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Found 4 results

  1. Here we are with Gamelinx's planet pack installed. This story will carry over from the Advancing Through Hardships, but this is significantly more orientated towards the actual missions. The beginning will seem brief because I can't wait to start exploring! I have only glanced at the solar system and I am so excited! The game will be played Kerbin sized but maybe in another series I will do 2.5x. Let's us dive into the story. If you want I will add the mod list, but it will take somebody asking for it specifically. Mod list: Here are the list of chapters, each one with the chapter right below the title. I hope this is a convenience instead of a hindrance. Chapter 1: A New Beginning Chapter 2: A New Initiative Chapter 3: A Mun of a Mun Chapter 4: A Golish Scene Chapter 5: A Gollogical Expedition Chapter 6: "We're in Hell Jeb, Everyone is." Chapter 7: A Little Too Much Like Mint Ice Cream Chapter 8: Junior Von Kerman Chapter 9: Olei
  2. Oceans of Emptiness We must Explore the Darkness *The screenshot above was created by @m.kerman Table of Contents 1. Porpoising through the sky 2. Spoilers..........Explosions! 3. Liquid Fueled Rockets are Fun! 4. Make it or Break it 5. Last Chance 6. A Few Too Many Explosions 7. A Thin Line Between Arrogance and Optimism 8. Just a Couple more Failures.............. 9. Project Kerbonaut 10. "We will try again and again until we succeed!" 11. "Kathdred, ready to fly?" 12. "Third Time's a Charm" 13. "At Least it wasn't a Complete Failure" 14. "Don't Push it, Obberty." 15. "Forget Project Goby!" 16. "Olei.....Olei Olei Olei! Olei!" 17. "The Time of the Brotherhood has Begun!" 18. "Brotherhood has Landed" 19. "Brotherhood is Terminated!" 20. "Another day, Another Launchpad." 21. "Running on Fumes!" 22. "We Failed." Game Settings Mod List Mr. Kerman's Vengeance - Transition To those who want to read the story of Mr. Kerman, the link is here. Introduction The Kraken Struck Our entire world disappeared before our eyes. Our entire solar system disappeared. And was replaced with a new one. The Kraken, whom we thought had retreated, had only really been preparing for such an apocalypse. How did we anger the Kraken? Did we explore too much? Or did we not explore enough. These are questions that must be answered by the exploration of this new solar system. And hopefully, we can discern the past from the present. Who knows what lingers on these worlds....... What wonders, what horrors await kerbalkind's exploration to the stars? Only time will tell. - Roland Kerman, Alias Mr. Kerman. Lost Prince of Ollusionia Happy Explosions!
  3. Chapter 1: Joining the Party Chapter 2: Band on the Road Chapter 3: A Hot Gig Chapter 4: A New Riff Chapter 5: Raising the Curtain Chapter 6: Reforming the band Chapter 7: Final Performance MISSION BACKGROUND: YEAR. 1999. LOCATION: THE MOON, TYKO CRATER. A BLACK, RECTANGULAR OBJECT FOUND BY ACCIDENT WHEN RESCUING A KERBONAUT AND RECOVERING A SINGLE PIECE OF THEIR SPACECRAFT. COMPOSITION… UNKNOWN ORIGIN…. UNKNOWN GIVEN NAME… TYKO MONOLITH SIGNAL SENT FROM MONOLITH TOWARDS JOOL. REASON… UNKNOWN YEAR: 2001. LOCATION: VICINITY OF JOOL. SPACECRAFT: K.S.S. DISKOVERY AS SPACECRAFT APPROACHED JOOL’S TWO INNER MOONS… LAYTHE AND VALL… ARL – 202L COMPUTER MALFUNCTIONED. CREW: CO-PILOT BOB KERMAN KILLED BY ARL-202L WHILE OUTSIDE THE SPACECRAFT. COMMANDER JEB KERMAN DISCONNECTED LOGIC CIRCUITS OF ARL-202L. ARL-202L UNIT TAKING A TIME OUT. FINAL MISSION STATUS COMMANDER JEB KERMAN ENCOUNTERED OBJECT BETWEEN JOOL AND VALL. THE OBJECT IDENTICAL TO MONOLITH FOUND ON MUN… EXCEPT IN SIZE. MONOLITH NEAR JOOL IS BIG… LIKE REALLY BIG… YOU WOULDN’T BELIEVE HOW BIG IT IS…… AND DARK… AND SPOOKY. COMMANDER JEB KERMAN LEFT DISKOVERY TO INVESTIGATE. LAST TRANSMISSION FROM COMMANDER KERMAN: “BY THE KRAKEN, IT’S FULL OF SNACKS.” REASON FOR MALFUNCTION OF ARL-202L… UNKNOWN. MEANING OF LAST JEB KERMAN TRANSMISSION… UNKNOWN. LOCATION OF JEB KERMAN… UNKNOWN (PRESUMED DEAD). COMPOSITION OF SECOND MONOLITH… UNKNOWN POSITON OF SECOND MONOLITH… LA GRANGE POINT BETWEEN JOOL AND VALL POSITION OF K.S.S. DISKOVERY… ORBIT OF VALL. CONDITION OF U.S.S. DISKOVERY… UNKNOWN. END MISSION REPORT FILED BY; HEYWOOD KERMAN… DIRECTOR, KERBAL SPACE PROGRAM. 2001. NOTE TO SELF: KNOW MORE THINGS!!! Chapter 1: Joining the Party "By the Kraken, it's full of snacks" "By the Kraken, it's full of snacks" "By the Kra…” The ringtone on Doctor Heywood Kerman’s phone cut short as he tapped its screen, taking a call from KSC security. “Yeee’llo… how can you help me” answered the head of the Kerbal Space Program cheerily. “Uh huh… ok… a strange guy hanging around the tracking station” said Heywood, repeating the message from center security “so why tell me instead of sending one of your minions to check it out… oh you have… and this stranger asked for me. Ok then, I’ll head over there now”. On most days Heywood would have considered posting the minion from security to a less desirable posting for pestering him with this kind of nonsense, like parts retrieval in the arctic. But he was intrigued to know what this stranger had to say, plus it gave him the opportunity to try out his new executive transport pod. Heywood had taken delivery of his new conveyance a few days earlier and he’d only had a couple of opportunities to take it for a spin. As well as saving him time travelling around the center, it also allowed him to glide effortlessly past those less fortunate, less deserving than himself, who had to hoof it around on foot… what a wonderful feeling. On his arrival at the tracking station Doctor Kerman stepped out of the ETP and strode over to the KSC security guard that was waiting there for him. “So how’s the golf cart” asked the security guard. “It’s not a golf cart, it’s an executive trans…” “…port pod” completed the guard. “My boss said to remember to say that… sure looks like a golf cart though, even has some clubs in the back”. Ok… no matter how beautiful the morning was, this guy was getting the arctic posting. “So where is this stranger” queried Heywood. “He’s hiding on the other side of the dish” replied the guard “said he wanted to look like he just snuck up on you when he starts talking”. Ah…. A fellow gamesman mused Heywood, possibly someone worthy of my great intellect; let the games begin. With that thought in mind, Heywood climbed the stairs of one of the mighty dishes that allowed the KSP to both track the position and communicate with its vehicles around the Kerbol system. It was one of the greatest achievements of the KSP, although its communication function had recently started to play up, losing contact with the more far flung of the program’s craft, necessitating the launch of many vehicles, with dishes bolted to them, to act as relays. Having ascended high enough to clearly have the upper hand (well two of them to be precise) over his unseen opponent, Heywood sat down to get his breath back. A moment later a kerbal in a dark suit stepped out from the other side of the dish and walked around its massive base before stopping at the foot of the stairs. “Heeloo… Doctor Heyvood Kirrman?” enquired the stranger. “Kerman… yes, I am he” replied the Doctor “so who might you be?” “Errrr… Might be?… ah, am Dimitri Kerman, chairman of the Kirrbil Institute of Space Science” rolled the ex-stranger. Hmmm… Heywood thought, KISS, the organisation responsible for the only other national space program on Kerbin. He’d heard of these guys and what he’d heard wasn’t good, at least that’s what they all said on NiceBook and Kwitter, so it must be true. “I vish to speak vith you about your problem” stated the kerbal now known as Dimitri, “de problem of your kosonauts dat disappeared”. “Kosonauts… oh you mean kerbonauts” corrected Heywood. “Nyet… kosonauts” counter corrected the chairman of KISS “dat you shoot into space”. What with the comically strong accent and the moustache twirling of this guy, Heywood didn’t trust him one bit. Ok, he didn’t actually have a moustache, but if he did, then he would be twirling it, Heywood was sure of that. “Which disappeared kerbo… er… kosonauts do you mean?” Heywood asked, as they lost those guys all the time. “Kosonauts dat vent to Jool after you dig up mirnolith on Mun” specified the chairman. “How do you know about the monolith” questioned Heywood, then realising that its existence was a huge secret “… er, which monolith… I mean, I didn’t say monolith”. Damm, he’s good thought the KSP director, we only rediscovered a couple of months ago, what we sent those guys to Jool for. The existence of the monolith and the implication that it proved the existence of something other than kerbal life in the universe, had been deemed such a huge secret that memory wipings had been ordered regarding its existence, for all but for a select group who would direct the Diskovery mission. But due to a clerical error, they had also had their memory wiped. It was only when people started asking why there was a large black slab being used as a lunch table in the break room, propped up at one end by a box of files marked “Classified - Top Secret” and a stack of disks at the other, labelled “Diskovery crew mission briefing video – only to be viewed once at Jool” that things fell into place once more. “So the mirnolith dat you say does not exist, vat did you discover about it?” asked Dimitri “all ve know is dat it’s black”. Hmmm…. looks like the game is up thought Heywood, seems like he knows everything. “Nothing, it’s impenetrable” answered the Doctor “we tried everything, on it; flaming rocket fuel, whacking it with a hammer, even threw some super hot chilli sauce on it, nothing worked”. This talk of chilli reminded him that it was at least an hour since his last meal, so he’d better wrap up this conversation quickly so that he could go get himself his 3rd breakfast. “Why don’t you try just saying what’s on your mind” said Heywood, with same curt tone that he reserved for interns that brought him the wrong lunch order. “Well, ve know dat you are building de Diskovery 3 to return to Jool” (the Diskovery 2 had to be scrapped when it was discovered it had been built with all the fuel lines connected the wrong way round) but we are ready to go next month in the Keonov” replied Dimitri. “I thought it was going to be called the “Jool Exploration Ballute Experimental Deceleration Interplanetary Access with Heat shield” asked Heywood. “Da… but we thought Keonov sounded much cooler” replied Dimitri “So you’ll get to Jool first, what of it” said the increasingly hungry and impatient Heywood. “Vell, ve heard dat computer on Diskovery vent a little… la la la” the chairman said, pointing a finger at his head and spinning it in little circles. “If our crew vent onto Diskovery it might do something crazy to dem or Keonov”. “But it was deactivated by Jeb Kerman before he left the ship” said Heywood. “Vell, to be safe ve thinking dat some of yoorr peoples would go on Diskovery first, you know… just to be safe” said Dimitri, wiggling his fingers in front of him as he did so. If he’d been closer to his previous meal and if it wasn’t chicken Tuesday at the KSC (he did so love his chicken) Heywood might have asked “safe for whom?” but instead decided to leave that question for now, after all it wouldn’t be him going on the mission. “Hmmm… I’ll take it up with the politicians, but I might get some problems with taking you up on your offer, you know… with you people being evil and everything. No offense” stated Heywood. “Errr…. none taken” replied Dimitri and then muttered something under his breath, before slinking off towards the perimeter fence. The follow morning saw Doctor Heywood sitting on a bench next to the Secretary of Space Affairs, Victor Kerman, his immediate boss (urghh… how he hated that word) outside the President’s official residence. “Is this some kind of joke” asked Victor. “You want me to go in there” he said jabbing a thumb over his shoulder “and ask him if it’s ok to for some of our fine brave kerbonauts to jump on a KISS ship for a two year trip to Jool”. “Er… yup” replied Heywood. “The same KISS that gave your people that crate of extra strong vodka last New Year and then while you were all passed out, snuck in and stole the entire stock of nuclear engines” Victor queried. “Well they…” Heywood started. “and the same KISS that dug an 80km tunnel under the border, so they could drain one of our subkerbinean liquid fuel lakes” continued the Secretary. “But…” Heywood blurted “Not forgetting the wooonderful gift they gave the president on his re-election” said the Secretary “You remember; the box of rocks, with the message “even these are smarter than you”. “So… you think he won’t be too keen on the idea then?” asked Heywood. Victor Kerman gave Heywood a look that others would have taken as a simple “no… not in the lifetime of this universe” but instead he took it as “This just needs a little bit of the Heywood magic to seal the deal”. “Well we could tell the President that once we get our people on the Diskovery that we won’t tell KISS anything about what we find on board, we could even lie… tell them a bunch of crazy nonsense that no-one understands.” Heywood could sense that for some reason Victor wasn’t quite buying the idea. “Oh… and we could steal stuff from their ship” he offered as a sweetener. Victor tilted his head to one side, contemplating this last idea. They had been on the receiving end of many KISS acts of pilfering over the years; perhaps this would be an opportunity to finally take something from them. “Tell you what, I’ll go in there and speak to the President and you go on the mission” suggested Victor. “Err… what” Heywood blurted, not expecting this turn of events. “Me… go to Jool. Not a chance, do you know how far away that is, do you know how dangerous it’ll be, do you know I have kids” all the while thinking “do you know what they will do to my office while I’m away”. “If I’m going to go in there with your hair brained scheme, then the least you can do is go on the mission to make sure that we get something nice from that ship of theirs” insisted Victor. Heywood had to admit that he did like the “idea” of going to Jool, if not the reality of it. Oh well, at least if he went, he might discover something that he’d get to put his name on. A few days later on a dusty road at the edge of the KSC, Heywood was jogging; engaged in a grilling physical and mental regime to prepare himself for the mission to Jool, accompanied by his son Christopher. “Something beginning with R” shouted the excited child. “Errr… Space Center” replied Heywood “No silly, that don’t begin with R” corrected Christopher. Hmmm… this would be tougher than he’d thought “Railings” Heywood responded “I don’t see railings” replied the child. “Well, they’re planned to be installed next month and they begin with R so I win” stated Heywood with even more pride than usual in his voice, having used four dimensional thinking to take the game. “No you don’t win, they not here… try again” admonished the child. “Ok, ok… er… so… daddy is going on a long trip and I’ll have to sleep most of the way” said Heywood, changing the subject. “Are you gonna die” asked Heywood’s son. “What! No, why’d you say that” said the shocked Heywood. “Well, you go’in on a long journey and it’s with those naaasty KISS people and the people you sent last time all died… and… and… the Kraken, he lives in Jool doesn’t he” listed the child, slightly too excitedly for Heywood’s liking. He had a point though, considered Heywood, there is a whiff of danger about this mission and there hadn’t been a Kraken related incident for quite a while, we’re about due one by now. “Don’t worry… daddy will be back in a couple of years, to tuck you in with a bed time story” said Heywood. “Two years” said the child “I be too old for bed time stories by then. Maybe you take me parachute jump’in” Parachute jumping! The kid was much too like the pilots at the KSC for Heywood’s liking, showing no interest in the exciting world of project management, but two years was a long time, he might have grown out of it by then. Yeah… two years. Next in Chapter 2: On the Road to Jool Heywood meets his other compatriots from the KSC aboard the KISS ship the Keonov as they make their way to Jool. For the complete 2001: A Space Absurdity go here.
  4. Do you have any questions? Any ideas for future videos? Or constructive criticism? Leave them down below, I'm more than happy to answer your questions. Yours, Bluesubstance