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  1. SIMPLEX Propulsion A mod that causes the atmospheric performance of all engines, and offers more natural fuel ratios. DOWNLOAD at Spacedock Requires: Module Manager (not included). Installation: Download from Spacedock (or install from CKAN) Ensure that Module Manager .dll is present in the Gamedata folder (not provided) Extract to Gamedata so that the folder layout looks like Gamedata/AngleCanMods/SIMPLEXPropulsion There will be three .cfg files. - SIMPLEXPropulsionEngines.cfg contains the engine changes. - SIMPLEXPropulsionFuel.cfg contains the fuel ratios and ISRU changes. - SIMPLEXPropulsionUpgrades.cfg contains the Partupgrades and TechTree changes. The Fuel or Upgrade files could be deleted if you don't want to use them. Don't delete the Engines file. Like all SIMPLEX mods, this can be installed by as a standalone mod. Installed as a standalone mod The PartUpgrades will creates nodes with the Stock Tech Tree, and as such the Community Tech Tree as well. It changes the ISRU rates/ratios for converting Ore to LiquidFuel, Oxidizer, but in keeping with the stock processes (please read more below). Installed with SIMPLEX TechTree The PartUpgrades will creates nodes appropriately. Installed with SIMPLEX Resources The ISRU will create Oxidizer from NaturalOre, and LiquidFuel from HydrateOre, and MonoPropellant requiring both. Installed with SIMPLEX Living The ISRU processes (with or without SIMPLEX Resources) will be handled by Kerbalism. Engines The performance of engines in atmosphere only. Vacuum performance remains unchanged. It's purpose is an attempt at forcing the creation of three stage rockets to take off from Kerbin, but retaining the STOCK feel of KSP once in vacuum. The performance at sea level on Kerbin is 70% of stock values. Vacuum performance is unaffected and so the performance improvement as you ascend is far greater rate than stock as it normalises. Engine Block Upgrades Engines that are designed to be used to launch rockets from Kerbin (Swivel, Reliant, Skipper etc.) have Part Upgrades to improve their atmospheric performance to 80% or 90% stock. Vacuum engines (such as Terrier or Poodle), do not have upgrades. These upgrades are available using the Stock Tech Tree,the Community TechTree addon or SIMPLEX TechTree. The cfg file that contains these can be removed at user's discretion. Fuel Ratios and ISRU Engines now utilise a 3:1 mix of Oxidizer:LiquidFuel (stock is 1.1:0.9). This is more in line with a balance between Oxidizer:RP-1 (2.56:1) and Oxidizer:Methane (3.2:1). ISRU rates have been adjusted for Stock Ore, or SIMPLEX Resources. The Small ISRU will now only make Oxidizer. The reason Oxidizer is easier to produce is that in real life, hydrogen to produce fuel is scarcer. Suggested ISRU methods recommend taking hydrogen to produce the furl on site. Oxidizer seems to be able to be produced anywhere. See the bottom of this post for a link for a more in depth discussion by riocrokitee. The cfg file that contains these can be removed at user's discretion. THANKS AND ACKNOWLEDGMENT @Jimbodiah for the inspiration with the config he made for SSRSS. Check it out here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/169534-12x-13x-simple-rss-patch/ @riocrokite for inspiration from SAFIRE and the persuasive work he did with ratios. Check out his mod and explanations here: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/181591-16x-safire-stockalike-adjustments-to-fuels-isru-ratios-and-engines-21-01-2019/. Peace.
  2. The AngleCan TETRIX TechTree 2.14 is now available. Featuring support for, Near Future and Far Future mods, Restock, KSPIE, Kerbalism, and many many more! Now includes start avionics experiment. Now including a fresh avionics experiment for the start of the TechTree! The AngleCan SIMPLEX TechTree 1.21 is now available. Suitable for lightly modded saves. All nodes utilised with Kerbalism and ReStockPlus! Now including a fresh avionics experiment for the start of the TechTree! DOWNLOAD TETRIX TechTree from SpaceDock Requires Module Manager (not included). Licence is as for HPTech Tree = CC-BY-NC-SA http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ Supported mods with part upgrades show additional 'upgrade' nodes requiring further science points to unlock. These will only appear when the supported mods are installed. Supported for upgrades: Kerbalism and KSPIE. From 2.8 the Avionics Nose Cone is available at the Start node, and has a part upgrade to add the SAS functionality later in the tech tree. It also includes an experiment to assist in getting through to the first tier of experiments. The Tech Tree is divided into five branches, each with two or three strands. Each branch is nine tiers long. Each upgrade level of the R&D Building enables three strands. Each tier doubles the cost of nodes. Tiers and Sizes Tier 1 - 15 Science - initial size 1 rocket system parts (1.25m) Tier 2 - 30 Science - size 1 rocket system parts (1.25m) Tier 3 - 60 Science - size 1.5 rocket system parts (1.85m) and advanced rcs system R&D Upgrade Required Tier 4 - 120 Science - size 2 rocket system parts (2.5m) Tier 5 - 240 Science - size 3 rocket system parts (3.75m) and Mk3 spaceplane parts Tier 6 - 480 Science - size 4 rocket system parts (5.0m) and Mk2 spaceplane parts R&D Upgrade Required Tier 7 - 960 Science - size 5 rocket system parts (7.5m) Tier 8 - 1920 Science - OPT, MkIV,Mk-33 spaceplane parts, fusion engines Tier 9 - 3840 Science - Warpdrive Mod support included (not supporting the mods, just included a patch to balance in the techtree!): Breaking Ground Making History ReStock+ Airline Kuisine AirPlane Plus AmpYear B9 Aerospace Procedural Wings Baha EPL Redrilled BahaSP Critter Crawler, Engines Better SRBS Bluedog Design Bureau (BDB) Blueshift: Kerbal FTL CryoEngines CryoTanks Coatl Aerospace Probes Plus Deadly Reentry DecouplerShroud DeepFreeze DeepSky DeployableBatteries DMagicOrbitalScience Dock Rotate EVA Fuel Transfer Extraplanetary Launchpads Far Future Technologies FASA_RCS Firespitter Flat-Bottom Shuttle Systems Flexible Docking GroundConstruction Grounded H.A.D.D Hephaistos HabTech2 HullCamVDS Indicator Lights Integrated Phoenix Industries IXS Enterprise JX2 Telescope Kerbal Atomics Kerbal Attachment System Kerbal Engineer Redux Kerbal Foundries Kerbal Heavy Exoskeleton Kit (KHSK) Kerbal Inventory System Kerbal Planetary Base Systems Kerbalism KerbalismConfig KerbalismSimplex Keridian Dynamics kOS Lithobrake Exploration Technologies MacLuky LanderCanMK12 MechJeb2 Mining Expansion Missing History Config - originally supplied by @Cruesoe. Thank you! Mk2.5 Spaceplane Parts Modular Pods Modular Segmented SRBs MSP3000 Near Future Construction Near Future Electrical Near Future Launch Vehicles Near Future Propulsion Near Future Solar Near Future Spacecraft NearFuture Exploration OPT PEBKAC Industries: Launch Escape System photonCorp Planetside Exploration Technologies Procedural Fairings Procedural Parts Procedural Test Weights Progressive Colonization System Rational Resources RealChute Parachute Systems Recycled Parts (Space Tux Industries) reDirect ResearchBodies ReStockRigidLandingLegs RLA Reborn Rocket Motor Menagerie ScanSat ScienceLabInfo (Large 6 creww Lab on stock) Simple Adjustable Fairings - KWRocketry SIMPLEX Assembly SIMPLEX Resources Smart Parts Snacks! Sounding Rockets Space Docks SpaceDust SpaceY-Expanded SpaceY-Lifters Stockalike Station Parts Redux Structural Tubing Restructured SXT SystemHeat TAC Self Destruct Tarsier Space Technology With Galaxies Tokamak Universal Storage II USI Mods Vapor Vent Ventral Drill for Stock ISRU The AngleCan SIMPLEX TechTree 1.21 is divided into five branches, each with two strands. If you want a lightly modded save, ReStockPlus on its own will ensure every node except the final crewed node (bottom right) will have parts within it. Kerbalism will fill this final node. DOWNLOAD SIMPLEX TechTree from SpaceDock Requires Module Manager (not included). Licence is CC-BY-NC-SA http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ Inspired by the Historical Progression Tech Tree by KSP Forum User @pap1723 https://spacedock.info/mod/855/Historical Progression Tech Tree?ga=%3CGame+3102+%27Kerbal+Space+Program%27%3E All nodes are based on Stock, and around half the parts have been moved for balance. Making History and Breaking Ground are supported. Additional mods will be supported over time. It is possible to play non-crewed before crew (unmanned before manned). Known possible issues: Do not use with other TechTrees. CTT, ETT, HPTechTree, etc. It will cause all sorts of problems. Also, only have SIMPLEX OR TETRIX installed. Finally, the SIMPLEX or TETRIX must be installed inside the AngleCanMods folder. Peace.
  3. SIMPLEX Resources Download from Spacedock Requires Module Manager (not included). Licence is CC-BY-NC-SA http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ Who would like to use this mod? Anyone who wants to flavour their stockish game a little, without jumping down a realism rabbit hole. Introducing an extended resource system for Kerbal Space Program. Rather than having a single non descriptive Ore for mining and converting to anything and possibly everything, this mod removes the stock Ore and replaces it. HydrateOre ices, and is used for making LiquidFuel or as a part of Life Support mods. Saturate effectively liquid HydrateOre. Where this is availble, either on the surface or under pressure, it requires less energy than HydrateOre to mine and process, but is not widely available. NaturalOre is used to generate MetalParts to build rockets (using Extraplanetary Launchpads). RareOre is used to generate CustomParts used to build rockets (using Extraplanetary Launchpads), and also in Life Support mods. XenonGas is able to be to extracted from the atmosphere of certain planets. ArgonGas is now available without CRP for mods StoredCharge is now available without CRP for mods specifically NearFuture Electrical. NuclearFuel and NuclearWaste are the fuels for reactors in NearFuture Electrical. CyroFuel is now available for CryoEngines and CryoTanks and replaces LqdMethane LH2 was been replaced CryoTanks, CryoEngines, and Kerbal Atomics for LFO engines, with names patched too. Asteroids contain NaturalOre, with a possibility of HydrateOre and/or RareOre. Comets contain HydrateOre only. In addition, this mod configures the extraordinary Extraplanetary Launchpads originally by skykooler, and maintained by taniwha. https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/54284-151-extraplanetary-launchpads-v633/ Two resources are introduced for this purpose, extending the vanilla approach of EL. MetalParts and CustomParts are used in a unique recipes, making off world construction a little more complicated with two resources needed. What else does this mod do? The ration of LiquidFuel to Oxidizer in chemical engines is altered, and tanks ratios do the same. Vanilla KSP has a ratio of .9:1.1. This is now 1:3 meaning that a quarter of the tanks is LiquidFuel and three quarters is Oxidizer. As engines have been altered for this mix, there is no actual change to gameplay. However, it is much easier to find NaturalOre to bake Oxidizer out. HydrateOre and Saturate is rarer and requires higher tech to create LiquidFuel. It means that if tech isn't available, you could ship LiquidFuel and only mine and ISRU Oxidizer instead. What Planet Packs are supported? JNSQ OPM KSRSS Isn't there a resource pack that everyone uses? I have worked to avoid conflicts with the extensive Community Resources Pack maintained by RoverDude. This mod is intended to be used separately to CRP. Mainly because I didn't like playing when mods provided tanks for dozens of resources that I would never use. Taking both pills won't cause serious damage. What part changes are made? The stock drills, Drill-O-Matic Junior (small radial drill), Drill-O-Matic (large radial drill) will collect all ores unless supported mods are installed. However, if any of appropriate supported mods are introduced the stock drills will only mine HydrateOre and Saturate. Supported Mods: Extraplanetary Launchpads for construction of bases and craft https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/54284-151-extraplanetary-launchpads-v633/ Stockalike Mining Extension for additional drills, harvesters, extractors and condensers https://spacedock.info/mod/354 Keridian Dynamics for addition parts for Extraplanetary Launchpads https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/116987-wip122-keridian-dynamics-dev-thread-last-update-2017-01-21/ Baha EPL Redrilled for additional Launchpads, mining drills and ISRU https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/116987-wip122-keridian-dynamics-dev-thread-last-update-2017-01-21/ Ventral Drill for Stock ISRU A single stack drill https://spacedock.info/mod/1328 NearFuture Electrical For batteries, capacitors and also nuclear reactors https://spacedock.info/mod/558 Kerbalism Simplex https://spacedock.info/mod/2300 Converts all the ISRU and drills to kerbalism with the Simplex profile. Simple Fuel Switch by Snark https://spacedock.info/mod/2053 The three Ore tanks are now switchable variants rather than separate for each resource. Near Future Construction and Stockalike Station Parts Expansion Redux by Nertea https://spacedock.info/mod/563 and https://spacedock.info/mod/736 The Octo and Hex Girder tanks, and SSPX Cargo containers have Ore removed and Saturate, HydrateOre, NaturalOre and RareOre added. Recommended, but not required Mods: SIMPLEX Techtree An excellent techtree that allows for Advancing Before Crew (PBC, UBM style play), and ensures a balance with EL and supporting mods. https://spacedock.info/mod/1848 TETRIX TechTree A more fully extended version of the Simplex TechTree that supports EL and Sandcastle, both of which are supported with the additional SIMPLEX Assembly SIMPLEX Assembly A set of configs that will work alongside either Sandcastle (for Printing of parts into stock Inventories, or Extraplanetary Launchpads that allows you to build craft/ bases in situ. Acknowledgements and Thanks: To skykooler, and maintained by taniwha for Extraplanetary Launchpads To Nertea for the basis of the LFO patches for CyroEngines and Kerbal Atomics To allista for inspiration from Global Constuction To JadeOfMaar for inspiration back from Rational Resources and support in setting up planetary resource models To Poodmund for guidance on planetary packs To Eleusis La Arwall for initially allowing a possible inclusion of the KD furnances. MM Patch help for the ISRU Ore to Hydrate Ore from Sigma88 MM Patch help for B9Partswitch with Keridian Dynamics from Blowfish Assistance from GordonDry for what they assisted with. Thank you so much! Peace.
  4. SIMPLEX Kerbalism A kerbalism profile that is more stock-a-like, and allows kerbalism to be stand-a-lone. Download from Spacedock Installation: Install KerbalismCore https://spacedock.info/mod/1774 Install Harmony https://github.com/KSPModdingLibs/HarmonyKSP/releases which is required by KerbalismCore. You don't need KerbalismConfig, or Community ResourcePack Put the KerbalismSimplex folder into GameData Requires: Module Manager (not included). KerbalismCore (not included). Harmony (not included) Recommended but certainly NOT required: SIMPLEX Resources (to extend the Stock Ore system) TETRIX TechTree License is the Unlicense http://unlicense.org/ Introduction: SIMPLEX Kerbalism ultimately is simplified profile of Kerbalism, maintaining the features of life support, but in a more basic way, with only two life support resources. There no additional gases to worry about, nor balancing food and water. The CommunityResourcePack is not required for Kerbalism to function with Kerbalism Simplex. NEW IN 3.0: Unique Science experiments and also new containers for Consumables and Air. NEW IN 3.3.1 JNSQ has special adjusted profile to keep the Unit per day ideal. You will not to go into the profile folder and manually change the filename by removing the .not Life Support: Consumables replace food and water. (OrganicSlurry replaces WasteFood, and WasteWater) Air replaces Oxygen and Nitrogen gases. (BadAir replaces Carbon Dioxide gas) The units for these resources are based on a typical use per kerbal per day. 5 units of Consumables will last 1 kerbal for 5 days. 15 units of Air will last 3 kerbals for 5 days, however Air is also used to maintain pressure due to atmospheric leakage, so you'll need to take more. Kerbals will constantly breathe in the atmosphere around them, which is replaced immediately with bottled Air, but as they breathe out, the BadAir must be removed with scrubbers otherwise the kerbals will die. Greenhouses, can be used to restore BadAir to Air. Kerbals consume half a Consumable unit twice a day. They also produce OrganicSlurry as waste. OrganicSlurry can be converted back to Consumables using a greenhouse. OrganicSlurry can also be converted from Ore. Note: Air and Consumables are balanced to have the same mass as Nitrogen + Oxygen or Food + Water. This means that a craft that is designed in Simplex Kerbalism will have the same delta vee for craft with the same mission profile as in vanilla kerbalism. Configurable Life Support modules: Life Support modules are available to be installed on all crewed parts - only two per part These modules are available on kerbalism’s external life support part as well. Scrubber - used remove BadAir out of the atmosphere Pressure control - used to maintain atmospheric pressure due to leaks Air Pump - used to maintain atmospheric pressure if an external atmosphere is present with Air in it. MonoProp and Air FuelCell Greenhouses: These require only BadAir and OrganicSlurry to produce Consumables. The kerbalism greenhouse will produce 36 units of Consumables every 71 days, supporting a ½ kerbal per greenhouse. Conversion of BadAir to Air occurs every second of growth, and is the equivalent of ½ kerbal. With two greenhouses and with a supply of Consumables, a closed loop lifesupport is able to be created with a small amount of mining to replace lost Air due to atmospheric leakage. Greenhouses also contain a science experiment (see below), making them more useful for them. ISRU returns to Stock resources: Mining and ISRU has been adjusted to replicate stock behaviour, but using the kerbalism modules. This also means that there is no requirement for heat management with drills and in ISRU as kerbalism does not simulate heat. The drills mine Ore as in Stock KSP. The ISRU and mini ISRU converts Ore to LiquidFuel and Oxidizer, to MonoPropellant, or to OrganicSlurry and Air. The LiquidFuel and Oxidizer will fill whatever tanks are available, even if one of those resources is full. The Fuel Cells now operate on LiquidFuel & Oxidizer (stock behaviour), or Monopropellant & Air. Fuel Cell modules are available as part of the Life Support modules. Storage: With the Life Support, kerbalism’s containers can be configure to hold their particular resource or counterpart. The Air/ Bad Air containers are a unique kerbalism part. The Consumables/ OrganicSlurry containers are retextured stock KSP inventory containers. Science: The science experiments are different to vanilla kerbalism. These are either probe or crew focused, aside from the stock experiments. The final tier of experiments is only available on extended TechTrees, either TETRIX TechTree or Community TechTree. Mods Supported: Planet Packs: Beyond Home, ExtraSolar, GEP, GPO, GPP, OPM, QSRSS, RSS, SSRSS Fuel Switchers: B9PartSwitch Tech Trees: Community TechTree, TETRIX TechTree, SIMPLEX TechTree Note that the following mods have specific patches. Other mods should also work fine. Requests happy to be accepted. Community Category Kit (Does need updating) Contract Configurator DeepFreeze Extraplanetary Launchpads JX2 Antenna Kerbal Atmoics Kopernicus (for soalr pnael fix) Kerbal Planetary Base Systems NearFuture Electric NearFuture Exploration NearFuture Spacecraft ReStockPlus SCANsat SIMPLEXResources StockalikeStationPartsExpansion Redux Stockalike Mining Expansion Thanks: So many people have helped on this. The great people developing Kerbalism including ShotgunNinja, N70, PiezPiedPy, Sir Mortimer, Gotmachine, Arthur, Arkolis who designed the parts that contain Air and Bad Air for Kerbalism. Inspiration from IFILS originally by Stavell, now maintained by LinuxGuruGamer. Blowfish and the MM team too. Changelog 3.4 Adjusted upgrades on SIMPLEX TechTree Adjusted upgrades on TETRIX TechTree Added Ores to Organic Slurry functionality to Chemical Plant and moved code to the ISRU file Chemical Plant should only process Organic Slurry. Altered Fuel Cell to have MP+Air first, then upgrade to LFO later at Large Electrics Fuel Cell now only at basicScience if RestockPlus is not present due to ReStockPlus APU. Added ReStock APU MP+Air Fuel Cell at basicScience Fixed amount of Air storage on SSPX Greenhouses - should be enough to turn habitation on. Fixed duplicate Saturate Mining with the Drills Switched dependency for Air, BadAir, Consumables and OrganicSlurry to Simplex Resources. Simplified the ISRU mechanics for Simplex Resources - no longer efficiency, rather capacity Added CryoFuel to the ISRU, but only when CryoTanks are installed Rebalanced Fuell Cells for Simplex Resources (LFO ratio now 3:1 rather than 1.1:0.9. Mining Extension works well with the ISRU and mining, tested Kerbin, Laythe atmospheres and oceans Changelog 3.2 and 3.3 Added medium inline consumables container (1.875m) Fixed comfort on greenhouse, and added this for SSPX greenhouse, but not KPBS as it disables habitat - spotted by Forum user SingABrightSong THANK YOU! Added sentinel fix from vanilla kerbalism Added profile and consumables for alternative JNSQ profile Reorganised ISRU and ISRU for SimplexOres Added JNSQ special profile to keep unit per day concept for 12 hour days Changelog 3.1 Fixed containers not there Apparently Near Future Electrical works! With Simplex Resources and no CRP. Changelog 3.03 Game Braking Fixed Monopropellant EVA with KSP's update to 1.10? Changed Science Removed old containers, replaced with new ones Replaced kerbalism science experiments Changelog 2.0.2 Fixed LFO Fuel Cells and reduced MP consumption in its Fuel Cell type Changelog 2.0.1 Fix Air not appearing in pods. Changelog 2.0: Change Mod name to SIMPLEX Kerbalism Now installed as its own profile. Peace.
  5. SIMPLEX Living Seeing the coding among the stars... Now released https://spacedock.info/mod/2067 Please see the release thread https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/181681-161-simplex-living-11/ Resources with Simplex Ores and EPL recipies now part of separate mod SIMPLEX Resources. Tech Tree and engine nerf part of separate mod SIMPLEX Techtree. An extension of the Engine Nerf with fuel changes now part of separate mod SIMPLEX Propulsion. Simplex Kerbalism Profile LifeSupport that combines food and water into Consumables, with a waste product of OrganicSlurry. Breathable Air and non breathable BadAir replacing oxygen and CO2. A simplified system when 1 unit of Air or consumables equates to 1 day of usage per kerbal. Masses remain the same as vanilla Kerbalism (i.e. realisitic) although Air is heavier that O2. Air is used instead of Nitrogen to maintain atmospheric pressure. A buildup of BadAir will result in asphyxiation of kerbals, but can be scrubbed the same as vanilla Kerbalism (scrubbers no longer convert BadAir to Air). Rocket Surgeons as a tourist style kerbal that will be used in construction Kerbal Konstructs instances placement of additional stock launchpads at the KSC. ResearchBodies style laboratory contracts Kerbalism and Life Support changes: Kerbal Konstructs: Please let me know what you think. Peace.
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