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Found 11 results

  1. Universal Storage is a modular parts mod, allowing you to build custom service modules. It is highly integrated with the most popular life support mods, DMagic Orbital Science, and Kerbal Inventory System. Part library and more information available at kingtiger.co.uk/uvsii Universal Storage II (UvSii) is the follow up to KSP’s original wedge based parts mod, Service modules are build from a central core, around which you can place various resource and processor wedges. Customization fairings complete the service module, providing aerodynamic shielding with access via payload doors. Most parts are resizable allowing increased storage capacity while keeping part counts low. New features Separate fairing parts provide full comparability with the stock aerodynamics system. Parts feature multiple height variants allowing greater capacity without bloating part count. Fairings feature multiple paint variants, allowing you to match the look of your craft. Full KSPedia articles including animated gifs. Localization support including KSPedia. Support You can post bugs and feature requests on our bitbucket issue tracker: https://bitbucket.org/uvs2/universalstorage2 Or post in this thread and we'll do our best to help you (using bitbucket makes it easier for us to help and is preferred). Download from OneDrive Use the onedrive download to access: Previous versions Beta releases Source code Balance spreadsheets and other information Download at Space Dock You can download the mod at SpaceDock. There is a separate version for KSP 1.3.1 so make sure you download the correct file. Use the changelog button on SpaceDock to view each version. Features Three step build process Service modules are built from three basic parts. The core provides the structure with space to attach payload wedges and the fairing provides aerodynamic shielding. For more information on the build process check KSPedia in game. Multiple configurations Most parts have multiple height options, allowing increased resource storage without bloating part count. Cost, mass and capacity all scale linearly so every configuration is balanced. Larger cores and fairings have multiple configurations. The cores feature a central fuel tank or a crew transfer tunnel (for use with Connected Living Space). Selected fairings can be configured as a payload bay for use without a core or wedges. Fairings can be configured to match the look of your craft, with either Porkjet, Gemini, Apollo or Saturn paint schemes. Designed to work with 3rd party mods Built from the ground up to provide resource storage for popular life support mods. The game will automatically detect which mods you have installed (via module manager) and load payload wedges to match. In addition, Universal Storage is closely linked with DMagic Orbital science to provide a large selection of wedge format science experiments when both are installed. Wedges are Kerbal Inventory System (KIS) compatible, allowing Kerbals on EVA to swap out wedges as part of a resupply mission. Compatible mods Connected Living Space DMagic Orbital Science Not currently working, Orbital Science will be updated to be compatible soon. Kerbalism Kerbal Inventory System Kerbal Operating System Snacks TAC Life Support USI Life Support KSPedia Full KSPedia support provides in-game information on the parts, their features and how to build craft. The mod includes support for animated gifs in KSPedia pages (see source code for detailed information). Career mode support The mod is fully compatible with career mode, with parts balanced against their non-wedge equivalents ensuring there are no ‘cheat’ parts. Part unlocking follows a logical progression with the majority of parts available at tier five and six. The Universal Storage Team Daishi – Nox Industrial 3D models Textures Animations A highly proficient 3D modeller and animator, Daishi has created the parts for Universal Storage and other mods on KSP. If you would like to support Daishi’s modelling work you can donate via the paypal link below. DMagic – DMagic Orbital Science Code KSPedia With 18 mods currently on SpaceDock, Dmagic is one of the games most prolific modders. Probably best know for Orbital Science, he is also the current maintainer of SCANsat and author of many other ‘quality of life improvement’ mods. Paul Kingtiger – New Horizons Original concept Research and part balancing Website Paul has created a number of minor balance mods for KSP but Universal Storage was his first large scale mod. When not playing around with KSP Paul plays Paradox grand strategy games and World of warships, as well as messing around with physical computing and restoring old electronics. Note: Paul is not actively involved in Universal Storage development at this time. Translation credits Thanks to the work of these amazing volunteers, we are able to offer full localization support for Universal Storage. Italian: CRL42 German: StarStreak2109 Spanish: @Janderklander - Sergi Ruiz Brazilian Portuguese: Kastruss Source Code You can download the source (zip file) using the link below. Universal Storage Source Code FAQ Nothing works like it should! Make sure you have the correct version of the mod to match your KSP install. KSP 1.3.1 and KSP 1.4 (and later) versions have different requirements. You can find and download the correct version of the mod using the links above. If you have made a mistake, Delete the Module Manager file and the Universal Storage II folder in your GameData folder and try again. Check KSPedia! Answers to the most common questions are in game via KSPedia. There is a problem with X science experiment! Universal Storage II does now contains basic science parts, which are augmented by DMagic Orbital Science, a separate mod. If you have a problem with a science part make sure you include the name so we know who to ask for help. DMagic is one the Universal Storage team so he checks this thread, alternatively you can check the Orbital Science thread for support. How do I install the mod? Download the file and unzip it. Then copy the GameData folder to your Kerbal Space Program folder, merging / overwriting any files when asked. Can I have Universal Storage and Universal Storage 2 installed together? Yes, the two mods are entirely separate and will work side by side. The parts list in the VAB will be a little cluttered, and I recommend completing any missions using the old mod, recovering the craft, then removing Universal Storage (simply delete the folder from your GameData file). You can then continue just using Universal Storage 2. How can I find the parts. The cores and fairings are found in the Payload category. Fuel tanks and Batteries are found under Fuel Tanks and Electrics. Most other parts are under Utility. However the easiest way to find the parts is to type Universal in the search box. How do I remove the mod? Simply delete the Universal Storage 2 folder in GameData. Note that any craft using parts from the mod will break, so make sure you have recovered and craft using Universal Storage II parts before removing the mod. How do I upgrade the mod? Simply download the new version and install as above, overwriting any existing files. How did you balance the parts? The original Universal Storage parts were balanced against real world craft and technology. This made for realistic parts, but many were badly balanced against other parts in game. For Universal Storage II we decided to balance parts against the stock parts in game or the various life support mods. This ensures that costs, mass and capacity are balanced against the rest of the game, so there's are no 'cheat' parts. LICENSE Models, textures and animations The models, texture and animations, including the .mu files are copyright of Simon Hinton who reserves all rights. New Zealand Copyright Act 1994 You may download and used these files and modify them for personal use. You may not publish or share these files or derivatives of these files. You may not reverse engineer these files. You may externally reference these files using the model command in KSP. For permission to use the model and texture assets in a way other than the above message Simon via the KSP forums. You may share screen shots, videos and streams featuring Universal Storage (credits back to here are appreciated) All other files and images Code including .DLL and .CFG files are released under the MIT license Copyright 2018 DMagic, Paul Kingtiger and Simon Hinton Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the "Software"), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions: The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.
  2. Latest Release Spacedock Source Original mod by: @tgruetzm Continuation by: Angel-125 Snacks was originally published by tgruetzm in August of 2014. It offered a novel and lightweight solution to life support for those that didn't want the complexity of more sophisticated mods like TAC Life Support. This new version rebuilds the original code base in order to: Configure all sorts of options including snacks consumed per day, snacks per meal, and recycling rates. Days are calculated based on the homeworld's solar day, not the default 6/24 hours per day. Rescaled homeworld planets are supported! Provides a penalty system that won't brick your game. Run multithreaded simulations on your vessels to estimate how long your Snacks will last- ElectricCharge production & consumption are included! Maintain the lightweight feel while offering lots of customization. Want more challenge? Check out the addons in the LifeSupportResources folder: Air - Kerbals need Fresh Air to breathe in addition to Snacks to eat. They’ll faint and die without it! Your vessels are automatically equipped with a supply of Fresh Air, and you can make more from Oxidizer via the stock ISRU parts, or recycle Stale Air using the stock Hitchhiker. Stress - Cramped quarters can stress out kerbals and they’ll refuse to work! They aren’t tourists, they’ll just stop using their skills to help your mission. Other events cause Stress as well. Reduce Stress by hanging out in the stock Hitchhiker- but kerbals won’t have their skills available while they rest. Or make your own life support resource to track using the above config files as examples! If you're new to Snacks, please consult the KSPedia. KSPedia images License Source code: The MIT License (MIT) Snack Tin artwork by SQUAD/Porkjet: CC-BY-NC 3.0 Portions of this codebase are CC-BY-NC 3.0 and derived from Taranis Elsu's Window class. Module Manager by Sarbian Installation Delete any previous instances in GameData/Snacks Copy the files in the zip folder over to GameData/Snacks
  3. Downloads! Get it here at SpaceDock! Get the latest pre-release versions at GitHub! An odd selection of modified parts and new ones that've made their way into a mod. Highly recommended for any Snacks!-LS Players! Created by @AtomicTech and @Staticalliam7, with work from @ColdJ, @panarchist, @Caerfinon, @Snark, @steedcrugeon, @JadeOfMaar, @Jarin, @Porkjet, @zer0Kerbal, @Knight of St John, LouisB3, @Mad Rocket Scientist, @Tokamak, @hoojiwana, RocketWitch, Jebediah Kerloby, and @HebaruSan. LV-N "Nerv" mass is now decreased to 2.65. LV-N "Nerv"'s thrust is increased by about 16.67%. LV-N "Nerv" now has an Alternator that produces 0.3125 units of EC per second. LV-N now has a significant bump in its ISP numbers! All Pods now have an emergency fuel cell. Please note that this cell is 67% as efficient as the radially mounted fuel cell. All Engines, stock only I think, now have a small, 2.5 unit battery added to them. The Mark 1-2 Command Pod, hopefully, should show back up. Fingers crossed. The old Reliant is now the Raptor Reliant and has an overhauled performance. The old Swivel is now the Swiveling Raptor and has an overhauled performance. Redid the description and other minor stats for the Experimental Storage Unit. The stock LES now has a slightly higher thrust. The HG-5's stats have been tweaked to bring it closer to the CM-16. New Blue Cirrus Snack Generator! New Waste Fluid Resource that comes from the Fuel Cell that's used in the Blue Cirrus Snack Generator to make snacks quicker. New Waste Fluid Storage Tank. New Black and White Suits based off of the Original and Future Suits. New Multipurpose Propellant used in the AT-NTRO Advanced RCS Engine and to increase the efficiency of the Blue Cirrus. The Xenon-O-Tron that uses the Convert-O-Tron 125 to convert intake air to Multipurpose Propellant, Xenon Gas, and Oxidizer. 1.875m Xenon Tank from MissingHistory by Snark. Redistributed under the CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 LICENSE. A Vernor variant, named AT-NTRO Advanced RCS Engine, that runs on multipurpose propellant. Modified Greenhouse Parts from PSA-Greenhouse. Redistributed under the GPLv3 LICENSE. Modified Palici and Stowaway Parts from MissingHistory by Snark. Redistributed under the CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 LICENSE. A Nuclear Reactor that runs on Klutonium, a new resource only found in trace amounts in the rocky planets and in higher concentrations on Tylo, that are adapted from KE-01 Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator by JebediahKerloby. Redistributed under the MIT LICENSE. Note: The Klutonium's statistics are completely original, the only thing it borrows from KE-01 Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generator is the name. New SRB thrust calculations! Borrowed from sunnypunny's Kerbal Witchery and licensed under the MIT License. IMPORTANT! This requires Snacks, Module Manager to function as well as Atomic Technologies Incorporated. Another Note: Snacks! isn't 100% required but is highly recommended. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, DO NOT RENAME ANY FILES OR FOLDERS. Licenses Below: Another thanks to @Snark for reminding me that I needed to post the License on my forum page. Crisis Averted!
  4. I saw this tweet from the KSP account and thought it would be a fun forum discussion topic: So what would you bring to space? I would probably bring some Twix bars…
  5. Also supports ReStock+ and Air! I've always been fond of @Angel-125's Snacks! mod, in particular as it could be used with only stock parts. At least, aside from the cloned RCS tanks used for dedicated storage. Being somewhat prone to stock parts purism, I noticed that the flavour text for the Ore tanks explicitly mentions snacks, and thus, this mod was conceived. More or less very simple Module Manager patching to add Snacks resource switching to the ore tanks. Additionally, the tech tree nodes are adjusted to mirror the Snacks-added tank progression, so players aren't forced to research IRSU before they're able to pack enough snacks to get to Minmus Config files licensed under MIT. Depends on Snacks, obviously, and on Module Manager SnackTank on SpaceDock
  6. Fellow Kerbonauts. I need your help in deciding this all important question. I believe that by now you all have seen the promotional picture for the upcoming KSP 1.10 upgrade. But if you need a reminder here it is again: As you cannot fail to notice our four intrepid Kerbals are snacking on bars of chocolate that is packaged in violet wrappers. What do you think? Is this chocolade from Milka (left) or Cadbury (right), or is it from Callier (bottom)?
  7. Hi, I'm playing around with Snacks, and I'm trying to get a new resource (Sleep in this case) working. I do have a configuration which works, and I can switch modules in Night mode. And it's cool. However, I'd like to turn off some SnacksProcessor when activating Sleep Mode (I doubt you can sleep when people are running the Entertainment complex next to you). And I can't seems to find a way to do that. The Snacks wiki have an API call for SnacksDisqualifier, but I do not see where I can check if a SnacksConverter is running. I guess, that I can probably try to get all the SnacksProcessor from the part I'm patching, but I do not find stuff such as EVENTS associated to a SnackConverter starts or stop, or a way to check if its running. Below you'll find what I have now as code. I do not mind adding other mods as dependencies, but I've got hope that there's a precondition / outcome somewhere I'm missing. Thanks for the help //This node is used to display a description window describing the new resource being tracked. It's only shown once per game. SNACKS_RESOURCE_INTRO { name = Sleep } @SNACKS_RESOURCE_INTRO[Sleep]:FOR[SnacksSleep] { title = Sleep! description = This addon adds Sleep management. If you work your kerbals too much, they'll end up exhausted. And you do not want that. So you can send them to have good night sleep. Even if it's perpetually night up there in space. Or day. Whatev'. That's why some modules embed a Migh simulator, which ables Kerbals to get in their bunk and have some sleep in a nice and warm red light. Of course, Entertainment AND sleep is not really compatible.<br>If your kerbals didn't slept well, they'll be more stressed and, eventually, be exhausted. At which point they'll faint to have a short nap, which will not really make them r ecover sleep. They just fell asleep whatever they were doing. } //This resource is added to a kerbal<92>s crew roster entry. These aren<92>t resources in the traditional sense; they are characteristics of the kerbal itself. SNACKS_ROSTER_RESOURCE { resourceName = Sleep displayName = Hours without sleep //Flag to indicate whether or not to show the resource in the snapshot window. Default: true showInSnapshot = true //A customized format for the status. The following parameters are all optional: //<<percent>>: amount divided by maxAmount. //<<amount>>: Current amount of roster resource. //<<maxAmount>>: Max amount of roster resource. statusFormat = <<amount>> hours (<<maxAmount>> max) //Amount to add amount = 0 //Max amount possible. maxAmount = 4 //Amount to add when the kerbal levels up experienceBonusAmount = 0 //Max amount to add when the kerbal levels up experienceBonusMaxAmount = 0.2 } //The OnStrikePenalty removes skill effects from kerbals that experience the penalty, but because more than one event and part and such can also remove crew skills, //they all need to be coordinated via conditions. The SKILL_LOSS_CONDITION node defines the conditions that remove a kerbal's skill effects. If a kerbal has at least //one condition that's on this list, then skill effects will be removed. If the kerbals have none of the conditions on the list then they regain use of their skills. SKILL_LOSS_CONDITION { name = Exhausted } SKILL_LOSS_CONDITION { name = Sleeping } // Sleep processor SNACKS_RESOURCE_PROCESSOR { name = Sleep! secondsPerCycle = 3600 PRODUCED_RESOURCE { resourceName = Sleep amount = 1 showInSnapshot = true failureResultAppliesOutcomes = true } OUTCOME { // If we're pushing it a Kerbal might faint for half an hour after the third hour without seep name = FaintPenalty canBeRandom = true playerMessage = fell asleep due to exhaustion! resourceName = Sleep cyclesBeforeFainting = 3 faintDurationSeconds = 1800 } OUTCOME { // We're exhausted if we can't add sleep name = SetCondition conditionSummary = Exhausted playerMessage = <<KerbalName>> worked themself to exhaustion! } OUTCOME:NEEDS[SnacksStress] { name = ProduceResource resourceName = Stress amount = 0.1 // We're checking every hour, so let's not go crazy } } //Kerbals back at KSC recover from Sleep deprivation and exhaustion SNACKS_EVENT { name = kscDorm category = categoryPostProcessCycle affectedKerbals = affectsAllAvailable daysBetweenChecks = 1 OUTCOME { name = ConsumeResource resourceName = Sleep amount = 4 } } //Just being a badass lets you needing less sleep SNACKS_EVENT { name = bada55 eventCategory = categoryPostProcessCycle kerbalsAffected = affectsAllAssigned secondsBetweenChecks = 3600 PRECONDITION { name = CheckBadass //You can check for absense of badass too. Default value is true. mustExist = true } OUTCOME { name = ConsumeResource resourceName = Sleep amount = 0.25 } } // These parts help kerbals sleep @PART[MK!CrewCabin,crewCabin,mk2CrewCabin,mk3CrewCabin] { MODULE { name = SnacksConverter ConverterName = Night Simulator StartActionName = Engage Nightmode StopActionName = Disengage Nightmode AutoShutdown = false GeneratesHeat = false UseSpecialistBonus = false //No need for a crew to keep things quiet minimumCrew = 0 //Connection back home required to receive entertainment. requiresHomeConnection = false //This condition is set whenever the kerbal enters the part and the converter is active, and //when the converter is started. Since it's registered as a SKILL_LOSS_CONDITION, the kerbals will lose their //skills while the converter is running. conditionSummary = Sleeping //Works like an INPUT_RESOURCE except: // It applies to individual kerbals. // You can specify an AmountPerDay or AmountPerSecond. ROSTER_INPUT_RESOURCE { ResourceName = Sleep //AmountPerDay will be translated into: AmountPerDay / seconds per homeworld day //This will override AmountPerSecond if it is defined in the node. AmountPerSecond = 0.00027 // 1/3600, one hour of sleep remove one hour of sleep deprivation } // Sleeping reduces stress. Less than entertainment but still ROSTER_INPUT_RESOURCE:NEEDS[SnacksStress] { ResourceName = Stress AmountPerDay = 1 } } }
  8. Hello all!! Being close to my Fall Break, I have had extra time to begin contemplation of a new mod! After playing KSP yesterday, I realized that an interplanetary mission would require food to feed the kerbals. I like to think of KSP as a relatively ideal version of the space program; the astronauts don't have to worry about food, electric charge, etc. Moreover, KSP does not cause parts to randomly fail. Does everybody remember the Antares Rocket Explosion that happened about 3 years ago? Since explosions are what make KSP interesting, I think that random part failures will make the game even better. Here are some features that will be inserted into the mod: My rule for making these mods is based on how well the community would want a mod like this. If you want to see this mod completed, please show your support so I can gauge which mods I have to prioritize finishing. If you have any suggestions, please list them in a comment; I am open to all suggestions for this mod.
  9. Hello! I was wondering what kinds of snacks Kerbals would have. I know that there have been references to snacks before, and with the kerbalization of names in the Kerbalverse, I was wondering what those snacks would be called? The reason I am asking is because I am writing a technical document for a college course about the necessities of a successful mission to an extra-planetary body and back, so of course I am going to have a page dedicated to the thing that drives Kerbals on the most: Snacks. Unfortunately, besides the obligatory generic 'Snacks' snack, I am drawing a blank. What are your thoughts or ideas?
  10. I really don't have anything else to add. It seemed like a silly question and that the forums were an apt place to ask it. So, if Minmus is made of sherbet or (frozen dessert), it's logical for one to presume the other bodies could be made of other foods. From there, it seemed like Jool's atmosphere was "pea soup fog" as the expression goes. Perhaps then, Jool is Pea Soup. Do you agree? What else could other bodies in the solar system be?
  11. I have taken the liberty of updating the SnackPartsByWhyren so that the connection nodes work correctly in 1.0.5. This is currently a WIP. I have kept the original license WTFPL. http://www.wtfpl.net/ here is a link to the original authors thread. http://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/83028-snacks-life-support-parts-by-whyren-v5-8312014/ here is the link to download the updated version from Kerbal Stuff https://kerbalstuff.com/mod/1452/Snack%20Parts%20By%20Whyren%20UPDATED%205.1
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