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Found 6 results

  1. SMURFF: Simple Module adjUstments for Real-ish Fuel-mass Fractions For people who want real-ish fuel mass fractions without too much hassle. Formerly "Simple Mass adjUstments for Real-ish Fuel-mass Fractions." Features SMURFF is a Module Manager patch that reduces the dry masses of fuel tanks and engines and improves engine performance so that KSP rockets can have fuel mass fractions closer to what we make in the real world, without going into per-part configurations like e.g. Realism Overhaul. Most of a real rocket's structural strength comes from the fuel inside of it,
  2. I need some help with my KSP 1.2 install. I have been having a lot of fun with it but my sun is too big! It's about 100x as big as the normal sun, and no matter what I do, I can't get rid of super sun. Here is an imgur link detailing my problem. It started after I installed RSSVE, although I know that probably isn't the problem. Anyways, some help would be appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Hello. This is where I will post albums of missions, maneuvers and designs I design and fly in a custom Real Solar System install. To keep things clean, simple and to do things a bit differently than other mission reports, the albums will be wordless. All details will be shown through the HUD. There are no characters, no story or overarching objective, but I will respond to questions and engage in discuss after each report. Report 1:
  4. Based on an idea born in another thread, I decided to do some experiments in RSS (which I'm currently using as my career, with SMURFF - no RO) to look at TWR, drag losses, gravity losses, and ascent profiles. I created a basic rocket with four Kickbacks, then simply thrust limited the Kickbacks to 50%, 75%, and finally 100%. After an initial tip to the east, SmartASS would hold the craft on a surface prograde vector. Once the navball switches to an orbital reference, SmartASS changes to hold orbital prograde until the Ap is 250 km. MechJeb is then told to circularize at AP. After cond
  5. As the ultimate test for the latest revision to my SMURFF addon, I put together an Apollo-style moon mission: Because I didn't judge my launch trajectory very well, I ended up in too steep an orbit, with a high apoapsis (1400 km x 150 km by the end). Not all was lost: the apoapsis was at the line of nodes, so it was a "simple" matter of waiting 22 days for the Moon to be in position so that a 2800 m/s burn at periapsis would lift apoapsis to the Moon's SOI. The rocket itself was nearly perfectly designed -- I only had to make a TCM of about 3 m/s with the command module itself aft
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