moreover, I want my scientist Kerbals to have a function (resetting experiments is fine, but again, not enough by itself). And I want leveling up your scientists to help you in some meaningful way. All that said, what would be a good method to fix the MPL into something that's balanced, still useful, and more fun/intuitive to use? Frankly, I don't claim to have a complete answer. But here are some suggestions, some or all of which might be involved in a given fix. -Scrap the current "MPL eats experiments, generates a new resource called data, eats the data and then poops out massive science points" mechanic. It's bad. Just bad. But at least, cut the output back to something more reasonable, and remove the repeatability in different labs. -Use the lab as a means to get most or all the "recover" value of experiments without having to send them back to Kerbin manually (I think the lab did something like this in the early versions?). Maybe scale the recovery value to the experience level of the scientists operating it. This goes with the idea that the MPL is not "better" at science than the folks back home; it's just more convenient. To make this function meaningful, they might have to decrease radio transmission values relative to fully recovered values. That is fine by me, again especially for goo and the other physical data samples. -Perhaps provide a small science bonus for analyzing the physical samples in the SOI or biome in which they were found. -Offer contracts to go out and get a particular sample from a particular biome, and take it back to an MPL for testing. This makes a lot of sense - suppose the Kerbin State University just got a grant to test the soil for the Mun's East Crater for the presence of isoexplodium or something, and they want you to help out. These contracts could reward you with both cash and fairly significant amounts of science. -When "launch a space station" contracts require a science lab, require it to be manned by scientists. This would be a more significant issue for stations outside Kerbin's SOI. -It's probably fine to leave the other auxiliary functions of the MPL as is. They're just not that big of a deal. It might make more sense to limit the level-up function to scientists, but on the other hand it might be odd if there were no comparable level-up methods for the other classes. I still feel like there's something missing, though. I would like to have a reason to put my Kerbals up there and have them sit around sciencing, like on the ISS. And none of my suggestions get to that all that well. But maybe that's just an inherent problem when time is basically unlimited unless you're using a life support mod of whatnot. Sorry for the lengthy rant. Feel free to add any other ideas for rehabilitating this poor misunderstood part!
  7. After taking a break from KSP around this time last year, I'm back enjoying all the KSP goodness. But has the way the science lab handles experiments changed whilst I way away? I used to be able to copy across the data gathered from my landing missions across to the science lab and still return that same data to Kerbin for the Science Points. I've just built myself a new Mun orbital lab, then landed in a new Munar biome and conducted a set of experiments. When I returned to the lab and clicked on the "flask" icon, so the scientists could get on with some research, the data seems to have vanished. Is it still possible to use the lab as before, or is data now consumed when transfered across? In other words, do I need to conduct two missions, one to add data to the lab and another to return data to Kerbin? Apologies if this has been asked before. I did a forum search, bit couldn't find anything relevant.
  8. I've placed my first space station in orbit on my new 1.1 career. I have a science lab crunching away at some data and I noticed that apparently in 1.1 once you put an experiment in the lab you don't get it back to be recovered or transmitted. My question is, once the lab finishes processing the data from these experiments, should I transmit it or recover the lab? What made me doubtful about this is the following note in the changelog: "Labs with science can now be recovered for science." So will i get the typical penalty if I transmit the generated science instead of recovering it, or does this just refer to recovering experiments that weren't processed? Thanks in advance.
  9. Is There A way to add a Science Lab to the probe - rover -base thingy? Like with a "0" crew requirement? I made a curiosty rover replica and i would like to have a science lab onboard like the real thing.
  10. For the last few (in-game) years, i've been focused on completing my main goals before 1.1 arrives. This means that i haven't collected Science points from my bases for a long time. When i finally did so yesterday, this happened: "-923 Science added". Is that a bug or a result of leaving a full lab untouched for too long? I'm using the "Science points for funds" strategy, but i always receive a few science points (usually 5 to 15) and lots of funds. I've checked two bases on the Duna system and one on the Mun. They all have the same problem: the first two had 500 Science points but the output was widely different. The last one, on the Mun, had a bit less than 100 Science points. So, is this a bug or a consequence of not caring about a lab for too long?
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