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Found 9 results

  1. This is the first time I'm posting any question in this forum. The problem I'm facing has been bugging me for some time now and I can't find any discussions on it anywhere. I'm playing version I don't have any mods installed, I'm strictly against them. I know that in this version single use experiments like mystery goo and materials bay can be reset by a scientist on eva(no need for labs). I've done it already with my mk1 rover. Recently built a mk2 plane with a mk2 cargo bay and loaded it with all science equipment including a goo canister and material bay.I tested the desig
  2. Hello, I just discovered that when an experiment is performed from a command module on a vessel it gives 6 times less data for the MPL than doing so by a scientist on EVA. Is this correct?
  3. Sorry if this has been mentioned before, but it would be quite cool if Kerbal scientists had an option to become specialised in a certain science at a certain level, or in science mode. For example: a scientist could become a geologist: less science from space, but much more from surface samples/reports, or physicists who get much more data from siesmometers, gravioli detectors and thermometers.
  4. I think they should add an optional upgrade to the space centre that allows you to add scientist and pilots to it. Could be called supply command or Virtual command center , but its function could be to have scientist 'compute' trajectories for planets/systems that have already been explored. The level of trajectory accuracy and compute time could be based on the buildings level and scientists level. The other component of this building could be the remote control of ships by pilots. I know in my career game i have multiple ships doing things. if pilots could be used to control ships bas
  5. Hey Guys, I have a huge problem. I can´t remove science from any science objektive, with any scientist!! I cant! I try to remove it with Bob Kerman and it says "you need a scientist to remove science correctly. Bob is a scientist, why does it not work???
  6. Hey Guys, I have a huge problem. I can´t remove science from any science objektive, with any scientist!! I cant! I try to remove it with Bob Kerman and it says "you need a scientist to remove science correctly. Bob is a scientist, why does it not work???
  7. When a scientist takes data from the mystery goo, he gets a strong warning "this module can only be restored by a scientist!". Duh, I am a scientist! This warning would be appropriate for a pilot or engineer taking the data, but certainly not when the data is being taken by an actual scientist? The warning should probably be omitted when it's a scientist taking the data, or at the very least phrased differently. Maybe even restore the goo automatically, since there's no good reason a scientist would intentionally take data and not restore the goo afterwards. (Same goes for Science Jr
  8. Apparently scientist become useless end game in career mode. So why not use them for trajectory calculations? You can upgrade one of the buildings that allow for trajectory calculations if a scientist is in there. The higher the level the more accurate, efficient and optional trajectories that you will get. Also a higher level means faster results (or having more than one). Scientist can only work out trajectories for places that you have already explored; meaning you still have to have fun exploring. To get a trajectory you can select the craft and then the orbit/land you wish to go to with i
  9. Disclaimer: I am assuming there are mods for some of these ideas (I don't use mods just because i'm lazy, although I think modding improves games), I think it would be good to see them in game as part of the game in career mode to improve the career environment and story line. My ideas revolve around trying to make career mode more enjoyable rather than a grind and to improve the inclusion of engineers, scientist and pilots to some extent: Scientist could be used to map vectors to planets that have already been orbited by a scientist. the higher level the scientist the quicke
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