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Found 1 result

  1. Cover Photo Gene (JEEN): Go for launch? Hayene (HYE-een): Yep. For sure. Gene: Okay. T-minus 10...9...8...7...6...ignition sequence start...4...3...2...1...and liftoff! Hayene: I hope we will survive! Hope and pray! Theorie (THEER-ee): Well, keep hoping, sister! This may be the last of us! Hayene: Hey ATONE-3192...what's our current chance of survival? ATONE (AY-tohn): Your chance is currently a 75%. Theorie: Never tell me the odds! ATONE: Never tell me whether or not to tell you the odds. Theorie: What the...thanks for the sarcasm. ATONE: We are beginning our gravity turn now. Prepare for a little bit of wobble with the ship. Don't panic. Hayene: There is a time for panicking, don't you know? ATONE: The solid rocket boosters have ran out of fuel. Prepare for an explosion. Theorie: Explosion? WHY? ATONE: Whoops. Already happened. Pitching further down. Prepare for wobble. Theorie: Wobble... Hayene: It's only natural, with the highly experimental engine that we are using down below. Theorie: Natural...pfft, nothing here is NATURAL! Hayene: Stop being a pain, brother! Theorie: Yeah, right...like I'm gonna pay attention to my twin. Hayene: Well, I just hope you don't jeopardize the mission! ATONE: The main engine has cut off. We will now be initiating the orbit insertion burn. Hayene: About time! After 1 minute... ATONE: We have been inserted into a Low Kerbin Orbit. The Science/Comms Module, the Pods, and the Propulsion Modules will be coming sometime soon. Hayene: Great! We're alive! Theorie: You know what...I feel like going on EVA. ATONE: You cannot go on EVA until the pods have been supplied. Theorie: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Stop giving orders! Theorie opens the can door... Theorie: Wow...what a beautiful sunrise! To be continued...
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