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Found 4 results

  1. i need the smallest rocket picture (cats count as rockets too)
  2. So, I'm making a 2-stage to orbit craft. I got the launch stage down, and I'm currently making the second stage. So I've built the second stage and set things up, But I can't figure out how to get NCS adapters to have Oxidizer in them instead of just liquid fuel.. (I'm using them as the main fuel tank because A) They look cool and B) The payload is rather small, and they hold quite a bit of fuel for their size. I wouldn't be surprised if this is impossible to do in vanilla, but if that is the case does anybody have a mod that allows this to be done? (Doesn't need to be compatible wit
  3. in this challenge your job is to build the biggest space station possible ONLY using parts of the smallest cross section this challenge will run to the end of may, whoever makes the largest space station in terms of mass by the cuttoff date wins GOOD LUCK (-: by the way, the Mk 1 command pod IS allowed
  4. Here is your goal: Get to Eeloo. Choose your own difficulty, as shown below. Easy: Get to Eeloo, land, with up to a 100 ton ship, only using .625 meter parts, with no Kerbals. Medium: Get to Eeloo, land, with up to a 25 ton ship, only using .625 meter parts, with 1 Kerbal. Hard: Get to Eeloo, land with up to a 10 ton ship, only using .625 meter parts, with 2 Kerbals. EXTREME: Get to Eeloo, land and orbit with one ship (That splits into a lander and probe), with up to 5 tons total, only using .625 meter parts, with 3 Kerbals. Try your best, and I can show some of m
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