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Found 8 results

  1. Universal Storage is a modular parts mod, allowing you to build custom service modules. It is highly integrated with the most popular life support mods, DMagic Orbital Science, and Kerbal Inventory System. Part library and more information available at kingtiger.co.uk/uvsii Universal Storage II (UvSii) is the follow up to KSP’s original wedge based parts mod, Service modules are build from a central core, around which you can place various resource and processor wedges. Customization fairings complete the service module, providing aerodynamic shielding with access via payload door
  2. Latest Release Spacedock Source Original mod by: @tgruetzm Continuation by: Angel-125 Snacks was originally published by tgruetzm in August of 2014. It offered a novel and lightweight solution to life support for those that didn't want the complexity of more sophisticated mods like TAC Life Support. This new version rebuilds the original code base in order to: Configure all sorts of options including snacks consumed per day, snacks per meal, and recycling rates. Days are calculated based on the homeworld's solar day, not the default 6/24 hours per day. Rescaled
  3. Fellow Kerbonauts. I need your help in deciding this all important question. I believe that by now you all have seen the promotional picture for the upcoming KSP 1.10 upgrade. But if you need a reminder here it is again: As you cannot fail to notice our four intrepid Kerbals are snacking on bars of chocolate that is packaged in violet wrappers. What do you think? Is this chocolade from Milka (left) or Cadbury (right), or is it from Callier (bottom)?
  4. Hi, I'm playing around with Snacks, and I'm trying to get a new resource (Sleep in this case) working. I do have a configuration which works, and I can switch modules in Night mode. And it's cool. However, I'd like to turn off some SnacksProcessor when activating Sleep Mode (I doubt you can sleep when people are running the Entertainment complex next to you). And I can't seems to find a way to do that. The Snacks wiki have an API call for SnacksDisqualifier, but I do not see where I can check if a SnacksConverter is running. I guess, that I can probably try to get all the Snacks
  5. Hello all!! Being close to my Fall Break, I have had extra time to begin contemplation of a new mod! After playing KSP yesterday, I realized that an interplanetary mission would require food to feed the kerbals. I like to think of KSP as a relatively ideal version of the space program; the astronauts don't have to worry about food, electric charge, etc. Moreover, KSP does not cause parts to randomly fail. Does everybody remember the Antares Rocket Explosion that happened about 3 years ago? Since explosions are what make KSP interesting, I think that random part failures will make the game
  6. Hello! I was wondering what kinds of snacks Kerbals would have. I know that there have been references to snacks before, and with the kerbalization of names in the Kerbalverse, I was wondering what those snacks would be called? The reason I am asking is because I am writing a technical document for a college course about the necessities of a successful mission to an extra-planetary body and back, so of course I am going to have a page dedicated to the thing that drives Kerbals on the most: Snacks. Unfortunately, besides the obligatory generic 'Snacks' snack, I am drawing a blank. What are your
  7. I really don't have anything else to add. It seemed like a silly question and that the forums were an apt place to ask it. So, if Minmus is made of sherbet or (frozen dessert), it's logical for one to presume the other bodies could be made of other foods. From there, it seemed like Jool's atmosphere was "pea soup fog" as the expression goes. Perhaps then, Jool is Pea Soup. Do you agree? What else could other bodies in the solar system be?
  8. I have taken the liberty of updating the SnackPartsByWhyren so that the connection nodes work correctly in 1.0.5. This is currently a WIP. I have kept the original license WTFPL. http://www.wtfpl.net/ here is a link to the original authors thread. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/83028-snacks-life-support-parts-by-whyren-v5-8312014/ here is the link to download the updated version from Kerbal Stuff https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/1452/Snack%20Parts%20By%20Whyren%20UPDATED%205.1
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