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Found 17 results

  1. Show off your standard launch vehicles off in this thread! I've noticed that there aren't any or much threads like these. After all, your standard launch vehicles should get appreciation. A launch vehicle is considered standard if you use it over and over again, not just once. My own standard launch vehicle: The Crew Transit Vehicle (CTV) I don't really have a standard cargo launch vehicle, my cargo are usually different. I always have standard Crew vehicles, for just getting to a space station, or an orbital hop. I might build some cargo haulers though.
  2. These are the biggest spacecrafts i have built "Hype Ship" not at all useful, lag is unbearable (1057 parts), over 220m long. its other name is "The Cosmic Titan" in reference to shadowzone's Cosmic Titan. this craft totally was not built to one-up shadowzone lol (though his ship is still really epic and a lot more useful)) Massive colonial ship, 147m long, 2700t full, 700t empty (the orange and gray "antenna" at the front is there because i had no idea what to put there), used in my stock career, its docked to a station and a class E asteroid for sense of scale, those gian
  3. i've finally gotten back into the game after leaving my joystick to gather dust for WAY too long, and here are the designs that i've cobbled together so far! Number 1: The Wildebeest Transport! https://kerbalx.com/Heckspress/Wildebeest-Transport A simple, two-man transport. NOTE: since i'm dumb i used the gemini capsule from Making History as the throwaway crewpod. Will reupload the file when i fix that. FIXED as of 9/6/18 Number 2: The Horsefly! https://kerbalx.com/Heckspress/Horsefly A nimble and speedy 1-man vtol, inspired by Cupcake's many VTOLs
  4. First showcase! Excited! Here i will post my showcase worthy stuff, hopefully this will give people inspiration First off: Concept 1 Explanation: Got this idea while tinkering with big engines. I had the thought "wouldn't be nice to strap a big engine on a small plane?". Stuff happens in KSP
  5. Alright folks, I used to love perusing the old B9 creations showcase and as far as I know one for NFT doesn't exist yet. In the NFT thread it was suggested to me that I start one myself. With the release of 1.3 NFT I think it's the perfect time. There are no requirements other than that your craft use an NFT part or mechanic. Can be current or old, I don't care. I'll update with a few more when I get home today, but I'll start this off now - This craft was designed in pieces and assembled in orbit for one of my many grand tour ideas. Back in .25 I was using Kra
  6. PARA-SCI APPLIED SCIENCES DIVISION In other words, a repository of all craft I have created that I have deemed worthy to share with the public. At present all ships use exclusively stock parts. Some aesthetic-only clipping of batteries, Science instruments, and fuel tanks to a minor degree is involved, but no moving parts are clipped and I've done my best not to "abuse" part clipping to create overpowered fuel tanks, etc. (Essentially I've preserved the "intended" fuel volume using nose cones or fuselage parts). WARNING: All of the download links are broken due to Dropbox changing the w
  7. Crafts from the Asteroid Sentinels A showcase of most of the crafts featured in my graphic novel. I've released the crafts in several sets due to the sheer amount of crafts. Enjoy! The Sentinel Space Telescope/Falcon 9 Asteroid Deflection Mission Mission Very Profitable Asteroid Redirect Mission MOL/Knoll
  8. Well, lets see what you got! All is welcome!
  9. Welcome to SDJ's ships, a random assortment of stuff made available for you, for the first time all in one semi-organized place! More craft will be uploaded frequently so check back to see the latest and greatest designs. First things first, here is the directory of my KerbalX hangars, you can find downloads for most crafts here: https://kerbalx.com/sdj64/hangars Featured Craft: Apollo Replica A replica of the Saturn V, with most of the bells and whistles. Equal consideration was given to accuracy and balance for stock, so the payload and pod are a bit bigger than they s
  10. As The Title says, I have updated Macey Deans SW Battlecruiser to 1.2, In the process I have replaced the outdated weapons, and added utility's essential to modern KSP military craft without overhauling the original ascetic design, so here you go https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpoRtY1EkCQ Craft file will be released tomorrow, just re-checking everything at this point in time
  11. THE BATTLE OF THE DENMARK STRAIT PACK (WIP) This is the project page for the (currently) WIP Battle Of The Denmark Strait pack, and for the battle's 75th anniversary, I'm building the four ships that fought in the cold waters near Greenland in Late May. Currently Prinz Eugen, Bismarck, and Hood are complete: Prince Of Wales's is finished, but under going bug fixing. Mods used in these ships: BDArmory, Community Ammunition Library, Kerbpaint(Not working in 1.1), Naval Artillery System, Tweakscale, and WW2Warships, RealShips, with Vesselmover/Hyperedit as well as any mods r
  12. I present to you: V7's SW-Series Fighter Aircraft Showcase! (Phew, what a mouthful) The Panavian Air Force has ordered for a new series of military aircraft to be manufactured, and V7 Aerospace Industries has developed a brand-new line of aircraft to rule the skies; The SW-Series. New SW-Series designs will be numbered from 1-onwards. The larger, ground strike aircraft will have their names begin with the letter F, while the smaller, air superiority fighters will have their names begin with the letter S The V7 SW-1 Spectre
  13. Hey guys and gals! This is where i dump my crafts and ships when i feel like it.This is in no way organised, so expect this to be a mess of a thread in the future.The mod you will most probably see in use is TweakScale (TweakScale is love, TweakScale is life), and maybe even more in the future.So, feel free to look around! Thanks in general! _________________________________________________________________________________________________ Kerbin Hydrosphere Explorer Mk.1 A small sub for "everywhere and anytime" use.Fits perfectly into a CRG-50 Mk3 Cargo Bay for easy tra
  14. Disclaimer at bottom Ok, its time for another SCF! This week is a collection of craft that happened to catch my eye. It is a little rushed since I didn't know I had been moved up to this week till yesterday. I did find time to do some basic testing of each craft featured though. Anyway enough of my rambling, now for the craft! The Flying Teacup By @waterlubber An interesting little bit of fun. This miniscule craft is great for zipping around the space center. A mere six parts and hilarity and/or frustration will ensue. You will need the Take Command mod to fly this (or
  15. OK! It's time for another edition of Space Craft Friday! I decided to skip the standard disclaimer as I think everyone knows what it says. This week was tricky, a lot of showcase threads were added to the SCE due to the Rocket Builders going away, so finding individual craft was a bit of a challenge! Never the less, I pushed on and found a few little goodies hidden around the SCE. Please enjoy! Let's get started! |Mini VTOL - Minute| By castille7 This little VTOL is probably the cutest thing I've seen! The wing design is quite unique and everything else on the plane lo
  16. Welcome to the Wonky Orbits Spacecraft Emporium, where we showcase everything Wonky Orbits Industries has to offer you! We supply everything from satellites, space stations, crew transporters, interplanetary probes, and aircraft, to cargo jets, trainer jets, and Kold War spysats. Wonky Orbits makes EVERYTHING. We hope that you enjoy our multitude of products and spend more monies! Current Products: Starflyer Jet A small yet agile passenger jet capable of high speed turns and ludicrous acceleration! Download
  17. Editing the original topic to add a few pics of my new 1.1.2 LF only crafts - Arbalester and Ghostrider. They are pretty cheap (53 to 99k) and they have very good range and ROI if used to ferry tourists around Kerbin SOI. Arbalester - Ghostrider ******************************************************************************************************************************** Former releases After a few weeks a small new entry, a single engine 10.8t craft that can lift a single kerbal to LKO and dock, the "Fiery Potato". Cheap
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