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Found 9 results

  1. Hi Guys I am troweling around for a couple of old posts from 2014, 2015 and 2016. One of the posts I am looking comes from someone whose username I cannot remember, however I remember he/she had a distinct signature of green eyes (possibly taken from the cyberpunk trailer?) and also that the account (again, I think) was at some point on the moderation team. Does anyone know of an account that would match this description? Thanks in advance
  2. Hello everyone! I've always wondered if there was a good visual mod, that makes the system beautiful, without taking a horrendous amount of processing power. I have EVE, and it works greats, but it's boring on places without atmospheres, and scatterer destroys my computer. Astronomer's visual pack turns my computer into lava, and pretty much there isn't a good visual mod that I can run well besides EVE. Stock looks fine, but it just isn't that beautiful compared to with visual mods. So is there a good visual mod that a mid-end computer can run well, that also provides a good amount of visua
  3. So I've noticed that there is no main thread for people searching for specific mods. This really didn't seem right as I've been searching for certain mods in the past and had no where to turn to. As a result I'm starting this thread in the hopes that it takes off and offers people a place to ask what certain mods are. And for the start of this thread I'll ask: what mod are these solar panels from? Link - http://m.imgur.com/TiDdtLC?r
  4. Hi, I had the following issue: I have a very enormous parts-list. I like the whole "kid in the candy-store" approach, so I have n+1 mods installed. Where n is about twice the number of mods a reasonable person would have. My "GameData" folder, not counting the "Squad" subfolder, is about 4 Gigabytes. Yes. Don't do that. Consequently, my parts list stretches pretty much all the way to Minmus and back. To find something specific, the search-box presents itself. I even use it with QuickSearch. However. The very first letter I enter, KSP would try to instantly show me all the parts where th
  5. [WIP] PartFinder v0.2 WHO: This tool is for modders, or those who want to have control over their modded installs parts. (Windows) WHY: I wanted to have a tool, wich can scan the GameData folder and lists all parts from any mod, by name and in-game title so I can find them easily. And then I wanted a mechanism to create prune files automated. WHAT: - Lists all parts and of the GameData Folder with Name and path (right-click and click on "Path: ..." to open the file) - Easy creation of prune files - Applicaiton of prune files or lists of prune files - Automat
  6. So the other day I was thinking it's still a pain to find the part you want when I noticed the search box over the top of the parts. I was gobsmacked. When did that get added? I think part of me subconciously KNEW that there wasn't a search box so edited it out of my vision or something. All I know is that whoever added the darn thing I need to shout out THANK YOU VERY MUCH - YOU'RE AWESOME at the top of my lungs. Oh and ironically, when I searched for anything about it on here... the search engine failed to find anything on the other search engine. Probably inter-search-engine-competiti
  7. So, I've been watching a lot of streamers for KSP, and just playing a lot of KSP lately, and I've noticed something: Finding craft files are a pain for me, and probably for others as well. When the search was implemented for parts, it was great, and you could use keywords to find parts, I propose a way to save your craft with tags (if you wish), and be able to use those tags to find your craft file with ease. This way, you could search for a craft file by its name or by a tag you gave it. Another thing that could be done, is implementing a folder system, so you can categorize your crafts
  8. I am not certain if anyone has suggested this in the past, but I was curious if there could be in the next or future KSP release(s) a simple Vehicle and Subassembly name search in the list like the part search that was added in 1.1 so players with hundreds to thousands of vehicles and subassemblies saved, like me, could find vehicles faster than having to scroll through them all. If not, is there a way to mod it into KSP like the part search before version 1.1? Thank you for your time in reading this, Jason
  9. This has bothered me ever since the new forums came into being. When I search with the sort order set to "Relevance" and then do the same search again right away with the sort order set to "Date", I'm not *really* changing my mind and searching again. I'm getting the search I wanted the *first* time but had no means of selecting in the forum software. Can we please have the sort order selectable on the advanced search screen so I don't have to keep searching twice back to back? Every time the search screen tells me I need to wait a bit before searching again, I feel like saying b
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