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Found 23 results

  1. The thing missing is this: Squad/Parts/@thumbs/smallClaw_icon0 (The white one) Because of this, KSP won't load. Can somebody help, or send me a copy? Edit: I reused the black claw texture, but now another one broke.
  2. What are some of personal flying crafts you have for your favorite kerbals? Are do they only operate in a vacuum or do they fly close to the ground? Discuss in the replies! My personal craft that I made for Tim Kerman. It's a modified radiation powered ion drive probe that can ferry kerbals around, even in heliocentric orbit. I call it the RADKOR Space Mobility Flyer. Doesn't work well in the atmosphere at all, mainly due to a lack of wings and better engines. RADKOR Flyer
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1905226695 Here is my latest ssto small using a combination of mk2 and mk1 size parts a new sleek design with very large wings and high twr it is very easy to use but cant get much done besides basic science.
  4. Welcome to the Kerbol Wilds. This is gonna be a mod influenced by the now-released game Outer Wilds. Planets will be at the scale of 2x Outer Wilds' system(still meters across) and will not be EXACT copies, they'll be INSPIRED by the game. Planets will be listed here: Stay tuned for more!
  5. Hello! Yesterday, I set myself a challenge to make a helicopter. It was really hard, but also rewarding when I saw my creation fly around. I've created several variants as well https://photos.app.goo.gl/PVZZXEQFBErbnBtz6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/7Qa86wSbgKUztXE3A https://photos.app.goo.gl/1eKCgYyZ5rgFqTBo6 https://photos.app.goo.gl/Gxd6pQyyx7SnQwWx7 https://photos.app.goo.gl/nNmrNzce1YQPZEo28 https://photos.app.goo.gl/WsHRJb6oxAKUEVjC8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/FQq6n7xxzXkN3EeC8 https://photos.app.goo.gl/EVHAJBbvPtNnS8aU6
  6. Your mission should you decide to accept it, is to design, launch, orbit and then perform a scientific test of your choosing and send the results back to .....EARTH or Kerbin if you want something easier. The original idea is by Tyler Raiz and here is a video he put up on YouTube. This was too good and too fun an idea not to put here as a challenge. Sometimes bigger is not funner... Rulez: 1. The entire vehicle launch weight cannot exceed 1000kg. That is whatever payload, engines fuel tanks, fuels, science stuff antennas or Jebs lunch, what ever you want to put into space. That's it, that is all the rules. Well you could try to do it with stock parts for that extra heavy duty headache that will result. The Challenge: 1. Get it into a stable orbit around Kerbin EASY Earn a paper mache star or Hello Kitty Stickers as a reward 2. Get it into a stable around full scale Earth (realism overhaul required) Medium Earn Bronze Star and some Bill stickers 3. Launch your vehicle and return or transmit scientific data from around the Mun Medium hard Your reward is a Gold Star and some Jeb action stickers 4. Launch your vehicle and return or transmit scientific data from around the Moon Hard Your reward is a Gold Star with diamonds and Valentina's bikini pictures 5. Launch your vehicle and.....Seriously? have you tried this? Well if you get THIS far a guy named Scott Manlee.. something will come to your house and mow your lawn..that or Santa Claus will 6. Subscribe to Tylers YouTube channel and give him a thumbs up for this one!! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeHMXQRT6D3o2sbfsqkpCcA
  7. To any who decide to take this challenge: I may change things around for the challenge itself. There are some geniuses out there who are phenomenal at this art and skill, and I'm one of them, and in the very beginning (before I even started on this challenge myself), I gave set rules that must be met to succeed at this challenge. Those set rules, as I have come to find out, were easily met. As an overall point to be made, if you beat the original rules, that is easy mode, at least for this challenge. All is subject to change, however, if things are changed to be harder, then I will say it is for that reason alone, and will give a harder version of the original challenge. My weight limit WAS below 50 tonnes, and that was beaten 50 times over by one vessel, literally. Before we start, I'll give an example. Or two. Can range from a drone thats simply 6 pieces to a full blown barge that has 256. Like the one I built. Sadly my barge didn't make it out of LKO, and I used some of it's fuel to make that orbit stable, it wasn't gonna make it out of Kerbin's influence. However, it is a step int he direction I want to go, and this is what I wanna bring to the Micro-engineering challenge, so attempt 1 failed. Here's the challenge. Make the smallest vessel you can that can go to any planet in the system and is reusable 100% Requirements: cannot use any big parts (or if you do, use less than 5) Any part bigger than the OKTO drone core is too big, but I'll allow a small limit of 5, ya know, for a science JR or some such, maybe even a nice powerful relay/antenna cannot be over 30 tons. Previous original version (50t) was beaten, literally 50x over with 1 measly drone. Props to you, ya brilliant prick. Must have a stable orbit when changing planets (Optional harder version) Must be able to make a voyage between at least 2-3 planets in one trip Unrequired: Does not need to be an SSTO Does not need to be the size of a penny Going to and from the surface of celestial bodies Having a kerbal pilot the craft ___________________________ I wanna see what you people will come up with. I will be taking this challenge up myself, but I'm gonna be doing it in career mode. Extra props if you do it in career mode before I do Extra challenge, if you do it in career mode, the end product cannot be over 50k Because I don't know how much a xenon ghost engine costs, that pruce may be subject to change I plan to use about 6-12 ghost engines, soooooo....yeah, probably subject to change. They sure sound expensive. ___________________________ Micro-engineering challenge 2.0 (Med) Weight limit of 20t has to be able to go to and from a planet's surface, or two. That does not mean you have to do all of this without refueling Stabilized an orbit around every existing celestial body ___________________________ Micro-engineering challenge 3.0 (Hard) Weight limit 50t Must go to the surface and back to orbit of every celestial body in the game (except that one moon rock thing that's too small to have a gravitational pull) Hell, if you can land something on that damn rock, you get the overachiever award get something into kerbol's local atmosphere and fly it back out Good Luck. You wanted a challenge, WELL HERE IT IS, YOU MASOCHISTIC [REDACTED]!!! ___________________________ The original concept was build something out of nothing but small parts. Yeah, you can have a 1000 piece object if it doesn't exceed 30 t for easy, 20t for medium, and 50t for hard, and it can even be as big as a space station for all I care. You're really just supposed to use nothing but small parts, but whats the fun in not using something bigger every once and a while? Majority part limit is 0.625m.
  8. So @Nucleartaxi created a novel challenge: get Jeb to Eve and back, using only Oscar-B fuel tanks! Of course, given the high part counts when you're trying to build something with the tiniest propellant tanks in the game, only the lander itself needed to be restricted to Oscar-Bs, though there are higher levels for making the transfer stage and/or lifter with Oscar-Bs only. I decided to just do the transfer stage and the lander with Oscar-Bs. In doing so, I think I inadvertently created one of the smallest fully-stock no-hacks Eve Ascent Vehicles ever...certainly smaller than I've ever seen on the forums: It's just 13.98 tonnes and it keeps our intrepid Evestronaut safely ensconced in a fairing until he's through the bulk of the atmosphere. With no further ado, here's the mission! Ascent and Eve Transfer: Eve Arrival and Descent: Sample Collection, Ascent, and Return: Not bad for my first mission to Eve.
  9. Welcome to my thread(I'm new to the forums) and here I post my big, small and everything in between creations
  10. A Very Personal Jet This isn't really based on anything more than a bunch of conceptual images of small personal jets (hence the name). The closest I could get (and really the style of aesthetic I was shooting for) is the Maverick Personal Jet: I wanted to try and make it amphibious, but any way I looked it at the overall aesthetic and handling was destroyed so I landed with this. I think the biggest aesthetic I've achieved is the mating of the adjustable ramp intake with the two Juno's. I'm sure this has been done before. It provides a slightly different way of looking at the rear of the aircraft, and gave me a way to taper the angled radial intakes into the engine from over the wing. Over all it makes for pleasing profiles from any angle. As you can see from the top down profile the proportions look just right, and the radial intakes coupled with the rear engine and fuselage tank set up mean this is not just another flying cigar. The fuel consumption is pretty good. A throttles buried flight to the island runway consumed 8 of the 200 units of fuel on board, meaning the Very Personal Jet has a decent enough range. It handles beautifully at all stages of flight and full throttle is certainly not required once at cruising altitude. It's really comfortable hands free at about 5 degrees AoA, 140 m/s and 75% throttle. Action grouped speed brakes means a short landing to go with the ultra short takeoff. Takeoff can be achieved from 32 m/s, and landing speeds can be as low as 45 m/s. I've also softened the rear gears spring strength to about 0.85 to prevent the dreaded KSP bounce. The track is also super wide on this personal jet which means super stable takeoff and landings, even on grass or rough terrain! A Very Personal Jet STATS Parts - 39 Weight - 5.435t Height - 3m Width - 9.6m Length - 8.7m Powerplant - 2 x J-20 Juno Jet Engines CRAFT FILE EDIT: I guess I should think about starting a thread for my designs. I don't want to cause "cluttering" of all my terrible craft into the main forum section SM
  11. This stunt plane is built for maximum manoeuvrability in a small package. It excells at reckless flying between the KSP buildings. I hope you enjoy flying this crazy little plane as much as I did. I'm curious to see what awe inspiring manoeuvres it can perform in the hands of you great pilots out there. Download link: https://kerbalx.com/jefzor/Control-Freak Pro's: Very manoevrable; especially in the pitch axis Good controllability (will not spin out of control) Fast acceleration Fast top speed Light Small Short take off / landing Can fly at low speeds Cons: Not heat resistant (will burn up when flying at top speed for too long) Low fuel Roll performance can be mediocre low speed and high angle of attack. Loses a lot of speed during hard turns Can't blame the plane when you crash Notes: Action group 1 = toggle afterburner 50-80 m/s is the recommended speed for close quarter stunts Turn off SAS at supersonic speeds. If you leave it on, the plane may look shaky, which looks annoying, but doesn't really affect performance. Keep your thrust at 10% in dry mode if you want to get maximum range out of the limited fuel tank. Your plane will overheat if you fly at top speed for longer than a couple of seconds. Some examples of what you can do with it: Short take off and spinning around. Flying through hangars: Flying through the tunnel Flying under the bridge:
  12. whats your lighest vessel to go to the mun and bring crew back safely? my entry 2.498 Tons i spent quite while shaving 10kg's here 20kg's there for the past day or two, so i hope there isnt an obvious way to go any lighter without ladder exploits, best of luck
  13. Yatsykon Concept Co. - With us, you'll soar to new heights! After years of R&D, the Yatsykon Concept Co. is proud to unveil our first ever personal UltraLight™ aircraft! Powered by a C7 Aerospace J20 "Juno" Engine, and with a wingspan of over 17 meters, this small personal transportation craft provides an efficient alternative to the bulky, fuel-hungry, and expensive craft provided by other manufacturers. With a leisurely top speed of 130 m/s, the Yat-1 UltraLight™ provides you with enough range to get to the local island or mountain resort and back, many times! Aircraft Characteristics Top Speed - 130 m/s at 1,000 meters above sea level, in level flight. Fuel - 50 Units Optimal Fuel consumption - 0.04 Units/Second Optimal Range - 162.5 km Download Here The Imgur Albums are not working, so here's the album link.
  14. Who can make the Smallest Tylo Lander? Size doesn't matter if the delta-v is sufficient I have seen many videos made by many famous KSP youtubers such as HOCGaming, Scott Manley and Enter Elysium. In their videos where they have gone to Tylo their landers have been rather large in size, so my challenge to you is to build the smallest lander (in terms of mass) that can land on Tylo and have the kerbal return to orbit. Rules - No mods unless they are informational mods such as KER - The only other mod exception is mods to teleport your lander to Tylo orbit. - The lander doesn't have to return to orbit, only the kerbal so using the EVA-Pack is allowed. - No cheats such as unbreakable joints, no crash damage, infinite fuel or other cheaty things. Submissions - Videos are preferred but screenshots work just fine. - Be sure to document all staging and the final landing. - If there is drama such as a low TWR or jetpacking into a stable/safe orbit please document that as well. - All submissions need to have their crafts mass included by a screenshot from inside the VAB with the craft info window up Completionist/Leader Board Anyone who participates in the challenge will have their name put on the leaderboard along with their craft's mass and a basic summary of the lander. Participants: - @JacobJHC Video Submission, Screenshot of mass in Imgur, no fuel lines - 2.251 Tons - @Ultimate Steve Screenshots, offcenter decoupler - 2.13 Tons - @Ultimate Steve Video Submission, Entertaining video, excessively good use of EVA pack - 1.9 Tons - @Nefrums Screenshots from a low mass Jool 5 mission, no electric charge lander, use of jet pack to achieve orbit. - 1.17 Tons - @EvermoreAlpaca Video submission was a grand tour, recovered the lander back to Kerbin, single stage - 5.125 Tons - @n.b.z. Imgur submission used priority settings to remove the need for fuel lines, used a single spark engine. Nice comments on the Kerbal's feelings. - 1.938 Tons
  15. Challenge: You are to build the smallest plane(any engine is allowed and must be able to fly using wings) that will ACTUALLY fly(Must be able to travel to island airport). Rules: no mods are allowed other than kerbal engineer. FAR is not allowed no cheats or debug menu photo or video are needed to prove your achievement. to get on the leaderboard, you need to tell me the time to get to island airport(-1/min) and weight(-3/ton). you will start with 50 points season 1 ends on 30/8/16 new season if there is 7 entrances. Season 2 begins on christmas!! that'll a nice gift for kerbal players :DDDD Leaderboard: NightshineRecorralis-47.036pt CanOmer- 46.4317pt MissionController3134 - 46.063pt qzgy-44.121pt Quasar-43.285 pt GraviTykillz-39.493pt Cunjo Carl- 36.615pt Good luck Badge: @CanOmer i want to use your plane as the background because ur at the top so far
  16. Flight tutorial: 1.fly at 1/2 thrust 2.use the brake if flying too fast 3.best in cockpit view 4.press "1" to drops bombs 5.BDArmory needed Download link: https://mega.nz/#!MAo2zbwA!ZB4MUA3S_ANiRFizhq6AsFMP1yzUvBY0pdPWqiYbaNU Video:
  17. Flight tutorial: 1.fly at 1/2 thrust 2.use the brake if flying too fast 3.best in cockpit view 4.press "1" to drops bombs 5.BDArmory needed Download link: https://mega.nz/#!MAo2zbwA!ZB4MUA3S_ANiRFizhq6AsFMP1yzUvBY0pdPWqiYbaNU Video:
  18. 1. Why does the Stayputnik use power? It has no SAS, but you can't turn it off. I mean, you can turn the battery off, but why would you ever do that? Which leads me to... 2. What is the point of being able to turn your batteries off if you can't turn them back on when you run out of power? It used to be that you could fly with some batteries off, to save them on the way to say, the Mun, on your first trip without solar panels with your Stayputnik probe, and when you got to the Mun, you could turn the batteries on and have control again. Now, if you run out of power, you are out of luck, even if you have some energy in batteries that are turned off. You can't turn them back on again.
  19. I made something smaller a.k.a. cupcake lander. I don't know if I should post actual craft because it's so simple. VIDEO
  20. Hey, I was just wondering if anyone could make a quick model/part skin for me. I need two Oscar-B fuel tanks stacked on top of each other, 2 of those stacked on top of each other, an Oscar-B sliced in half, a downsized Swivel (second liquid fuel engine) downsized to mk0 (most probe cores, tiny engines, Juno jet engine, you get the idea) as well as a nuclear version, downsized bi, tri, and quad couplers, and finally, a tiny Klaw. The mod will probably be called something like "Tiny parts". I know what I just described is TweakScale, but it would be great for people who consider that cheating.
  21. A small jet but incredibly fast jet made using parts from the MK2 Essentials Mod. I named it the Mola-Mola because it resembles the real-life Mola-Mola AKA Ocean Sunfish when seen from the top-down. Here are some pictures of it at half of its highest recorded speed:
  22. Hey, I recently got a new laptop and running KSP is quite an issue. Everything is absolutely tiny! (Screenshots attached.) Latest Version of KSP Dell Inspirion 15 Screen resolution is 3840 x 2160. Happy to provide any other needed information. https://gyazo.com/a5fa46726038a03bb21184a3a079639a https://gyazo.com/4da937c77fe34ca74f542784255db053
  23. Ultra-minimalist designers in combination with slightly homicidal engineers bring you the M-1N1 ultra-light manned vehicle. Theoretically capable of landing on Duna, the images below are those of a little test drive to Minmus. The craft will remain there for a while as a monument to the lack of budget of our space program. Launch: Cabins? Heat protection? Real men don't need those! Featuring mini-asparagus staging. Tasty! 600 dV Main stage active; carries enough fuel for MKO insertion. 3400 dV of fuel Orbital insertion almost finished, 22 dV left over in the main stage. High dV mini-stage has just separated. -LOST IMAGE- Minmus transfer. Nothing fishy going on here. 3/4 through the transfer, 1600 dV remaining. We have 40 minutes to insert into Minmus orbit. Minmus orbit achieved. Highly eccentric but good enough for our purposes. Planning the landing on one of Minmus' salt flats. Landing burns in progress. 1420 dV left Seems like we aren't landing on the salt flat after all. Drat. The ground looks deceptively close; however, we still have 1300 meters left until we crash into the ground. A perfect landing! Wrong part of the planet, but still perfect!
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