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Found 3 results

  1. IT'S ABOUT TIME! I've been playing KSP for almost 3 years! 3 YEARS AND I HAVEN'T GONE TO ALL THE PLANETS YET! So, I will stop all my other projects to do a grand tour. This is a bad choice. Anyway, the first log will come through soon.
  2. The Number Wars 2: Electric Boogaloo The sequel to The Number War: Count to 100 or -100 by @RainDreamer *.*.*.*.* Please check the rules before making your first move. Scoreboard: Positive Negative Winning Poster Team 22 -19 @Dat Kerbal Dude Negative Game Masters Aperture Science *.*.*.*.* --[> Summary <]-- In this game, there are two teams: Negative and Positive. Their goal? Negative wants to count to -100, Positive wants to count to +100. Starting from 0, each team member either adds 1 or -1 the current number to reach ±100. Once ±100 is reached, the winning team is awarded a point, and the current number is reset to 0. *.*.*.*.* --[> Rules <]-- Rules may be subject to change. Players will be notified by means of a reply to this thread by a Game Master regarding it. *.*.*.*.* --[> Badges <]-- *.*.*.*.*
  3. This is simple, whatever vessel it is I can't put or quit crew from it. This is horrible because in testing I go for remote control, but if the root part was for example a Mk3 Cockpit i cant get the crew out, and the vessels designed for transport crew I can't get kerbals into it. If I open Alt+F12 in the console tab it keeps saying this: NullReferenceException : Object reference not set to an instance of an object. If you ask how it doesnt let me choose crew it is just when I click the red cross it does nothing and the exception appears. When I click the green button it does the same and when i drag the icons to a place (like another part) and let it go it teleports to its original place. Any idea?
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