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  1. Project Seeker Custom Kerbal applications So, just tell me your Kerbal's rank (bluesuit or "apprentice"-wears Making History, newbie to the KSP, mid-class or "squire"-wears Cetera's Suits, almost a full-fledged Kerbonaut, or specialist or "regular"-wears stock/Scart91's Texture Pack ), personality, boy or girl, vetran (orange-suit), any special power they don't know about (optional), other interests, first name, and, if not in the KSP, job and rank. Remember: This is OPTIONAL. You do not need to make one. My Kerbal is: Name: Hanson Rank: Bluesuit engineer Personality: Calm, curious, unwilling to take risks. Easily grossed out. Other interests: HSP, KerbNet games, snuggling with cute things. Unknown power: Telepathy Gender: Boy
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