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Found 9 results

  1. Update 2019/09/25: Version 0.4 is available! Download it here! Changelog: WELCOME TO KOMET! Or, Yet Another Third-Party Orbit Simulation! They seem to be pretty popular. KOMET is a simulation of the Kerbal solar system implemented in Microsoft Excel 2016. I wrote it to help me plan my missions better. Specifically, I wanted three things: Orthographic views. Since KSP is a game, it makes sense that there is a perspective view in map mode. But I find perspective makes it more difficult to see what's going on in the big picture. KOMET displays orbits in three orthographic v
  2. Hello, is there a simulation environment for Scilab / CelestLab that can simulate rockets? My goal is to simulate a rocket’s ascent path and then execute the ascent path in-game with kOS. Same with a descent path – but first I have to get the rocket into Kerbin’s orbit. I have CelestLab installed with CelestLab on top but I can’t quite figure out how I can simulate a delta-v change. I haven’t found a function that gives me the orbital parameters after a delta-v change at any point on orbit. If I can't find a way, I will try to assemble my own simulation environment.
  3. Anyone interested in working for NASA in California? The work involves developing advanced flight sims for manned and unmanned aircraft. You have to have an engineering degree, a masters degree is best. If you're really good it might be possible to overlook the degree requirement, but you'd need a lot of software development experience. Skill requirements: 3D graphic programming, C/C++ (w/shell scripting, like bash or powershell), good network skills (UDP), OpenGL, Python, Git. Some knowledge of Qt is a big plus. Having game experience (like Unity or Unreal) would be important here too.
  4. Hi all, I'm new here--just purchased a license for KerbalEDU. My name is Rachel and I'm a PhD student in geology. I'm reviewing this software for a graduate-level Games for Learning and Simulation class. I only have about two weeks to play this game and write a paper judging its classroom merits. So I'm hoping I might get some feedback from educators who have used KerbalEDU in their classrooms as part of a curriculum. Do your students enjoy the game? For about how long do they play it in one sitting? For how long (days/weeks?) do you use KerbalEDU as instructional material?
  5. At its core, the suggestion to add weather and clouds is simple. Clouds, wind, perhaps even storms. Its easy to imagine how interesting it could be. But before we can really delve into the suggestion, we need to consider different ways weather could be implemented, and figure out what the best way would be for KSP. But first, lets talk about the elephant in the room: The fact that it can adjust difficulty: Weather and Difficulty: The way I see it, there could be a number of basic settings for weather. -Full disable: Weather is disabled. It is always clear.
  6. Does anyone here play any of the Combat Mission games? I just got into them, so I'd like to hear your experiences about them.
  7. First of all, sorry for the text wall. I've been thinking about this recently, and wanted you guys' opinion: With the advances in technology, we've been able to run simulations (especially games), and they've been getting more and more detailed recently. These simulations have varying degrees of detail, with KSP, for instance even simulating physics on planetary scales. Other games, like FPS, can simulate ballistics and advanced movement (ArmA, for instance). Powder Toy can simulate chemistry/physics (I managed to build an ion engine there, was quite difficult), and neural networks c
  8. So as a proper, over ambitious programmer, I decided to tackle a problem that is at least 3-6 years worth of education above my head, delving into big scary math where nobody my age (nor my teachers for that matter) have dared bury their heads in equations before. For context, this is where my problem comes from : http://www-evasion.imag.fr/Membres/Fabrice.Neyret/NaturalScenes/fluids/water/waves/fluids-nuages/waves/Jonathan/articlesCG/simulating-ocean-water-01.pdf I want to try to simulate ocean waves before I get into other scary water related math problems. I currently have two pro
  9. Some of you may recall the galaxy simulation I was working on a while back. Since then I've made improvements to it and also created an in-browser infinite procedural universe. The simulation uses 3D infinite Worley / Voronoi noise and a pseudorandom number generator (a la Minecraft) to produce an unlimited (other than engine limitations) number of procedural galaxies, laid out in a similar pattern to the large-scale structure of the real universe: Long story short, I just thought I ought to share this with my buddies on this forum and perhaps get some feedback. I'm not c
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