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Found 1 result

  1. If you like the mods I make feel free to support me on Patreon or Ko-fi Any donations help fund new tools for better mods! DOWNLOADS Github | SpaceDock License: MIT Credits: Thanks to @CobaltWolf and @Zorg for constantly helping me while making this mod, couldn't have done it without you! Dependencies (Not Included! Make sure to download): Bluedog Design Bureau - This mod makes use of a lot of custom configs from BDB as well as using the J-2 for its TVC Engines (Honestly if you don't have this are you even playing KSP?) Simple Adjustable Fairings - Allows for the very huge, solid and 8 Segmented fairing that sits on top of this rocket. Waterfall - These huge and beautiful engine plumes are thanks to this mod, make sure to grab it! FAQ What is this mod? Why did you make it? I wanted my fellow Sea Dragon fans to have a mod to play with that didn't require the usage of a RSS scaled solar system, was up to date in terms of artstyle, and also was more accurate to the original design study documents published in the 60s. Mods that original added Sea Dragon, most notably, RSSeaDragon, have quite an out dated art style and haven't been maintained for quite a while. I am also the first one to implement the correct expanding nozzle design! Why is this so powerful?! I managed to get to the outer solar system easily! Stock Scale Sea Dragon is designed for usage on a 2.5x / 2.7x Scale Solar System Only. You can choose to use a rescaled stock system, or KSRSS Reborn, or anything of that scale if you choose, as those are what this mod is designed for. How much payload is this rocket able to lift? This mods rocket is designed to lift about 220 in-game tons into an orbit of about 120km in KSRSS or similar scale systems.
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