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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, everyone! I'm very excited to release this. Thanks to @linuxgurugamer and @pizzaoverhead, I was able to create almost an entirely new soundtrack to Kerbal Space Program. I'll give a little bit of background about myself later, but here's what's included in the download. Description Over two hours of original music, composed and mixed by myself - inspired by Kerbal Space Program. There are specific songs for in and out of atmosphere on different worlds, specific songs for construction or space, specific songs for the influence of different bodies, and re-orchestrated and recorded/mixed a new version of the opening titles, using my composing software and libraries. The tone of music here is not stockalike. More about that below. What's Required In order to hear all this music, you need to have Soundtrack Editor Forked installed, along with its dependencies: Click Through Blocker, Toolbar Controller, and SpaceTux Library. These are not included in the download file here. You must get them on your own. Technical Details This adds a significant amount of music to the game, with songs ranging from 2 minutes to 6 minutes long. Expect a little bit of a hiccup every now and then when a new song is loading. Each song is exported as an .OGG file to try to help with compatibility. To Install Simply replace the Music and Playlist folder in the Soundtrack Editor mod with those in this mod. About Me This project has been a personal project I've wanted to do for years. In 2014 or 15, the KSP social media accounts shared some music of mine from SoundCloud that I had written, inspired by the game. I saw a lot of people really like that music, and when I found out about Soundtrack Editor, I always wanted to do this. Now, several years later, I finally found the motivation and time to do so! I'm a composer for short films, indie games, podcasts etc so composing music is not only part of my income, but a part of my daily life. I take a lot of pride in my music (I've even won an award for one of my scores!) and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. The tone of the music I created for this project ranges from electronic to drone and ambient. I used a lot of synthesizers (both hardware and software) as well as orchestral libraries and live recordings of instruments I own to make this. It's very much inspired by artists such as Ólafur Arnalds, Jóhann Jóhannsson, Hildur Guðnadóttir, Hans Zimmer, Benjamin Wallfisch, and Rutger Zuydervelt. I wanted to make something that gives a different tone that stock KSP. The construction songs are still more upbeat, using electronic instruments and lo-fi beats, but once you get out of the VAB/SPH it's a different feel entirely. I do want to note: unfortunately I never got to Moho and Dres. They were the last two bodies that I was going to compose for, but I recently accepted a short film score and I didn't want to distract myself further from that. So for now, Moho and Dres are using the same track as Mun. Hopefully that's okay! Anyways, that's all for now I suppose. Post feedback below! License: If you like this music or the mods I do, please consider donating! Future I humbly request that you don't listen to this music outside of the game. I ask that you use your favorite free streaming service to listen to this music outside of the game. This way, I get (a very, very tiny amount of) money per stream. If you want to purchase the album, you certainly can, but I would ask that you donate directly to me instead (using the button below), otherwise major services get a cut of that amount. Selected songs from this mod are available under the album title "Celestial."
  2. How to measure the efficiency of a gravity turn To make my gravity turn challenge a bit more interesting the scores will be given as percentage scores. I have seen percentage scores used in game reviews, school tests and what not - so it must be a cool score measure right? I post the score description to this separate post in case anyone wants to discuss and/or refine the idea. Gravity turn efficiency score Imagine that we can send our vessel to orbit by doing two short powerful explosion-like burns. First a burn that will shoot us all the way to space, a burn of strength "v" (for vertical) say. Then, just above Kerbin's atmosphere our positive vertical speed runs out, and we do another burn to quickly accelerate to orbital speed, a burn of strength "h" (for horizontal) say. I imagine this 'burn model' as depicted in this (first) figure. Now imagine another way to send the vessel to orbit. Maybe we don't need to shoot the vessel all the way to space with the first burn. Instead we only clear the thicker part of the atmosphere with the first burn, and then we angle the second burn to take care of both the needed "h" (horizontal component) burn and the missing part of the "v" (vertical component) burn. I imagine that this improved 'burn model' looks like this (second) figure. The idea of the score is to make a guess for how much total burn strength it would take to first burn and fly vertical and then burn and fly horizontal. We could call this our worst case budget. Once we know how much burn we actually used in total in some instance, we expect to see that we did better than our worst case budget. Compare the actual total burn (i.e. fuel used) with the burn from the second figure to assess if the saving is large (i.e. a large alpha) or small (i.e. an alpha just barely above zero). Interpretation of alpha We pick some "worst case budget" as a reference and can then assign an alpha to the actual total burn that we record. The interpretation is that a negative alpha value means we used more fuel than our "worst case budget". We should, in theory, avoid this, as it implies we could save fuel simply by flying straight up and then accelerate along the horizon. In practice though, we might fly an inefficient path for non-fuel related reasons. An alpha of around zero percent means that our fuel usage turned out to match our "worst case budget". An alpha of 100 % is interpreted as the theoretically ideal composite of the vertical and horizontal burns. If the gravity turn efficiency is even better than that, then alpha rises to above 100 %; maybe that is achievable for space planes - time will tell. Technically alpha, as calculated by the formula below, can surpass infinity, but that requires a ridiculously cheap launch trajectory to orbit. Formula Label the actual burn strength total as "t", and the vertical and horizontal components of the worst case budget as "v" and "h" respectively. Assuming that "t" is larger than "v", alpha is equal to (h^2-(t-v)^2)/(2*v*(t-v)) . The Kerbal 1-5 case [edit: for KSP version 1.2.1] Let us take a "Kerbal 1-5" budget as an example. I have uploaded a KSP version 1.2.1 budget, that may be used to score the entries in this challenge. Budget and scoring spreadsheet The budgeted vertical and horizontal components are 2239 and 2220 m/s of vacuum delta-V. The delta-V potential of the stock configured Kerbal 1-5 is 4398 m/s, assuming the main throttle is kept closed until the boosters are done. The budget indicates that, if you fly straight up to 70 km before turning, then the rocket cannot make it to orbit. Notice that in practice, even if launching vertically, we probably want to turn the rocket towards the horizon before we reach 70 km, so the budget is really for a quite hypothetical worst case scenario. The threshold for an alpha-score of 100 percent is to get to LKO (70 km) using only 3153 m/s of delta-V. To me that goal seems unattainable. On the other hand, perhaps 3153 m/s is not an unreasonable indication of the upper bound for the gravity turn efficiency of the stock Kerbal 1-5. By the way, the reason the spreadsheet says "NO SCORE" is because the challenge is for an 80 km orbit, so 70 km is too low.
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